No more social networking in Multiply

After the closure of business operations on May 31, 2013, the re-opens in 2016.

Multiply’s CEO Stefan Magdalinski should the Company re-opens business operations and social networking services this 2016 because my old photos wayback 2008-2009 are handed over to and Facebook. The Company is expected to go IPO (Initial Public Offering) under NASDAQ, NYSE, PSE (Philippine Stock Exchange).

MC's Corner

Multiply International. Multiply International.

Last March 23, Multiply closed down its social networking services for good in favor of focusing on e-commerce. This was officially announced by Multiply’s CEO, Stefan Magdalinski, last August 9, 2012. We users had thought it would cease to exist last December.

Everything happens for a reason, especially this site. The rise of Facebook back in 2009 marks the downfall of Friendster & Multiply. These 2 continued to be social networking sites for a few more years until Friendster revamped as a social gaming site around August 2011. When this happened, it was a good thing FS had retained our account & created a tool to download our stuff in our account there before its revamp. I still have an account there, though I don’t use it that much.

However, Multiply’s revamp was unexpected, unlike FS’s revamp. When it revamped as an e-commerce site, it deleted our…

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