The Unknown Guy of the Inquirer Lifestyle Series: Fitness.Fashion with Samsung Fashion show

Enchong Dee’s swim to the top


At 17, he has the makings of a lady killer: boyish good looks, that charming smile, eyes sparkling with joie de vivre, a swimmer’s lean and chiseled body, and the brains to match. But Enchong Dee is such a nice guy, well-bred and polite, and just so sincere, you know he’ll never deliberately turn the charm on some unsuspecting girl just for the fun of it. In fact, before he and his first girlfriend got together, he even got permission from her mom first!

Underneath Enchong’s admittedly very appealing exterior, however, is a very determined, disciplined young man focused on his goals. Goals which, at the moment, include winning the swimming competitions at the upcoming Beijing Olympics. And he’s well on his way to achieving his dream. He has countless medals, mostly gold, from the various competitions, including the Palarong Pambansa and the SEA Games. His record-breaking time for the notoriously difficult butterfly stroke is second only to swim champ Eric Buhain’s.

As a member of the Philippine Swim Team, Enchong’s workday starts as early as 5 a.m., when he hits the pool for training. Then it’s on to classes at De La Salle University, where he’s taking up Sports Management. After class, it’s back to the pool for more training, and he finally gets home at about 9 p.m.

For someone so young, Enchong displays a remarkable level of maturity and a strong work ethic. His values are obvious in his answer to the fill-in-the-blank question, “All I need is…” With no hesitation, he writes, “God and my family.”

His focus, drive and values may make Enchong seem like some goody-two-shoes. On the contrary, he’s still a kid who knows how to have fun. He likes hanging out with friends, and admits to getting rowdy – all in the boy-next-door-having-fun way, of course. He plays badminton with his family, and yes, he does go out on dates.

As to his fashion sense, Enchong is a typical teenage boy: he’ll wear whatever’s in the closet, whatever’s comfortable. With his pool-school-pool schedule, that means mostly T-shirts, shorts and jeans for him.

All suited up in his Bench, Human and Celio outfits, he was just like a kid playing dress-up. That’s why top model Rissa Samson styled him with the playful duckie, pencils and ice cream cones. “He’s just one big kid, when you get to know him,” says Rissa. “And I guess I wanted to show that even dressed and looking all grown-up, Enchong never loses his boyish charm.”

  • My name is Ernest Lorenzo Dee.
  • But I’d rather be called Enchong.
  • I may seem quiet.
  • But I’m really noisy with my friends.
  • When I look in the mirror I see a future Olympic champion with many endorsements.
  • In the morning I thank God for another day.
  • I like to sleep right after I had my last bite.
  • My hero is Dad.
  • My father always taught me to be humble… a low-profile person.
  • My mother always taught me to brush my teeth and acknowledge each other’s good deeds.
  • The first thing I look at in a person is his/her feet.
  • One thing I wish I had is the attitude of being on time always!
  • One thing I have that I wish I didn’t is kakulitan.
  • All I need is God and my family.
  • I love the sound of “Congratulations” and “Thank you!”
  • Everybody should fear God.
  • My longest ride was 14 hours going to India.
  • Before leaving the house I always make sure I have my school ID with me.
  • Before going to sleep I always make sure I take a bath.
  • I will never answer my parents drastically.
  • I can never say never!
  • I always say “Thank you, po!” and “Mauna po ako!”
  • What the world needs now are peace and cooperation.
  • The last thing the world needs now is usage of money.
  • I will never eat cockroach!
  • Right now, I want to be in a billboard.
  • I wish I could forget my most embarrassing moment.
  • I wish I could remember when I was born.
  • I always lose my ballpoint pen or books.
  • I wish I could talk to animals and trees.

Enchong Dee was a great champion swimmer, part of the Philippine National team. Now he is finally entering showbusiness 🙂 He was in the bench/ fever fashion show and is featured as one of the Top 10 Cosmo Centerfolds. He is also the younger brother of AJ Dee.


Sana magkaroon ng projects at ABS!

Enchong Dee is one Star Magic’s top bets for stardom now in the youth-oriented show, “Abt Ur Luv,” seen Saturdays at 5 p.m. The second of four kids, Enchong (for Lorenzo) is the younger brother of “TV Idol” discovery AJ Dee who’s their eldest. He stands 5’9″ and has an athletic body since he’s a member of the Philippine Swimming Team that competed at the Asian Games in Doha, Qatar. “I also competed in the Southeast Asian Games,” he says. “I’ve already won hundreds of medals from the various swimming competitions I’ve joined. Now, I’m venturing into something new, acting.”
He trains as a swimmer twice a day but has not neglected his studies. He’s taking up developmental studies at La Salle. It was ABS-CBN executive Deo Endrinal and Boy Abunda who encouraged him to join showbiz. “I tried it and now I’m enjoying it. We tape ‘Abt Ur Luv’ every Saturday lang naman. My Kuya AJ advised me not to neglect swimming and college kahit nasa showbiz na ko.”
Does he have a girlfriend? “I used to have one. Six months kami. But I got so busy dahil sa studies, swimming and showbiz, so I decided to break up with her kasi no time na rin ako for her.”
In “Abt Ur Luv,” he plays Blue, also a swimmer. He left their parents in the province to live with his brother, Stick (Victor Basa), in Manila, but Stick doesn’t exactly enjoy his company as he’s such an incurable chickboy who keeps on wearing Stick’s clothes and shoes. “I’ll have my own love interest daw in the show’s second season and I’m looking forward to that.”
Enchong Dee pursues sexual harassment case against fomer swimming coach[/B]

Enchong breaks up with his girlfriend because of showbiz career and swimming.

Rommel Gonzales | Friday, January 26, 2007
Sa press con ng ABS-CBN youth-oriented drama show na Abt Ur Luv last Tuesday ay nakausap namin ang nakabatatang kapatid ni AJ Dee na si Enchong Dee. Kinumusta namin sa 18-year-old young actor ang isinampa nilang sexual harassment case ni AJ laban sa isang swimming coach nung nasa Naga pa lang sila.

Ayon kay Enchong, ongoing pa rin ang kaso sa Naga. Pero madalas daw ma-postpone ang hearing dahil hindi sumisipot ang akusado.

Nasa grade school pa lang daw si Enchong samantalang nasa kolehiyo na ang Kuya AJ niya nang mangyari ang diumano’y pangha-harass sa kanila ng swimming coach na gay.

“Mga halik-halik. Gusto niya, lagi kaming humahalik sa pisngi niya. E bata pa ako nun, wala naman akong malisya. Hindi ko naman alam na may masama siyang intension,” kuwento ni Enchong.

Wala nang ikinuwentong detalye pa si Enchong. Pahapyaw na lang na sinabi niyang hanggang du’n lang ang naranasan niya mula sa akusado. Wala naman daw nagawa ang swimming coach sa kanya na mas higit pa dun.

“Siyempre, siguro, natakot siya. Ang bata ko pa. Mas mabilis siyang malalagay sa jail kung may ginawa siyang grabe,” sabi pa ni Enchong.

Ang pinaka-worse na nagawa naman daw ng coach kay AJ ay ang pagmamasahe ng una sa singit ni AJ. Parte raw kasi ng training nila noon as swimmers ang pagpapamasahe, isang special kind of massage na para talaga sa mga manlalangoy. Pero never daw umaabot hanggang sa singit ang pagmamasahe liban na nga nung ang coach ang gumawa.

Ayon kay Enchong ay nandito ngayon sa Maynila ang naturang coach. Nakita raw ito nang hindi sinasadya ng Kuya AJ niya recently at nangumusta pa raw ang coach.

“Ang kapal nga ng mukha e!” bulalas ng nakababatang Dee.

Samantala, sa Abt Ur Luv—na napapanood every Saturday sa ABS-CBN—ay ginagampanan ni Enchong ang role ni Blue, younger brother of Stick (played by Victor Basa). Si Blue ay isang swimmer na chickboy at walang disiplina sa sarili.

Sabi ni Enchong, bukod daw sa pagiging swimmer ay wala nang ibang pagkakahawig ang ginagampanan niyang role sa Abt Ur Luv sa tunay na buhay.

Ikinuwento rin ni Enchong na may girlfriend siya six months ago, pero kinailangan niyang i-break dahil mas priority ng binata ang showbiz career niya at pagiging isang mahusay na swimmer.

Take note, sa pamamagitan lang ng computer (thru chat) nakipag-split ang binata sa dati niyang kasintahan.

Malamang na maungusan pa ng nakababatang kapatid ang kuya niyang artista, lalo na’t ang lakas-lakas ng dating niya sa commercial kung saan sinabi niyang, “Wow! Sulit!”
Si Enchong Dee ’yan, younger bro ni AJ. Natandaan siya ng mga bading nang rumampa siyang halos malalaglag na ang maong sa Cosmopolitan Bachelor’s Night.
Swimmer din kasi si Enchong, kaya 18 years old pa lang, ang ganda na ng katawan at complexion. Napapanood din si Enchong sa Abt Ur Luv tuwing Sabado kasama ang iba pang baguhang sina AJ Perez, Mikee Lee, Dino Imperial, Angelo Patrimonio, and others.
Feeling namin, sisikat si Enchong.
“Ngek! Hindi pa ’ko masyado magaling umarte. Magwu-workshop muna ’ko!” aniya.
Tingnan n’yo, humble pa.

