24th Southeast Asian Games on GMA

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GMA’s live coverage of the 2007 South-East Asian Games in Nakhon Ratchasima Thailand from December 6 to 15

NAKHON RATCHASIMA–There was grating regret among GMA television crewmen when they learned a few minutes late that mountain bike’s Jovy Barba had landed RP’s first gold in the 24th Southeast Asian Games.

This was midmorning of Dec. 6, the Games opening day.

GMA production head Edgar Reyes squinted and shook his head, trying to ward off frustration.

No assigned GMA cameraman at the finish line, no video feed of the event from the site of the downhill bike race either.

There was a mini disaster brewing.

The government coverage team could not afford to let one golden moment slip for excited viewers back home.

Not to worry. The GMA team, with logistics man Manny de Asis promptly dashing out of sight, would pull strings at the International Broadcast Center.

By mid-afternoon, GMA had a video of the opening gold for Team Philippines, courtesy of friends from Thai television.

Barba’s golden feat, a buena mano, was played up to anchor a subsequent 11-gold RP medal harvest on the third day of the Southeast Asian Games in this charming, quiet, tree-lined capital three hours by car from Bangkok.

For the record, Gozon reported, GMA has not allowed a single RP gold medal slip.

He said the commercial broadcast television and radio coverage team here, which got a rah-rah visit from GMA Network, Inc. Chairman and CEO Atty. Felipe L. Gozon on the eve of the opening, has faithfully recorded and reported all vital details of the Philippine participation.

GMA came here with a medium-size crew, backed by six broadcasters, in pursuit of the coverage theme “A Time for Heroes.”

It was mostly a toast to Filipino victors but, at the same time, it could not be helped that losers, including a few Filipino villains, also surface on the television screen.

OK, this is a little exaggerated, but among the unseen, unsung heroes here are some 30 staffers, the core of the GMA work crew, flown over for the Games.

You bet that’s a huge group, twice the size of a basketball team.

But it could be oversized if it’s only basketball, boxing and billiards the TV crew has had to cope with. Filipino athletes have participated in a total of 43 events here.
“By a plain count, we are directly involved in the coverage of 30 events here, excluding those in Pattaya and Bangkok,” explained GMA delegation head Bobby Arias.

Indeed, the challenge could be daunting, awesome as crossing the ocean when all you have is a frail boat for a short ride down the river.

The good news is that, with a day left in the 24th Southeast Asian Games Friday, the intrepid GMA team has reached shore commendably.

It’s not very easy, bared chief producer Chit Gatan, but the secret is multi-tasking.
For example, technical expert Louie Lamata, on a regular 8 a.m. to midnight shift, takes care of not two or three, but a total of 12 studio monitors.

One cameraman provides technical support, does editing and, at the same time, run assorted errands.

They have an unsavory name for this type of coverage: guerilla operation.

Naturally, with NBN-4 crew up on its toes 24 hours a day, practically everything involving the RP participation, like defeat and frustration, gets its deserved footage.

For example, there was also focus on the villains who tried to conceal their perennial ineptitude with an unwarranted walkout in boxing, thereby displaying the ugly side of the Filipino here.

Yes, it’s not defined among its role, but when it showed the glaring inferiority of the RP women boxers against their Thai rivals, NBN-4 has, in a big way, also helped discourage mediocrity in Philippine sports.

Please send in more heroic, dedicated Filipino sports officials.



Inauguration of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

On the line in the cases at bar is the office of the President. Petitioner Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo alleges that he is the President on leave while respondent Karen Lourdes Pascual claims he is the President. The warring personalities are important enough but more transcendental are the constitutional issues embedded on the parties’ dispute.  While the significant issues are many, the jugular issue involves the relationship between the ruler and the ruled in a democracy, Philippine style.

First, we take a view of the panorama of events that precipitated the crisis in the office of the President.

In the May 10, 2004 elections, petitioner Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was elected President while Sen. Noli de Castro was elected Vice-President.  Some (10) million Filipinos voted for the petitioner believing he would rescue them from life’s adversity.  Both Macapagal-Arroyo and de Castro were to serve a six-year term commencing on June 30, 2004.


The inauguration formally ended the Presidential transition of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo that began when Arroyo won the 2004 Philippine presidential election. Her inauguration took place in Cebu marking it the first inauguration to be held outside of Luzon. Cebu became the place of inaugural as a gesture of gratitude for Arroyo garnering the highest number of votes.

