HOT! Enchong’s Schedule this Week :)

Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Tim Yap were here!

Forever&Always ENCHONG DEE

Enchong’s taping for “Tanging Yaman” yesterday ended at 6 am in the morning. Thus, he missed JT’s concert! 😦

A few weeks ago, Enchong mentioned in his KText that he will be having an Asian Cruise with couples Angelica Panganiban & Derek Ramsay, Mariel Rodriguez & Zanjoe Marudo and the rest of Tito Keren’s talents. If it happens that he has to tape this Tuesday, he will leave for his Asian Cruise on Wednesday. If there is no taping schedule for Tuesday, he will then leave on that day.

On the other hand, the rest of the Dee Family will go to Bicol on Wednesday to celebrate Holy Week, together with Ate Ems. Enchong told her to be with his family as his replacement. He encouraged Ate Ems to join the “alay-lakad”, which is probably the procession (I guess). 🙂 But those were Enchong’s word – “alay-lakad”. 😀 He also…

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