People’s Tonight


Edgar Cruz



7. Sibling rivalry

Since Enchong Dee entered showbiz, older brother AJ Dee’s career nosedived. While he’s the new KFC poster boy, the TV Idol is no longer visible. Is there sibling rivalry between them as a result? Enchong, who is younger than AJ with finer facial features, answers, “There’s none! Although he did not encourage me to pursue a showbiz career, he also did not stop me. He told me to give priority to my studies and swimming.” A champion swimmer, Enchong is a sports scholar at La Salle University where he is taking up Developmental Studies.

Enchong will be at the Lovapalooza concert in a block near 24/7 in Star Magic Presents Abt Ur Luv this Saturday at its new 4 p.m. timeslot. In the event, Stick watches everybody dancing. Celine is with her blind date. Gwen, Lieu and Mao are dancing three-way while the two boys eagerly waits for her decision who to pick as her boyfriend. Josh encourages Nelle to dance with Liza. Neri walks around the whole day, unaware she’s about to bump Gens, not knowing she’s ready to tell her emotions for him. Whew, what an exciting Valentine! Want to be part of the barkada? Catch the gang at the Riverbanks Marikina tomorrow at 4 p.m. for fun and games!

“Body Talk with Enchong Dee”
FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo
The Philippine Star 03/14/2007

Enchong Dee is always in his swimming trunks. But that’s not entirely a bad thing because 18-year-old Enchong who started swimming at age six, is a champion swimmer with 400 plus medals (including a SEA games silver) to his name. Even a cool and casual get-up of shirt and pants cannot hide his V-shaped back and toned body.

In swimming, Enchong clocks in an amazing time in the most difficult butterfly stroke — next only to Eric Buhain. His teammates aptly brand him “Halimaw” (monster) because of his powerful core-propelled movement in the butterfly stroke. Enchong’s fastest time in the 100-meter butterfly is 56.5, which puts him at par with the country’s best.

The resident pretty boy of the pool, Enchong hopes to be part of the team which will compete in the 2008 Olympics in China but for now, his sights are set on the 2007 Southeast Asian Games in Thailand.

If you think Enchong has it easy, just swimming everyday to prepare for his competitions, you’re so wrong. Sporty and athletic Enchong also engages in badminton and triathlon and has academic classes to attend to. He is a sophomore at De La Salle University taking up Sports Management. TV and modeling take up his time when he’s not in school or in the pool.

Enchong’s TV roles are on both ends of the spectrum. In the teenybopper Saturday show About Ur Luv, he is Blue, a singer/heartthrob from the province paired with Brenda (Carla Humphries). For your late-night primetime soap fill, he joins Diether Ocampo, Kristine Hermosa and Rica Peralejo in Palimos ng Pag-ibig where he plays Rica’s brother, Job, a dentistry student. He is also a regular on the Sunday variety show ASAP where he dances and hosts along with Star Magic’s stellar line-up.

He was one of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s 2006 Centerfold Bachelors, a part of Metro Magazine’s Body Calendar and snagged the Choice Pop Cover Boy award from the ASAP Pop Viewers Choice Awards for 2006.

With all these, it is no surprise that Enchong is also the advertising world’s hottest boy. He has starred in billboards and commercials and now is the newest endorser of Timex’s sports collection. Timex is the No. 1 sports watch in the US and athletes swear by the precision timing of the watch — perfect for Enchong who is a world-class swimmer!

At 5’9″ and 155 pounds, this world-class swimmer from Naga City is a prize catch.


ENCHONG Dee is one Star Magic talent who can be a good role model for the youth. This 18-year old is a champion swimmer who won a silver medal representing our country in the SEAGames. He’s busy with three regular shows (“Palimos ng Pag-ibig”, “Abt Ur Luv”, “ASAP”), but continues with his studies taking up sports management at La Salle. He does not smoke, drink or use drugs. “I don’t even have a nightlife as I’m always busy either studying, training in the swimming pool, or taping for my TV shows,” he says.
But he’s not complaining. “I’m enjoying all the things that I’m doing so okay lang. When I don’t enjoy swimming or studying or acting anymore, then I’ll drop them. Pero talagang gusto ko silang lahat.”
“Enchong Dee”

The thing about fame is that: You’re treated better than everyone
The thing I love most about what I do is: I’m busy everyday
People might be surprised to know that: I eat four times a day
The most important thing I’ve ever learned is that: You can’t trust everybody
I wish when I started off I’d been told to: be alert of things around you
The worst thing that ever happened to me was that: I fell in the fish pond during kindergarten
And what this taught me was: Listen to oldies when they tell you not to be too close to bullies
The secret to happines is: respect!
My best ever outfit consisted of a: polo, coat … basta formal! And oh, my timex watch!
My Super! Saturday night consists of: friends from Bicol and just hang out in our house
The soundtrack to my life would include: Cannonball by Damien Rice
If I was invisible for a day, I would: Travel all over Egypt and get every treausre I can get
The thing that makes me most angry is: when I’m hungry
If I was the most powerful person on earth: I would order people and get every treausre I can get
The best thing about family is that: You have someone to turn to all the time.
When I’m gone, they’ll probably say: “sayang naman, miss ko na sya!”
If money was no option: “I dont think so!”
When I retire, I would like: to buy a house in the province and chill
The world would be a much better place if: Americans will continue their isolation system
My hero is: my dad!
The thing that makes my life worth living is: Everytime I get to influence people
My greatest hope for the future is: for the Philippines to be rich again
The worst thing somebody said about me was: “Nagbago na sya, ang yabang na nya”
My favorite moments are when: I was held second honors in High school
My most embarrassing moment was when: I fell in the fish pond
Describe the perfect woman: God-fearing, maasikaso, knows to cook well, and open-minded
Where are you most ticklish: in my funny bone, near my ribs
What is the one piece of clothing that makes you feel sexy: Briefs from Bench
What can one do that makes you feel sexy: Just appreciate me
What can one do that guarantee your being seduced: simply eyes
What secret seduction technique you have in your sleeve: none!
What was the last thing you could not say no: Swimming competition!
What makes up for a great kiss: When both people brushed their teeth! haha
What is on your bedside table: homework and scripts!
Im saving up for: A laptop
My biggest indulgence is: to be a dean’s lister
My current state of mind is: I’m rich and famous! haha
My five favorite words are: Grabe! Thank you! Welcome! Thank god! I’m happy for you!
I aspire to be: an Icon

“The Gospel according to Enchong” By Paolo Lorenzana

THE SCOURGING of Enchong Dee will be pretty damn bloody. There’ll be the relentless press, who will sharpen their pitchforks and ready their stones, investigating his relationships with fellow actors and scrutinizing actions to fill up tabloids and the necessary minutes on gossip shows. And there’ll be the increasing fan faction of course, that’ll devour him like a sacrificial lamb.
Straddling the two regaled realms of local entertainment and sport-getting jiggy on variety shows and winning close to 400 medals as a champion swimmer—Enchong was bound to become prime feed to the public, especially with the prominent cheekbones of a Greco-Roman sculpture and an accompanying physique—the stacked shoulders acquired from two daily hours spent doing countless laps, pronouncing his back’s arch and giving the impression he could haul a chariot if he wanted to. One thing tends to lead to another if the right people spot you in some random fashion spread, even if you’re living a quiet and conventional life in the province of Bicol, where you spend your days making mom happy by focusing on God and grades rather than missing hours of sleep from a late taping and rushing to an early-morning photo shoot.

In all his glory
“Ako kasi, gusto kong ma-challenge at ma-test. Ever since kasi, love ko talaga ang swimming and I just wanted to try new things. Since dumating ako dito, maraming opportunities ang nagbukas para sa ’kin,” explains Enchong of his decision in late 2005 to dive into the whirlpool of local entertainment. What sprung-up were a streak of shows (noteworthy performances in the celebrity teen factory that is “Abt ur Luv” as well as a dramatic turn in “Palimos ng Pag-ibig”) and a trickle of commercials—an endorsement for Timex and one for KFC, which endeared him to viewers with every bite he took of his chicken-filled sandwich. Besides, apart from the obvious differences, there are a few similarities between competition swimming and show business. There’s the need to surface triumphantly above eager contenders even if you have to use the practicality in the former as a necessary evil in the latter; the barely 18-year-old momma’s boy dropping trou for the fevered masses or posing shirtless with a glass of milk, conveying ‘hard-bodied boy-next-door’ to get Cosmo girls cuckoo and Catholic co-eds to declare how ‘hot’ he is as he drifts through his school’s hallways. “Okay lang naman yun para sa akin eh,” says Enchong with a toothy grin and a gruff drawl from a lack of sleep. “I’m happy na ganito ang katawan ko and kailan pa ako magkakaroon ng ganitong body? Hindi ko kasi nakikitang daring ’cause in every competition that I go to, there are hundreds of thousands of people na nanonood na naka-trunks lang ako. Parang na-develop ko naman yung confidence—and who the hell cares if I take off my pants?”

A zealous group known as the 13-35 female demographic does as well as the battalion of gay bloggers who’ll admire the six-pack and question the identity. “Sa mga intriga—ini-enjoy ko lang yung mga yun kasi they notice me and people, when they watch you—titignan nila kung ‘ganun ka’ or not. Kumbaga, it’s still publicity,” Enchong explains.