Inaugural events

Pre-inaugural speech

The President arrived at exactly 7:45 a.m. She came dressed in an Inno Sotto-recycled green, silk chiffon gown with a brooch emphasizing its elegant, flowing lines. Her only other jewelry were her earrings.

The inauguration took place at the Quirino Grandstand, Rizal Park, Manila and Cebu Provincial Capitol, Cebu City as revealed by President Joseph Estrada on his final State of the Nation Address on July 28, 2003.

Among those who braved the gusty winds and intermittent drizzles were former president Fidel V. Ramos, Supreme Court Chief Justice Hilario Davide, Jr., House Speaker Jose De Venecia and wife Gina, Senate President Franklin Drilon, members of the Cabinet, Metro Manila mayors led by Manila Mayor Lito Atienza, members of the Senate led by newly-elected senator Manuel “Mar” Roxas II, Jamby Madrigal, Ralph Recto, members of the House of Representatives and foreign dignitaries who were all seated at the center stage of the grandstand.

Vice President Noli de Castro arrived a few minutes ahead of the President who came in at exactly 7:45 a.m. She was accompanied by her husband, First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo, son Dato and his wife, Cacai.

A 21-gun salute from the Philippine Marines greeted the President’s arrival. She was given the traditional military honors before trooping the line with Armed Forces Chief of Staff Gen. Narciso Abaya.

At the stage, the President was welcomed by the four members of the cabinet which included Social Welfare and Development Secretary Dinky Soliman, Defense Secretary Eduardo Ermita, Interior and Local Government Secretary Jose Lina and Metro Manila Development Authority Chairman Bayani Fernando.

The national anthem was sang by singer Sarah Geronimo. It was followed by an ecumenical prayer given by the religious leaders from the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, El Shaddai, the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches and the Iglesia Ni Cristo, and Islam.

Then Executive Secretary Alberto Romulo introduced Arroyo and gave her speech that lasted for 20 minutes.

Singers Jolina Magdangal and Mark Bautista along with the Ateneo Chamber Singers rendered the inaugural theme song entitled “Tayo Na” while young performer Dindi Larena narrated her own version of the song “Para sa Inang Bayan,” a special composition of Jessie Lucas.

The President left the Quirino Grandstand shortly before 9 a.m. to fly to Cebu City, where she took her oath of office along with De Castro at the Cebu Provincial Capital. The oath was administered by Chief Justice Hilario Davide, Jr.

Oath of office

Clad in an aquamarine terno the President arrived at the Capitol at 11:45 a.m., 10 minutes after the arrival of Vice President Noli de Castro. She was given arrival honors, including a 21-gun salute by soldiers in green uniforms adorned with yellow stripes, and white pants.

After trooping the line, the President stood on stage and waved to the Cebuano crowd which gave her a little more than a million vote lead over closest rival Fernando Poe, Jr. in the May 10 elections.

Actress Nora Aunor, who supported Mrs. Macapagal-Arroyo, sang the National Anthem. An ecumenical prayer followed.

Supreme Court Chief Justice Hilario Davide, swore in Vice President Noli de Castro at 11:50 a.m. and Macapagal-Arroyo at 12 noon. A 21-gun salute honored the President as she signed her oath of office.

After the inauguration of the new President, Estrada chose to leave the Cebu Provincial Capital by riding in a Jeepney which he and Macapagal-Arroyo had ridden in on the way to the ceremonies, to make the point that he was once again an ordinary citizen, when he board a plane back to Manila from Villamor Airbase in Pasay City and moved to his new home at Manga Avenue, Barangay 581, Santa Mesa, Manila.

His supporters greeted his declaration with a roar of approval, and repeated chants of Estrada’s nickname: “Erap!”

Estrada said he was ending his long political career by serving the people of Manila.

Born in the city’s Tondo district, he had been mayor of San Juan del Monte, senator and vice president.

After Estrada retired to private life following the end of his term he remained active in the Philippine political scene, constantly voicing opposition and dissent to government actions and policies, which he deemed as threats to the liberal traditions and democratic foundations of the country.

Post-inaugural events

The president proceed to the Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort & Spa, Cebu for a vin d’honneur. Then, she proceeded to the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral for a mass presided by Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal.

“President Estrada goes back to being Citizen Erap”


former president Joseph Estrada

Former president Joseph Estrada yesterday noon went back as a private citizen and returned to their family residence at Manga Avenue, Barangay 581, Santa Mesa, Manila.

Two hours before he relinquished his presidency to his “anointed” successor, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Mr. Estrada was a picture of a relieved President who wanted the turnover ceremonies to be done over with a quickly as possible.

Mr. Estrada and Mrs. Macapagal-Arroyo had a 40-minute closed-door talks yesterday at the Palace Music Room as they await the time to go to the Cebu Provincial Capitol, Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City for the inauguration program supposed to start at exactly 11 a.m.

But after nothing the heavy drizzle yesterday morning which threaten to dampen the inaugural rites, Mr. Estrada asked Mrs. Macapagal-Arroyo if they could go to the Capitol ahead earlier for fear that people will get soaked and rained even the inaugural affair could start.

The Palace Press Corps who were awaiting for the two to come out gave Mr. Estrada a parting group singing “Paalam Na” to which the outgoing President gave his distinct wry smile.

“Maybe, I will miss the people here, all the people who worked with me in the Guest House,” Mr. Estrada told the Palace newsmen, adding, “I’ll miss you.”

Asked what she is looking forward to now that he is out of the Palace, Mr. Estrada replied: “To my freedom.”

The 67-year-old former movie actor and fashion and ramp model has moved their family home in Manga Avenue where he will stay with his mother Dona Mary and son Jinggoy and Jude.

As a former President, Mr. Estrada will receive a monthly pension of P3,500 which is doubly lower than the new monthly pension he has earlier approved former Presidents of the country.

Mr. Estrada had her last military parade honors, capped with a 21-gun salute when he and Mrs. Macapagal-Arroyo arrived for the inauguration rites.

The weather improved and the whole inaugural rites went on smoothly as the sun shones throughout the ceremonies.

“That’s the Erap weather,” a solid Erap loyalist commented.

But the crowd not let go off with the outgoing President as they kept chanting “Erap! Erap!”

The surprise of all when Mrs. Macapagal-Arroyo buzzed at his cheeks after she was sworn in by Supreme Court Chief Justice Hilario Davide.

“It (kiss) had prior approval by Mr. Estrada,” Cabinet Secretary Ignacio Bunye said.

When the inaugural program ended, Mr. Estrada and Mrs. Macapagal-Arroyo had their last handshake to symbolize the smooth transfer of power from one President to another.

Mrs. Macapagal-Arroyo escorted Mr. Estrada down to the stage to her awating jeepney that took him to Mactan-Benito Ebuen Air Base. After the plane was laned in Manila he rided the jeepney from Villamor Air Base to Manga Street, Sampaloc, Manila.

“Presenting… The World’s First-Ever Jingle Sung By A Thousand Voices.”

“Presenting… The World’s First-Ever Jingle Sung By A Thousand Voices.” at the beginning of ABS-CBN’s the Philippines largest network jingle.


ABS-CBN family in 2013.


former Ina, Kapatid, Anak co-star Enchong Dee.