Celebrity ascension

It’s his religious devotion to school, the smallscreen, and the swim training he’ll need for 2008’s Sea Games, that distinguishes Enchong from all the other ripe, young guns looking to be deified; what raises him up in arenas that were once the domain of an older brother whose swift launch to fame resulted in a quick fall from grace. “Kasi sa swimming, you need discipline, pero sa showbiz, kung ano ang inihain sa iyo kailangan mo kainin. Ako naman, syempre baguhan, so talagang kinakain ko lang ngayon,” Enchong admits, exhibiting his ability to transcend the flesh, apply the discipline that’s driven him to sporting glory, and swim eagerly with the sharks of showbiz. He’ll sit humbly aware before an imminent storm that could blow Milby mania to smithereens; all witnessing the moment he gets beamed up onto the celebrity forefront. ’Cause after a bloody scourging, everyone loves a good guy who can arise a messiah.

Hey guys..

I passed buy a Timex store yesterday..
I was surprised to see Enchong as their new endorser. :glee:

Dun ata siya sa sport watches ng Timex. 🙂

I went to an Apple store too.
I saw this poster.. I think that was enchong holding an iPod nano.

I’m not that sure. 😆

Cge, napadaan lang. :wave:


“Forever fresh. Bench Looks Back at our OJ Summer campaign featuring Enchong Dee circa 2007.”



Enchong Dee at the 2007 Southeast Asian Games swimming finals, men’s 100-meter butterfly in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand on December 9, 2007.

Nowadays, the presence of the “Kid Swimmer”, Enchong Dee, was a guest model for the Inquirer Lifestyle Series: Fitness.Fashion with Samsung fashion show and former De La Salle Green Tanker. He was the second-generation professional actor and former competitive swimmer, and the younger brother of Angel James “AJ” Dee III.

“Hoy, si unknown guy din pala?” This is the words of popular TV show host Paolo Abrera along with Rina Go and Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino general manager Marco Protacio to Mister Dee ahead of the Inquirer Lifestyle Series: “Fitness.Fashion” with Samsung show in July 2008. No less than Enchong Dee, the second-generation professional actor and former competitive swimmer, and the younger brother of Angel James “AJ” Dee III,  co-host of the variety show MTB: Ang Saya Saya after becoming a runner-up on that show’s “TV Idol” contest. He is being co-managed by ABS-CBN’s Star Magic and Boy Abunda’s Backroom, Inc.


He also played the Frog Prince in Clark Pampanga Theater in February and March 2011.

Dee also modeled for many brands in the Philippines such as BENCH and has appeared in TV commercials.

Originally, it was on July 15, 2007 he was covered the EDSA Tres sa Makati (the failed people-power revolution) when Dee reported for the event.

He was also being part of TVB News as anchor and reporter from 2007 to June 2009.

In my career, I’ve learned so much from… My manager “Tito Keren” (Pascual) and handler “Tita Monch” (Novales) of Star Magic. One of the biggest lessons which I always apply in my work is always be kind to people, especially the production staff. I also enjoy meeting fans and supporters who express their love for me in heartfelt ways.


A GMA News reporter showing his tuxedo with the station’s logo


GMA’s 1992 logo without the Rainbow Satellite Text


TVB News Microphone Flag

TVB News Microphone Flag

TVB News Microphone Graphic (edited)

Enchong goes back to school

AMONG THE showbiz celebrities that headed back to school this June was Enchong Dee. The younger brother of Rounin star AJ Dee, Enchong — who was last seen in the sineserye ‘Palimos ng Pag-Ibig’ — is enrolled at De La Salle University where he is majoring in Development Studies and is a member of the school’s swim team.

Enchong has always considered himself an athlete rather than a showbiz personality. He always makes time to train, no matter how hectic his schedule in school or at work may be. He attends his classes in the morning, and in the afternoon, he’s off to the nearby Philippine Columbian Association pool where he trains for two hours every day.

‘People always ask me how I manage with the kind of schedule that I have, being in school and showbiz, but I tell them that swimming doesn’t make me tired; in fact, it makes me more energetic,’ says Enchong. ‘It’s my stress reliever when things get too hectic. I love swimming, and I always look forward to spending time in the pool.’

Aside from being a member of the De La Salle University swim team, Enchong is also part of the Philippine team that represents the country in international meets. In the last Southeast Asian age group swimming competitions, Enchong pocketed a silver medal. He also represented the country at the Asian Games (where the other swimmers he competed against were at least 10 years older; Enchong was one of the youngest swimmers), and is hoping to be selected to form part of the Philippine team to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Being a swimmer actually helps him to concentrate better on his other activities, like his studies and showbiz. ‘That’s because it’s a different life,’ explains Enchong. ‘I think I would get bored sooner if I did the same thing every day, meaning I would just go from home to school and back again day in and day out. This way, at least I have some variety. Swimming gives me the chance to live a different life.’

Enchong tapes for his show, ‘Abt Ur Luv’, twice a week. He also has some movie projects lined up, although he won’t talk about them yet, since negotiations are still ongoing. ‘All I know is that there are offers being considered,’ he says.

Enchong also recently bagged a lucrative endorsement contract for Timex. Does his success cause problems between him and AJ? Not at all, he replies. ‘We’re brothers, and he joined showbusiness before I did, so he’s really the pro, and I’m just an amateur,’ laughs Enchong.

What part of your life would you want to change?

(Words Worth by Mons Romulo-Tantoco, July 15, 2007)

Life is not always as we want or plan it to be. There are times we wish we could live our lives in a different way and that the good times would never end. But it is these unpredictable moments that make life more exciting — just living life as it comes, praying and trusting that everything that happens will be what is best for us.

ANA AMIGO ANTONIO, founder and managing director, Chocolate Clothing Company: Sometimes there are parts of my life or mistakes that I wish I had the power to change, but I realize that I am where I am because of everything that has happened in my life. I learned from all the things I would have wished to change, moved on and made it into a positive. So my answer would be none. My only wish is that I continue to learn and live a good and prosperous life that creates a positive influence.

QUEENIE GONZALES, president, Green Ladies Movement of Mandaluyong: None. All the emotional highs and lows I’ve encountered have made me wiser and more fearless in embracing life’s most unpredictable rides.

Senator RAMON MAGSAYSAY JR.: There’s not a part of my life I would want changed despite the toll of mistakes, faux pas, indecisions and decisions impulsively made. We accept the good with the bad, even if the bad outnumbers the good. In short, this is how the Lord above planned my life for me and the family and friends simply make it happen in a more joyful way. I would not exchange that for anything in this world.

XENG ZULUETA, Shu Uemura artist: If I could change anything in my life now, it would be to have more spare time to spend with my family. I hardly get to see them because they all live abroad.

WILLIAM ANTONIO, athlete, Coca-Cola Tigers, PBA: I think if you love your life the way it is in the present, you wouldn’t change a thing. There’s always the woulda, coulda, shoulda’s that I’d want to go back to and change but I think those are the events that have molded me in the present.  Where I am now, where I am going is because of where I came from.

 ENCHONG DEE, actor and swimming champion: If there’s anything I want to change in my life, it would probably be to spend more time with my parents despite the long hours of training. I just wish we could have gone to Disneyland when I was younger, pero the rest is happiness.

TATS REJANTE MANAHAN, surface designer/writer: It is tempting to say I’d want to change the parts of my life where I made mistakes. But looking at the bigger picture, I’ve come to realize that God, who foreknew my life, allowed the mistakes so I could learn to respond wisely the next time.

YENG S.LIM, Bantay Bata 163 resource mobilization officer: To be honest, it would be losing my mom at an early age and my dad five years ago. But then again, I am not God to decide when the right time for them to go is. In retrospect, and with acceptance of things happening in my life, there’s nothing that I would want to change. My life is perfectly imperfect, and I can only strive for excellence.

4 killed as Arroyo supporters assault Palace

Manila, Philippines, July 16, 2007 (STAR) – As the nation slept, an angry mob, all of them supporters of jailed former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, stormed Malacañang before dawn yesterday, coming to a stop a breath away from the Office of the President.

But President “Tito Keren” Pascual survived the assault on his office and life, vowing that if there is another attempt to seize the Palace,

“We will crush it again. We must never let our guard down.”

One policeman and three supporters of Arroyo were killed while 39 others were injured in the day-long battle to save Malacañang, with Armed Forces chief Gen. Hermogenes Esperon, Jr. declaring,

“They cannot take Malacañang. It will be over our dead bodies.”

More than a hundred loyalists were arrested by police and are set to be charged with sedition while key opposition figures were ordered arrested for inciting the loyalists to attack Malacañang.

The 20,000 Arroyo loyalists, who had been participating in an anti-government rally at the Ayala Center Millennium Celebration Stage and EDSA Shrine in Quezon City in since Wednesday, July 11 last week, marched to Malacañang Palace at around 2 a.m.

The Arroyo supporters overcame a police barricade in front of the Glorietta Mall along Palm Drive.

At about 3:25 a.m. of Sunday, July 15, 2007, the loyalists overcame another police barricade located at Fonda Drive and Office Drive in Makati and carted off police anti-riot gear despite the tear gas policemen released.

A sudden surge of loyalists forced police to retreat toward the blockade at Paseo de Roxas and Ayala Avenues.

At about 3:40 a.m., the mob overpowered the blockade and marched toward Malacañang’s Gate No. 3. Twenty minutes later, the mob separated into two with one group proceeding to Malacañang’s main Gate No. 7 at J.P. Laurel and Mendiola streets.

At about 4:20 a.m., the 2,000-man team of police, Army and Navy men, assisted by eight fire trucks, tried to disperse the crowd at Mendiola but only managed to push back the crowd by a few meters by 6 a.m.

There was a standoff between loyalist and police until 10:15 a.m. during which the loyalist mob reached V.A. Rufino Street but when reinforcements to government forces finally arrived, the composite crowd control unit prepared to launch another dispersal push.

The dispersal team, composed of Army soldiers, Navy men and policemen formed tight phalanx that faced the rallyist at Dela Rosa, Legaspi, Gallardo and Perea streets.

Armed with truncheons, guns and tear gas, the dispersal team started its assault with anti-riot geared troopers slowly pushing forward followed by policemen firing rounds in the air.

But the loyalist mob fought back by throwing rocks, clubs and bottles at the dispersal team as they moved back. The withdrawing loyalists set on fire a private car parked in front of The Enterprise Center.

The loyalists also overran the police sub-station near Mendiola Bridge and tried to burn down the station as reporters and policemen stayed trapped inside.

“They overran the sub-station. I thought it was the end of all of us. They doused the station with gasoline and threatened to set on fire. Fortunately, other policemen were quick to respond and rescue us,”

said journalist Jerome Aning who was trapped inside the station.

As one group attacked the station, another group of rallyists overturned a parked police car and set it ablaze. Other loyalists robbed and then burned the pick-up trucks of television networks ABS-CBN-2 and ABC-5.

The mob also set a back hoe at the corner of Mendiola and Legarda streets on fire and threw rocks at the dispersal team which separated into two teams and continued to pursue the loyalists down Claro M. Recto Avenue.

The loyalists also torched a firetruck and a police motorcycle at the corner of East Street and Countryride Drive Street while others stoned shop windows as they fell back toward Rizal Avenue in Sta. Cruz district.

By 11:30 a.m., the dispersal team had broken up the mob and arrested about 103 loyalists who will be charged with sedition.

“It was a very long day but I am happy that it is now all over,” said Chief Superintendent Florencio Fianza, who headed the dispersal operation.

Villanueva assured the public the government is “fully in control” of the situation although it is also closely monitoring reports of armed groups out to escalate the violence.

“We can assure the public is safe and President Karen Lourdes “Tito Keren” Pascual is fully in control,”

Villanueva said, vowing to secure Makati Central Business District from further attack.

People’s Taliba

By: Dinno Erece

GALIT kunwari si Dino Imperial sa pagpasok ni Enchong Dee sa love team nila ni Empress Schuck.

Joke lang naman ito of course on Dino’s part pero todo arte si tukayo lalo na nang na-late si Enchong for the mini interview for the three para sa Star Magic Presents: Abt Ur Luv (Ur Lyf 2) every Saturday sa ABS after Nagmamahal Kapa-milya.

Long the love team since the first season Dino and Empress as Hillary and Bill pero since last week, pumasok na sa eksena si Enchong as Blue.

Eh, na-late nga si Enchong dahil may rehearsal pa siya, bakit daw naming hinihintay nandiyan naman siya. Hindi namin masabi kay Dino na may kontro-bersiyal na litrato si Enchong na kumakalat sa internet. Although hindi naman ito malaswa at nakadamit naman si Enchong, quite teasing ang tatlong shots niya na naka jersey shorts lang at walang pang-itaas. May kabababaan pa ang jersey shorts.

Eh, si Dino, wholesome ek pa.

“Meet the Coke heads”

Unbottle these seven refreshing teens heralding Coca-Cola’s new campaign of saying yes in the face of no!

Today’s hottest stars have made it to the countdown of this year’s Candy Cuties listed on the September issue of Candy Magazine.

Dino Imperial was chosen as the No. 1 Candy Cutie for 2007 and was also on the cover of this month’s issue. He is followed closely by fellow Candy cover boys Sam Concepcion in the 2nd spot, and Gerald Anderson in 4th place.

Teen heartthrobs like Rayver Cruz (No. 23), twins Felix and Dominic Roco (Nos. 22 and 21, respectively), Jake Cuenca (No. 18), Marky Cielo (No. 17) and Victor Basa (No. 16) all have Candy girls swooning at their good looks.
Young athletes also make it to the list, as racecar driver Matteo Guidicelli drives in at No. 13, and [B]swimmer Enchong Dee makes it to No. 9.
Battle of the bands ensues, as Champ Lui Pio of Hale at No. 6 is closely followed by Yael Yuzon of Spongecola at No. 5, but Kean Cipriano of Callalily clearly captures the hearts of Candy girls at his No. 3 spot.
Other celebrities making it to the Candy Cuties list are ABS-CBN talents Joem Bascon, Marvin Raymundo, and Jon Avila; Starstruck 4 graduate Aljur Abrenica, Fil-British football players James and Philip Younghusband, Philippine Idol finalist Gian Magdangal, MTV VJ hunt finalist Reuben Uy, Miggy Chavez of Chicosci, former Wazzup Wazzup tadjock Eri Neeman, PBB Season 2 alumni Robert Woods, Mickey Perz, and Bodie Cruz, singer Miguel Escueta, and Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros star Nathan Lopez.
Catch the complete list of Candy Cuties on the September issue of Candy Magazine which is available in all leading bookstores and magazine stands nationwide at P85 per copy.

UAAP Season 70 Swimming Competition (September 20-23, 2007)

UAAP swimming tatampisaw na sa Trace

Maynila, Pilipinas, September 20, 2007 – SA unang pagkakataon sa 70-taong pagkakatatag, may UAAP sporting event na gaganapin sa labas ng Metro Manila.

Papagitna ang mga mahuhusay na swimmers mula sa pinakaglamorosong collegiate league ng bansa sa paglarga ng swimming competitions ngayon sa Trace Aquatics Center sa Los Baños, Laguna.

Mabigat na hamon ang haharapin ng University of the Philippines upang makuha ang ikalimang sunod na men’s crown sa pagkawala ng dalawang key tankers, habang pinapaboran ang University of Santo Tomas na makamit ang ‘three-peat’ sa distaff side.

Noong nakaraang taon, sumungkit ang Fighting Maroons ng 15 golds, walong silver at pitong bronze medals sa pamamagitan nina Rookie of the Year awardee Ryan Arabejo at Ken Uy.

Mahihirapan ang UP pagkat hindi na lalangoy para sa koponan sina Uy at Arabejo, na nag-aral na sa Bolles School sa Florida at naghahanda para sa Beijing Olympics sa susunod na taon.

“It’s going to be hard, I hope my swimmers will step up to the task,” sabi ni Fighting Maroons coach Noel Rivera.

Hangad ng Tigresses Na muling madomina ang pool laban sa Lady Maroons, na pagbibidahan ni two-time UAAP Athlete of the Year awardee Luica Dacanay.

Si Dacanay, na beterano ng ASEAN at World University Games, ay humakot ng pito sa 11 gold medals ng UP upang tanghaling MVP sa ikatlong sunod na taon.

Sa kabila ng pananalasa ni Dacanay, bigo ang Lady Maroons na maungusan ang UST, na kahit na nanalo lamang ng apat nag into ay humakot sila ng 13 silver at 11 bronze medals upang masakmal ng Tigresses ang women’s crown.

Inaasahang makakatikim ang UST at UP ng hamon mula sa Ateneo at La Salle, na magbabalik matapos ang isang taong paghahanda.

Mabigat ang Lady Eagles pagkat nariyan pa rin ang mga beteranong sina Bianca Uy, Gem Ong, Nikki Santiago at Louise Sarmiento, habang ibabandera ng Green Archers ang kanilang rookie na si Enchong Dee.

UP, UST Tankers Defend Swim Titles

Los Banos, Laguna, September 23, 2007 – University of the Philippines and University of Santo Tomas successfully defended their titles in the UAAP swimming championships at the state-of-the-art Trace Aquatics Complex in Los Baños, Laguna. The Maroons captured their fifth title after amassing 204 points in the four-day competition. UST placed second with 192 followed by De La Salle University with 189.

The Tigresses wound up with a cumulative score of 224.50 points for its fourth straight title. Ateneo De Manila scored 180.50 for second place followed by UP with 162.50 for third.

Ernest Dee was named the tournament Most Valuable Player in the men’s side with 63 points while Luica Gaudes Dacanay won the women’s MVP with 63 points.

Maxim Christopher Quilala of DLSU took the Rookie of the Year honors with 47 points Marvie Borja got 35 points to win the women’s ROY.

In the juniors’ side, UP topped the event in the girls division while Ateneo de Manila took hold of the boys division.

The swimming event hosted by Trace was the first time a UAAP event was held outside Metro Manila.

Congrats UP Swimmers!

DLSU swim team really is going no where; looks like Enchong and Ixxie are the only silver linings. A sad state considering where we were 5 years ago na double champs. Thanks to those who updated us with results and pictures namely jancarlo, danavila and orangersey, your updates are far more informative than what some sportswriters contribute.

UAAP swim makes a splash at Trace (SPORTS FOR ALL By Philip Ella Juico)

When the smoke of battle cleared, UP and UST retained their respective men’s and women’s titles with UP also capturing the girls’ title and ADMU pocketing the boys’ championship. UST and DLSU ended up in second and third respectively in the men’s division while ADMU, UP and DLSU captured the second to fourth places in the women’s side. UST and DLS-Zobel ended up in second and third spots respectively in the boys’ division.

On September 2007, Dee participated for the first time in the UAAP Swimming Championships at Trace College Aquatic Center Sports Complex in Los Banos, Laguna. He won seven gold medals for the said event and first MVP award.

The four-day championships, held from Sept. 20 to 23, drew some 280 swimmers from five UAAP schools: DLSU, ADMU, UE, UST and University of the Philippines (UP).

Several UAAP records in the 50-, 100- and 200-meter butterfly events and 400-meter individual medley relay were broken by himself, a political science major and ABS-CBN talent and Bench model. Dee was also chosen 70th season MVP or most valuable player. Ixxi Quilala, also of DLSU, was named rookie of the year. Gian Berino of the UST boys’ team also erased long-standing UAAP records. A number of the records broken used to be held by Ryan Papa, 1992 and 1996 Olympian.

ABS-CBN Star Magic launches its 2008 Catalogue

ABS-CBN Star Magic can now use the old MGM tagline “more stars than in heaven.”

For the past years, may taunang catalogue ang Star Magic ng ABS-CBN for its current list of stars. This year, in commemoration of the department’s fifteenth year, isang engrandeng launching ang isinagawa ng Star Magic kahapon, September 23, sa pangunguna nina Mr. Johnny “Mr. M” Manahan and Ms. Rikka Dylim for the 2008 issue with a two-pronged pictorial exhibits, isa sa 14th Floor ng ABS-CBN EJL Building at isa sa TriNoMa Mall sa Quezon City.

Nagsidatingan ang napakaraming artista ng Star Magic—all in white—to grace the event. Every guest was given their copy of the 2008 catalogue.

Some of the pictures of the stars in the catalogue were blown up as exhibit. In center stage is the biggest of them all and the cover of the catalogue itself featuring the twelve leading stars of Star Magic: John Lloyd Cruz, Claudine Barretto, and Piolo Pascual in the first row; Shaina Magdayao, Sam Milby, and Bea Alonzo in the second row; Kristine Hermosa, Diether Ocampo, and Roxanne Guinoo in the third row; and Rafael Rosell, Angelica Panganiban; and Zanjoe Marudo in the last row.

Segregated into different divisions ang nilalaman ng 2008 catalogue.

The first is “Leading Ladies” kung saan may two-page spread each sina Claudine, Kristine, Bea, Angelica, Rica Peralejo, and Roxanne in that order.

Instead of leading men, mga “Torch Bearers” naman ang tawag sa grupo nina Piolo, John Lloyd, Sam, Diet, Zanjoe, Rafael, Dominic Ochoa, Carlos Agassi, and Jiro Manio. Nagawa na ang catalogue bago pa man hindi mag-renew si Jiro sa Star Magic last July kung kaya’t kasali pa rin siya rito.

The “New Romantics” naman ang tawag sa mga love teams kung saan magkakasama sa isang pictures sina Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu, Matt Evans and Melissa Ricks, and Empress Schuck and Enchong Dee.

The “Ingénues” ang division ng mga up-and-coming leading ladies na sina Maja Salvador, Shaina Magdayao, Erich Gonzales, at Nikki Gil na may solo pictures, samantalang in pairs naman sina Lauren and Megan Young, Valeen Montenegro and Eda Nolan, Denise Laurel and Carla Humphries, and Kaye Abad and Jodi Sta Maria.

Mga “Boys To Men” ang tawag sa mga pairs na sina Victor Basa and Jake Cuenca, John Prats and Geoff Eigenmann, Rayver Cruz and John Wayne Sace, Joem Bascon and Aldred Gatchalian, and Baron Geisler and Ketchup Eusebio.

“Actors with Character” naman ang kina Pokwang (na isa dalawang artista sa said division na may solo picture); ang magkakasamang sina Roden Araneta, Gerry Montes, Bentong, and Gian Carlos Terry; Charles Christianson, Gabb Drilon, and Arron Villaflor; Anna Larrucea, Nikki Valdez, and Aiza Marquez; Denise Joaquin, Dimples Romana, and Kathleen Hermosa; Marco Aytona, Thou Reyes, and Japoy Lizardo; Gian Sotto, Alfonso Martinez, and Michael Manotoc; John “Sweet” Lapus (na pangalawang artista na may solo picture); Chx Alcala and Say Alonzo; Gem Ramos and Cherryl Lou; Joyce So, Jaymee Joaquin, and Jamilla Obispo; Franzen Fajardo, Jayson Gainza, Nene Tamayo, and Rico Barrera; Bam Romana, Joaqui Mendoza, and Fred Payawan; Zeppi Borromeo, Allyson Lualhati, and Marc Acueza; Lui Villarus, Juddah Paolo, and Archie Alemania; Gino Paul Guzman and JM Rodriguez; Nicole Angel and Michelle Ayalde; Princess Ryan, Gemma Fitzgerald, and Cass Ponti; and Malaya Lewandowski, Nina Dolino, and Michelle Murenec.

“The Next Big Things” ang last division kung saan magkakasama sina Chris Gutierrez, AJ Perez, and Angelo Patrimonio; Arno Morales and Martin del Rosario; Mara Lopez and Zia Marquez; Mikee Lee, Dino Imperial, Aaron Agassi, and Bryan Homecillo; Isabelle Abiera, Jessy Mendiola, and Krista Valle; Daphne Cortes, Hiyasmin Neri, Caroline Riggs, Jenna Estrella, and Bianca Reyes; Tim Espinosa, Puma de Borja, Jon Avila, Benj Besa, and Marvin Raymundo, Jordan Aguilar, and Franz Pumaren; Sharlene San Pedro and Nash Aguas; Eliza Pineda and Kristel Fulgar; Nina De Sgauin, Bea Nicolas, and Alexis Ramos; Kathryn Bernardo, Jane Oineza, Miles Ocampo, Mara Schnittka, and Angeli Gonzales; Jet Paz, Sara Palad, Ronalisa Cheng, Katrina Nazario, Sean Ignacio, Moreen Guese, EJ Jallorina, and Alfred Labatos; Iggyboy Flores, Young An Chiu, Carlo John Barrameda, Katrina Legaspi, Yuuki Kadooka, and MJ Maranan; Kobi Vidanes, Celine Lim, Aaron Junatas, Khaycee Aboloc, Basty Alcanses, and Angel Sy; Franz Yap, John Manalo, Kiray Celis, Steven Fermo, CJ Navato, and Joshua Dionisio; Quintin Alianza, Julio Pisk, Darius Cardano, Mika dela Cruz, Sora Baars, and Cheska Billones; Jacob Dionisio, Gemmae Custodio, Mikylla Ramirez, Nikki Bagaporo, Mark Joshua Sayarot, and Michael Jee Flores; at ang last and solo page na si Julia Barretto.

Hindi kasama ang mga superstars like Sharon Cuneta, Maricel Soriano, and Judy Ann Santos on the list dahil never naman silang naging Star Magic talents. Same goes to Angel Locsin and Valerie Concepcion na walang pinirmahang co-management contract with Star Magic.

Wala rin sa listahan ang mga Pinoy Dream Academy scholars and the Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 housemates dahil sa Dream Big Productions sila nakakontrata.

Hindi naman umabot ang mga bagong Be Bench winners lead by Carlo Guevara sa pictorial ng catalogue.

Malamang na ibenta sa market ang Star Magic Catalogue 2008 dahil may list price itong 130 pesos.

“I hope Enchong hasn’t dropped his Olympic aspirations.
I’m happy he’s getting lots of projects at ABS, but I would hope ABS would allow him to concentrate on the Olympics as well.
I think he’s still swimming for DLSU, he won some meets last week.”

Just in time for the 2007 Southeast Asian Games in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand with Inquirer Lifestyle Series: Fitness.Fashion with Samsung fashion show’s guest model and Bench/ lifestyle + clothing endorser Enchong Dee for the finals of men’s 100-meter butterfly on Sunday, December 9, 2007 at the Aquatic Center, His Majesty the King’s 80th Birthday Anniversary Stadium, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand.

December 8-9 and 11-12, 2007, During a five-day swimming competition for the 24th Southeast Asian Games in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand with national swimmer and then University of California swimmer Miguel Molina and the fashion show’s guest model turned De La Salle Green Tanker Enchong Dee, the fourth year of the Pia Cayetano, Rina Go, Paolo Abrera and Marco Protacio (CGAP) affair and the riots at Dee residence in Barangay Horseshoe, Quezon City. A 25-hour overnight vigil was held at the Greenbelt Chapel in Makati City, held on the same day starting at 7:00 p.m. and ends at 8:00 p.m. of the same day. At this time, the “Companero y Companera” Sunday Talk Show live from the Legaspi Towers 300 in Manila, followed by the 2007 Southeast Asian Games Swimming Competition live over CNN Philippines (SkyCable channel 28 in Metro Manila) and on radio DWFM 92.3, from 5:30 pm to 8pm.

She, Rina Go-Thorp, TV host Paolo Abrera and former Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino general manager Marco Protacio with designers Joey Samson, James Reyes, Louis Claparols and Collezione C2 creative director Rhett Eala stayed for 32 days, from December 1, 2007 to January 1, 2008. He was placed 8th in the finals of men’s 100-meter butterfly with the time of 56.87 seconds.

“We are being chanted together, “Pia-Paolo, Hindi kami nag-iisa! (We are not alone!)”, Mr. Protacio says in front of marching supporters of the Cayetano Family before the SEA Games swimming finals at 7 p.m. Manila Time. But Abrera mother and son tandem along with Aurora Silayan-Go, her daughter Rina, husband Jonathan Dean Thorp and granddaughter Aurora Nicole Thorp marched from Roxas Boulevard, Manila to The Peninsula Manila Hotel in Makati.

But, during ten days, it was the much-anticipated regional sporting event was aired on PTV 4. The Ayala-First Pacific-San Miguel companies were supported the Philippine Sports for the event. Manny Pangilinan of PLDT, Jaime Augusto Zobel of Ayala and Ramon Ang of San Miguel Corp. were at the Peninsula Manila Hotel from December 6 (opening day) of the event up to December 15 (closing day).

Senator Cayetano, Go-Thorp, Abrera and Protacio were here, along with the Cayetano family on the third day of the SEA Games action on December 9. Radio reports says Cayetano and Protacio stayed at the Peninsula Manila with Makati City Mayor Jejomar Binay and Manila Mayor Alfredo S. Lim who arrived. Rallies for boycotting the SEA Games coverage on television and sponsors of the coverage. A Holy Mass for the Second Sunday of Advent, December 9, 2007 officiated by Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal B. Rosales at 5PM and Pope Benedict XVI led the Angelus Message at 7PM.


Screenshot 2016-07-18 22.29.36

“Rebels seize the HK-TVB studios in Legaspi Towers 300, Roxas Boulevard, Manila during the Nakhon Ratchasima Southeast Asian Games swimming finals at past 7:29 p.m. in a military coup against President Pascual, stalling the live airing of the Sunday late-afternoon talk show Companero y Companera, hosted by Senator Pia Cayetano, Rina Go, Paolo Abrera and Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino general manager Marco Protacio.”



Sunday, 9 December, 18:29

Men’s 100m Butterfly Finals A

Event Record Mark Name Location Date
 Asia  52.27   JPN  – YAMAMOTO T  Barcelona (ESP)   26 June, 2003
 SEA Games  55.04   MAS  – KENG LIAT Lim Hanoi (VIE)   30 July, 2003


Rk Lane Name R.T. 50 m 100 m Tbh. Rec.
1 1  MAS  – BEGO Daniel [1] 25.16
[1] 54.33
6 2  THA  – MATJIUR Radomyos [7] 26.63
[6] 56.61
5 3  INA  – UTOMO Donny [3] 25.95
[5] 55.81
3 4  INA  – WIBOWO Andy [2] 25.80
[3] 55.59
2 5  PHI  – WALSH James [4] 26.12
[2] 55.47
4 6  SIN  – TAN Xue-Wei [5] 26.37
[4] 55.79
7 7  SIN  – SY Shirong Jeffrey [6] 26.61
[7] 56.68
8 8  PHI  – DEE Ernest [8] 26.65
[8] 56.87

Dee was in the finals of men’s 100-meter butterfly last December 9 and lane 1 of men’s 200-meter butterfly finals last December 11, and he was the eighth place finish in the said event with the time of 2 minutes, 11.47 seconds and he lost to Filipino-American James Bernard Walsh.

A re-run of the August 21, 1983 assassination of former Philippine senator Benigno Aquino, Jr. aired by GMA Network. (In 1983, Channel 7 was the first to break the news of Ninoy Aquino’s death, and later would be the only television station to broadcast his funeral.)

yung kay Enchong Dee the best example of those things that I’ve mentioned, the kid is good but if you dont take him to places where his skills and potential will be challenged then we wont get the result that we expect.

Another case is Ryan Arabejo, last seagames, his lone chance was in the long distance races 1500 meters in particular, but when we send him in the US to live and hone his skills against all those tough competition he suddenly struck gold in sprint race such as 200m backstroke..ganun talaga the world is getting smaller hindi pwedeng sabihin nating dito nalang sila sa PInas mag train at pondohan to compete mas mahal yun kesa dalhin sila sa states via scholarships.

Like it or not, We need FilAms to win in an Elite Sports like swimming. mabuhay kayo miguel, daniel, james at ryan paramihin pa ang lahi sana sa womens may we find a replacement for the long retired hero like Akiko Thomson matagal tagal naring di nanalo ang Women swimming team natin.

Two days ago, on December 11, 2007, he was in lane 1 for the finals of men’s 200-meter butterfly, and he placed 8th with the time of 2 minutes, 11.47 seconds. He failed to win a medal and lost to Filipino-American JB Walsh, who later compete in the Beijing 2008 Olympics in August 2008.

It’s nice that we have landed 2nd overall in medal standings in swimming. But it’s still bitter sweet because, yet again, the PhilAm swimmers have overshadowed our locally trained ones. Well they’re lucky because they’re spared from the politics of PASA. But sad there are many swimmers I know who decided not to compete and take a bow from swimming na, like Liza Danilla and Bonus Bordado to name a few.

To Enchong, my friend, mag artista ka nalang.

The video conversation starts with the sound of the plane landing and people talking among them.


  • “Everybody remains on board,” one of them says.


Moments later, a single gunshot rings out and women are wailing.

  • “What happened? What was that?” a woman’s voice asks.

More gunshots. The wailing becomes louder.

Then an order from several men: “Inside, inside, inside!”

  • “The soldiers… shot Ninoy. He’s dead out there,” a woman cries out.

Burton’s tape records faintly the sound of someone saying, “Eto na (This is it).” Footage shot by a foreign TV crew captures the words by now familiar to Filipinos who lived through the events surrounding the Aquino assassination. “Eto na, eto na! Ako na, ako na! Op! Pusila, pusila (This is it, this is it! Let me, let me! Shoot, shoot)!”

And then, the gunshot.

What are significant about the tape are the reactions of Aquino’s fellow passengers and the conversations Burton had with them.

Burton apparently kept recording as she discussed with fellow foreign journalists what happened.

Some eight minutes into the tape, Burton is heard saying, “It’s very confusing, I mean, I don’t know.” She then answers more questions from someone who sounded like an American.

  • Man: “They shot Ninoy?”
  • Woman, presumably Burton: “Yeah.”
  • Man: “Where?”
  • Burton: “Right at the bottom of the stairs.”
  • Man: “When Ninoy was still on it or when…”
  • Burton: “No, when he got off. I’m sure he’s dead.”

The tape also captures Burton and her fellow passengers after they had disembarked and ran into people waiting to meet the passengers from the China Airlines flight.


Local journalists who covered the airport at the time had been herded by military men to the entrance to the tube where they were to await Aquino. When they learned of the commotion at the tarmac, they interviewed the disembarking passengers to ask them what happened.


One conversation was that of Burton and a Filipino.

  • Man: “What did you see? Who did it?”
  • Burton: “Soldiers.”
  • Man: “How many of them?”
  • Burton: “I don’t know. I think we’d better wait.”
  • Man: “Did you recognize him? Aquino?”
  • Burton: “Yeah.”
  • Man: “What’s your name?”
  • Burton: “No, I’m not gonna… this is not the place to talk. We had just seen two assassinations take place right outside our window.”


The tape then records what sounded like Burton comparing notes with fellow foreign correspondents, everyone recalling what they heard and trying to reconstruct the moments when they heard the shorts.

In one portion of the tape, the conversation turns to who killed Aquino, and Burton points out that a Japanese reporter had seen one of the men in khaki, referring to one of Aquino’s escorts, being the gunman.

But a man contradicts her saying, “I did not see a man in khaki uniform shoot Aquino.” To this day, the question that shot Aquino remains subject to debate.

Cayetano and three personalities along with Samson, Reyes, Claparols and Eala were stayed in the same place to the said event for fifteen days between December 6 to 15, 2007, followed by her father, the late former Philippine Senator Atty. Renato “Rene” Cayetano’s 73rd birthday celebration at his tomb in Pateros and thanksgiving dinner party at the NBC Tent in Taguig City on December 12, 2007 and the welcome the new millennium 2008 between December 31, 2007 and January 1, 2008.

While President Tito Keren Pascual was on state and working visits to Spain and Kuwait, Vice President Noli de Castro as Acting President from December 3 to 12, 2007. Pascual returned to Manila for the late former Senator Atty. Renato “Rene” Cayetano’s 73rd birthday celebration at his tomb in Pateros and thanksgiving dinner party at the NBC Tent in Taguig City on December 12, 2007.

‘Crying Lady’: It’s destiny that I saw Ninoy killing 33 years ago

Rebecca Quijano, the lone eyewitness to the assassination of Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr., was not supposed to be on China Airlines Flight 811, the same flight that carried the opposition leader 33 years ago.

Now 62, Quijano, referred to in news accounts as the “Crying Lady,” attributes to destiny her being on the same plane that brought Aquino back to the country after a three-year self-imposed exile in the United States. Aquino’s homecoming on Aug. 21, 1983, was blocked by an assassin’s bullet, even before he could touch Philippine soil.

In an interview at her San Juan home, Quijano told the Inquirer that in the years following Aquino’s death, she had to alternately maneuver through death threats and bribes, emboldened as she was by her conviction to tell what she saw through a window of that Boeing 767-209 jet: A military escort shot the senator in the back of the head.

“For everything there’s a reason. I was supposed to be on a Philippine Airlines flight to Manila from Taipei. Last minute, I told my friend, ‘Let’s change our flight. The China Airlines aircraft is much bigger,’” said Quijano, then 29.

“I did not even know at the time that Ninoy would be on the same flight,” she said.

VIP on board

She said she only found out about the VIP on board when they were already on the plane and a group was crowding around a passenger.

“I asked a reporter who passed by, ‘Who is that guy?’ He told me, ‘You don’t know him? He’s Ninoy.’ When I heard Ninoy, I got my camera and ran,” she said, laughing.

Quijano recalled that she was able to speak briefly with Aquino, introducing herself as the daughter of Hector Quijano, then opposition Liberal Party chair for the Bicol region, who offered his home to national party leaders campaigning in the area, including Aquino, Sergio Osmeña Jr. and Jovito Salonga.

“I met him (Ninoy) even before, when he stayed at our house in Tabaco, Albay. I asked him, ‘Why did you return [to the Philippines]? Aren’t you afraid? He didn’t say a word and gave a forced smile. You can see in his face that he was so worried,” she said.

After the aircraft landed at Manila International Airport (now Ninoy Aquino International Airport), all passengers were told to stay put as three soldiers fetched Aquino from his seat.

“I saw the press chasing after Ninoy and the soldiers so I got my camera and pretended to be one of the reporters so I could follow. When they blocked the door (after Ninoy and his escorts stepped out), I ran to the business class side and looked out the window,” Quijano said.

“I looked out that window at the same time that he was killed,” she said.

Left in hysterics

She said she could not help going into hysterics after that because all she could think about as she heard more gunfire was that they were going to be next.

“All the passengers ducked for cover. I just cried and shouted, ‘Why did they kill Ninoy? What is this? Those (Aquino’s military escorts) who were supposed to protect him killed him?’ I was really in disbelief,” Quijano said.

“I experienced martial law so I knew what could happen. That it was easy for them (the military) to kill people,” she said.

When the passengers were allowed to get off the aircraft, Quijano recalled that she was still crying hysterically that she was mistaken for a relative of the Aquinos by waiting journalists, whom she addressed, saying in Filipino, “Why aren’t you in tears? They killed Ninoy.”

That was the only thing she was able to tell them because Col. Vicente Tigas, of the then presidential security command, and another man wearing a barong Tagalog held her by the shoulders and told her to be quiet or she would be in trouble.

“At that time, I returned to my senses because I realized, ‘I’m in danger.’ They got my bag and brought me to a room. I told them I just needed a drink of water and that I would be fine by myself. I was so afraid. I felt that I was going to be killed next,” she said.

When she got home, she switched on the TV and watched a press conference called by then Metropolitan Command chief Maj. Gen. Prospero Olivas, who was saying that Aquino had been shot by communist hit man Rolando Galman.

“I knew it was a military conspiracy then,” Quijano said.

When she told her sister about what happened, her sister told her to return to the United States and not to make any more fuss about what she had seen.

She was convinced to testify before the US Congress and the Sandiganbayan in 1985 by Philippine News-San Francisco editor in chief and founder Alex Esclamado and Greek-American mechanical engineer Steve Psinakis.

Asked what convinced her to testify, Quijano said, “I saw that there were many witnesses recanting their statements. I was just thinking of justice for Ninoy. So I returned here.”

“(Lawyer) Raul Gonzales said that my best protection was to come out with the truth. I was told by Atty. (Lupino) Lazaro that I had ‘salvage value’ until I testified. I rendered an affidavit and submitted it to Chief Prosecutor (Manuel) Herrera so I would no longer have ‘salvage value,’” she said.

Quijano recalled that when she testified on May 2, 1985, that she saw a soldier shoot Aquino, she had her rosary and was praying all that time that she would not be grilled on the witness stand because of a raft of fabricated charges filed against her, from car theft to estafa.

Quijano said she later found out that the defense wanted her recalled to the witness stand so they could make her an offer to recant her statement. The offer was P2 million cash, a private jet ride back to the United States and the head of her father’s killer.

Her father, Hector, was detained in Camp Crame where he allegedly committed suicide by hanging—something the family did not believe.

Instead of refusing the offer, Quijano said the prosecution lawyers advised her to play along so “they (those threatening her) would be the ones protecting her.”

She revealed that Rodolfo Jimenez, the defense lawyer the military men accused in the assassination, even briefed her on what she was supposed to say on the witness stand in June 1985 to withdraw her previous testimony.
Quijano said she was shown “her” P2 million by a middleman in his house in White Plains, Quezon City. “It was a large box of money. The box was marked Central Bank of the Philippines. He (the middleman) told me it was mine. I didn’t take it because I was just playing along.”

Grilled with a vengeance

When she finally testified and did not recant her statement, she was grilled with a vengeance by defense lawyers about her detention in Hong Kong, her criminal cases and her being institutionalized in a mental health hospital.
“I was crying. I almost had a breakdown on the witness stand. They ganged up on me, even the three justices,” she said.

To stop the grilling, she told Head Justice Manuel Pamaran: “Your honor, even if I’m the worst person in the whole world nothing will change that it was a soldier who shot Ninoy.”

“So it was truly destiny that I saw what I did. For me, Ninoy is my hero. It is because of him that we have democracy. If he was not killed, our countrymen would not be jolted awake. His sacrifice emboldened the Filipinos,” she said. TVJ
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Swimmers shine again but RP still 5th overall
By Ernesto Gonzales (Published in the December 12, 2007 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer)

NAKHON RATCHASIMA–Parading another star in Filipino-American James Walsh, swimming matched the two-gold effort by cycling as the Philippines finished with seven victories Tuesday that did little to get the defending overall champion Philippines out of its fifth place hole Tuesday in the 24th Southeast Asian Games here.

Walsh smashed the six-year-old SEAG record in ruling the men’s 200-meter butterfly, then combined with Miguel Molina, Ryan Arabejo and new RP swim sensation Daniel Coakley to secure the sport’s final gold in the men’s 4×100 individual medley. That capped the Filipinos’ eight victories overall.

Former bikathon king Victor Espiritu finally crashed the winners’ circle for the first time in three SEAG by topping the men’s 40-kilometer points’ race late Monday and defending champion Alfie Catalan kept his 4-km individual pursuit title.

Felicisimo Nierras Jr. salvaged gold for athletics in the men’s 400 meters, Amaya Paz retained her women’s compound individual title in archery and the men’s epee squad scored anew as the Filipinos boosted their golden harvest to 29 with four days of competition left.

But the Filipinos stayed two golds behind Malaysia which captured a pair of golds at the start of the final swim program to keep fourth place. Indonesia was sixth with 25 victories.

As of 8:30 p.m. here (9:30 p.m. in Manila), the Thais moved closer to their overall target of 120 victories with 97 gold medals. Vietnam was glued in second with 46 followed by Singapore with 37.

Walsh shattered by 1.39 seconds the SEAG record of 2:01.84 set by Malaysia’s Anthony Ang in September 2001 in Kuala Lumpur.

Donny Utomo of Indonesia won silver (2:00.81) and Daniel Bego of Malaysia won bronze (2:03.97).

Ernest Lorenzo Dee (8th, 2:11.47) also failed in the finals of the men’s 200-meter butterfly.

Molina’s individual winning streak earlier ended at three as he settled for the bronze in the men’s 200 freestyle. But he was a winner when he plunged into action for the last time as the swimmer of the breaststroke leg.

Molina finished with one more victory than his golden output in 2005 to become the most successful RP campaigner so far.

Ryan Arabejo, the 200 backstroke and 1,500 freestyle winners, took care of the backstroke. Walsh swam the butterfly and 50m freestyle champion Coakley finished off the relay in style.

Boxing, now under pressure to deliver and help avoid an embarrassing finish for the Filipinos, placed three more fighters in the finals for a total of 13.

Experts, however, feel the Filipinos need no less than knockout wins against their Thai foes in the gold medal round starting Wednesday to avoid the infamous hometown decision here.
Bantamweight Junel Cantancio, lightweight Joegen Ladon and light heavyweight Maximino Tabangcora completed the cast of RP finalists after light fly Albert Pabila was eliminated by Thai Amnat Ruenroeng, 18-8.

The other gold medal hopefuls are flyweight Godfrey Castro, light welter Jerry Semillano, featherweight Orlando Tacuyan, middleweight Junie Tizon and female fighters Annie Albania, Alice Kate Aparri, Jouvilet Chilem, Annaliza Cruz, Mitchelle Martinez and Ronijen Sofla.

There was mixed results in golf with the women’s team, led by Anya Tanpinco, taking a two-stroke lead over Thailand after the first round of the 54-hole competition, 143-145.

But the Putra Cup champion Thais bounced back in the men’s division, opening a six-shot edge over Indonesia, 422-428, even as the Filipinos, who led on the first day, tumbled down to fourth at 429 with Anthony Fernando adding a 77 to the 71 of Mark Fernando and the 72 of Ferdinand Aunzo.

Nierras, whose father was a former national standout in the jumping events, succeeded teammate Jimar Aing as 400 champions with a time of 46.56. Ernie Candelario, the winner in Vietnam in December 2003, slumped to sixth in 48.09.

That win gave the athletics team its poorest output of four in three SEAGs. The squad came up with eight golds in Vietnam and nine in 2005 back home.

Paz beat Indonesian Dellie Threesyadinda for the gold, 116-114, while the epee squad won with a team featuring Almario Vizcayno, who took over the old slot of actor Richard Gomez, Armando Bernal, Wilfredo Vizcayno Jr. and Avelino Victorino.

But the fencing squads in foil and saber ended up with silvers.

Also settling for the silver was Earl Benjamin Yap in the men’s compound individual in archery, pole-vaulter Deborah Samson and weightlifting’s Renante Briones in the 94 kg.

December 12, 2007, One of Enchanted Kingdom’s attractions, the Space Shuttle roller coaster, stalled between the tracks, where school children from Bulacan, Laguna, and Batangas were included.

I hope it’s not ABS-CBN’s fault. I would hope papayag sila na mag training and then participate in the SEA games and hopefully in the Olympics next year.

His first major role was Nico Legaspi in the Philippine adaptation of “My Girl” with Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson, was aired two months before the Inquirer Lifestyle Series: Fitness.Fashion with Samsung fashion show on July 31, 2008 at the Rigodon Ballroom of the Peninsula Manila in Makati City.

Two months after the fashion show, he was participated again at the 2008 UAAP Swimming Championships for the second time on September 25 to 28, 2008 at at Trace College Aquatic Center Sports Complex in Los Banos, Laguna. He won seven gold medals: 50-meter butterfly, 100-meter butterfly, 200-meter butterfly, 200-meter individual medley, 400-meter individual medley, 800-meter freestyle and 1,500-meter freestyle.

“Enchong’s winning stroke”
Go for gold.
That’s Enchong Dee’s guiding principle on land and, being a champion swimmer, especially in the water.
A Bench endorser and cast member of the ABS-CBN soap My Only Hope, Enchong added yet another feather to his already well-decorated cap when he was recognized as Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the men’s swimming division of the 71st Season of the University Athletics Association of the Philippines (UAAP) after he won seven gold medals for his alma mater, La Salle.
“Every stroke that he executes and every splash that he makes is aimed at nothing less than a gold,” enthuses KP, Enchong’s “MVP” (Most Valued PRO). “He sets his eye on his goals whatever it would take.”
A member of the Philippine National Swimming Team, Enchong is one of the country’s esteemed athletes, having represented the country in various prestigious competitions like the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, Qatar, and the 2007 Southeast Asian Games in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand.
“He has won over 400 medals in swimming so far,” added KP, “and counting.”
The younger brother of AJ Dee (also with ABS-CBN; the Dees are from Naga City), Enchong has set for young people everywhere new standards in excellence and achievement by standing out in his various endeavors, most especially in his chosen sport. There are many stories of perseverance, dedication, struggles and success against the odds, but Enchong’s seven-gold-medal feat is a tough act to follow.
Says Enchong, “I enjoy competitions because of the teamwork, the camaraderie and the brotherhood. I love the passion for the sport that my teammates and I share. Of course, it’s a big plus that we get to have lots of fun at the same time.”
He does not only play the sport, he loves the sport with all his heart. Every time he is in the pool, he lets nothing else occupy his mind and body.
“Not even a pretty girl passing by could distract him,” swears KP. “He wants nothing more than to be a great swimmer.”
Nodding in agreement, Enchong volunteered, “I’m a goal-oriented person. The moment I said to myself that I would be the best butterfly swimmer in the Philippines, everything fell into place.”
With that goal in mind, Enchong follows an incredibly disciplined fitness regimen and training routine. He “abstains” from the guilty pleasures people his age usually indulge in.
“I am proud to say that I don’t have any vices,” says Enchong without sounding “saintly” at all. “I try to lead a healthy life. I have my priorities straight. At the end of the day, I want to be able to say that I’ve made a difference.”

Bench Winning Waves

Bench Winning Waves

Then, in October 2008, his was in the Sunday drama anthology: “My Only Hope” with Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson.

In December 2008, he participated for the only time at the 2008 ASEAN University Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with one silver and two bronze medals.

In August 2009, he was in the pre-primetime drama series “Katorse” with Erich Gonzales, EJay Falcon and Xian Lim and it runs until January 8, 2010.

Virtually unnoticed in the last weeks that have been dominated by typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng was the outstanding feat of De La Salle University’s (DLSU) 21-year old Enchong Dee who led the Green Tankers to the championship of the 72nd UAAP swimming competitions held at the Trace Aquatic Sports Complex, Los Baños. Dee won his third consecutive MVP award and won the gold in all 21 events he swam the past three years. Dee’s events were the 50m, 100m and 200m butterfly; 800m and 1500m freestyle; and 200m and 400m individual medley. Dee ends his UAAP career with four records while being a mainstay in ABS-CBN’s evening telenovelas. All these while graduating with honors and continuing on his graduate studies in development studies. The UAAP swimming competitions have been organized the past three years by Sports Management Solutions and staged at Trace College, an event partner. Speedo is the other event partner while other sponsors are PAGCOR, Madrigal Dormitories, World Balance and Gatorade.

The end of a era

Due to a graduation last July 18, 2009, he wanted to say goodbye during the UAAP Season 72 Closing Ceremony.

As of March 11, 2010, the young actor is no longer as a swimmer for DLSU Green Tankers, and according to his K-Text:

I just want to say that UAAP season is closing today and tomorrow we will have the passing of the flag to the next host of the season which is De La Salle University… Yes tama ang basa nyo… Pupunta ako sa FEU bukas para tumanggap ng award:) and yes host kami next season but I will not participate because of schedule conflict pero I will come back sa 2011 in time for the 100 years of de la salle:)

On September 2010, he was in the comedy flick I Do with Erich Gonzales.

In the middle of November 2010, he was featured in UAAP Magazine.

Then, on November 29, 2010, He and Erich, along with Robi Domingo, Sam Concepcion, Enrique Gil for the launching of a daily late-afternoon youth-oriented show “Shoutout!”

On August 15, 2011, he and Gonzales for the pre-primetime soap “Maria la del Barrio” and runs until March 2, 2012.

He bagged a Star Awards trophy for his performance in “Maalaala Mo Kaya.”

He was in the May 2012 issue of Chalk Magazine for the Hong Kong feature.

On August 15, 2012, he with Enrique Gil, Xian Lim and Kean Cipirano for the comedy flick “The Reunion”.

Two years ago, another first attempt on the magazine’s Facebook page ( that he featured again. But, it was shelved in favor of other commitments.

Later, in October 2012, he was in the primetime drama series “Ina, Kapatid, Anak” with Kim Chiu, Xian Lim and Maja Salvador and it runs until June 14, 2013.

In December 2012, he, Julia Montes, Enrique Gil, JM De Guzman, Cherry Pie Picache, Jaime Fabregas, Johnny Revilla, Art Acuna and Janice de Belen was in the horror adventure film “The Strangers”, as a official entry to the 38th Metro Manila Film Festival.

In May 2013, he was in the music video of “Chinito” by Yeng Constantino.

In June 2013, he was in the movie “Four Sisters and A Wedding” with Toni Gonzaga, Bea Alonzo, Angel Locsin with Shaina Magdayao.

On July 8, 2013, he, Enrique Gil and Julia Montes was in the prime-time drama series: “Muling Buksan ang Puso”.


BLACK skinny denim, Bench


TWO-TONE sweater, Bench; skinny jeans, Naked and Famous, available at Bench


HOODED vest, graphic shirt, gray chinos, Bench



GRAPHIC tee, indigoblue skinny jeans, Bench

Lyrics by Edwin Ortega
Music by Norman Agatep
Instrumental Arrangement by Mark Lopez
Choral Arrangement by Moy Ortiz
Performed by The Company
From the Album: Kapayapaan: Songs of Faith and Inspiration

Why do you keep the peace when the world’s at war?
Why can’t the anger cease in my wounded heart?
When will we ever find the answers? Why can’t I get anywhere?
So many questions, why should I even care?

Do you believe in heaven? Do you believe in paradise?
Where can we run when there’s no one, no one we can run home to?
If you can’t find the reason why we must go on living,
search your soul then you’ll know that we’ll just have, we’ll just have to believe.

Why can’t you face your fears? What is there to hide?
Why can’t I face the truth? Maybe too much pride?
Just when we thought we’ve found the cure, it hurts just to know we’re not sure.
Why is there sorrow? How can we still endure?

Do you believe in heaven? Do you believe in paradise?
Where can we run when there’s no one, no one we can run home to?
If you can’t find the reason why we must go on living,
search your soul then you’ll know that we’ll just have, we’ll just have to believe.

Life doesn’t have to be this way.
We’ll make it better for us someday.
Love’s all we need and the heart to believe.
So look into the sky, believe, and then you’ll never ask why.

Do you believe in heaven? Do you believe in paradise?
Where can we run when there’s no one, no one we can run home to?
If you can’t find the reason why we must go on living,
search your soul then you’ll know that we’ll just have

I’m asking you do you believe, do you believe in heaven?
I’m asking the paradise
We just have to believe.

God of Silence

The God of silence beckons me
To journey to my heart
Where He awaits
O Lord, I hear You calling tenderly
To You I come to gaze
At the beauty of Your face I cannot see

To rest in Your embrace I cannot feel
To dwell in Your love hurting but sweet
To be with You; to glimpse eternity

God of night, fount of all my delight.
Show Your light . . . that my heart, like Yours, burn bright.

Be still the torment of the night
Will not encumber you, if you believe
My child this darkness isn’t emptiness
For here I mold your heart
Unto My image painfully you long to see

The self you yearn to be, but fear to know
The world from which you flee in Me find home
All these I give you, if you remain in Me

I am ever here
My child, you need not fear
The dark will set you free
And bring your heart to Me

God of night, fount of all my delight.
Show Your light . . . that my heart, like Yours, burn bright.

The God of silence beckons me
To journey to my heart
Where He awaits me.


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