“Besides next to former Ina, Kapatid, Anak co-star Enchong Dee, when he was flanked by actresses Kim Chiu and Maja Salvador were spotted together with some of their fellow ABS-CBN stars to promote Sunday noontime show ASAP and they were photographed riding the float and eating with their friends are Don Angelo, Leiz Estrada, Miguel Rodriguez, Arthur Nowak, Ruby Anne Chin, A. Tung Chingco Manufacturing Corporation vice president Mikko Tung, model, host, and Nike NTC trainer Sam Rodriguez, Morgan Say & Benjamin Manahan, Hana Hair Show Creative Director for Hair Celeste Tuviera-Querido, Heim Interior Design Inc. creative director Rossy Yabut Rojales, stylist Boopy Yap, ABAC (APEC Business Advisory Council) Chair 2015 Communications Director, Fashion author and lifestyle editor and entrepreneur Bambina Olivares-Wise, actress and model Isabelle Daza, actress Beauty Gonzalez, Dream Dad star Jana Agoncillo, Marielle Litton, Sea Wind Resort housekeeping supervisor Emilina Machinal, Angela and Belle Litton, Mady Villanueva, Manny Sia, Dominique Beato, Karen Lim, Dave Villarosa, Mikki Bunag, Andrea Zaidem, Bonn Acidera, Justin Baradas, choreographer Jan Cerazo, KC Dejos, Natalie Sze, Dan Amahan, Patricia Lopez & Mano Ramos, brothers Victor and Michael delos Reyes, restaurant supervisor Teresita Corsino, bartender Mark Losbanes, bar supervisor Lea Lastimoso, Angela and bartender Dharyl Aaron, Alex Falcon, Joey Luz, Quadro de Alas, Inc. chairman Robert Ace Barbers, talent manager Charo Yu, equestrian Lucas Lorenzo, brand manager Nicole Villarojo, businessman Mias Posadas, professional florist/event stylist Dave Sandoval, Pasig host Lions Club treasurer Amy L. Echevarria, homemaker/mom Rachel Anne Wolf Spitaletta, Farah Locsin Pagandaman, “NBA 3×3” Philippines celebrity basketball players Bobby Yan, Andy Smith, Alex Crisano and Robin da Roza, martial arts enthusiast Will Devaughn, basketball coaches Vince Hizon and Allan Gregorio, Perlas Pilipinas women’s national basketball team player Melissa Jacob, sports broadcasters Jinno Rufino, Mark Zambrano of GMA and Anton Roxas and Marco Benitez of ABS-CBN Sports and Manila’s top male models, Former National Collegiate Player, Basketball and model Alison Brandon Carlos, Egroup Property Holdings Inc. vice president Jessica Everingham, Sheila Suntay, Ann Teh, Atchi Mawan and Atchi Kathy, Star Magic model-turned-actors Jon Avila, Luke Conde, Nikko Natividad, Marvin Raymundo, Tim Espinosa, Puma de Borja, Joseph Marco, David Chua, Carlo Gonzales, Mark Lopez, Miko Raval, Raphael Robes, Ethan Salvador and Randy See, actor and student David Licauco, models Wil Dasovich, Sofia Romero, Kevin Zaldarriaga and Raff Timan, the gorgeous Zombettes Ornusa Cadness and Sanya Smith, Pioneer DJ Mia Ayesa, singer-songwriter Keiko Necesario, singer and blogger Kiana Valenciano, “The Amazing Race Asia” 2012 winner CJ Jaravata, celebrity makeup artist Jake Galvez, Filipino-French model and Flag Football National Team’s Luke Jickain, GMA Artist Center talents Arianne Bautista, Sanya Lopez and Paolo Paraiso, TV5 Kapatid stars Ritz Azul, Alberto Bruno, Victor Silayan and Vin Abrenica, bloggers Alyssa Lapid, Alex Lapa, Seph Cham, Trice Nagusara, Rodel Flordeliz, Myke Soon and Miko Carreon, businessman Atom Henares, Josh Knight Lee, Ryan Williams, Renan Corbani and Mark McMahon, Rev. Fr. Roderick Salazar, Jr., SVD, Jeanette Japzon, Rico Manuel, Anthony Courchet, Lea Salido, Elizabeth and Pablo Ko, Chef Julian Koebrel, Ruth Sienbenthal Hung, Ezra Sumbillo, Joyce Abesamis, Enzo Mauricio, Sammy Mata, Carlo Yalung, Dolly Menghani, Katrina de Persia, Geremy Kho, Belle Litton, Mikki Buñag, Veron Liamzon, Tine and Issa Abesamis, Joyce Amesamis, Aina Abesamis and fiance Dino Dy, Francis Liamzon, Jespher Millano and Monique Ventura, Marielle Litton and Diego Casal, Alex Falcon and Angela Litton, Sammy Mata, Bryan and Betsy Mata, couple Tanya Gisbert and Lawrence Ang, parents Dr. Victor and Arlene Gisbert and Betty and Teofilo Ang, Drs. Katrina Gisbert-Tay and Patricia Gisbert, Cathy Aquino, Lisa Nicandro, Christel Constantino Mara Herrera, Sophia Tay, Mia Ferrer and Therese Posas, Cristina Regala, Angela Cruz, Isabelle Jalbuena, Gee-Ann Abrahan, Jorge Ochoa, Paolo Orozco, Angelica Chan, Cristina Long, Bianca Crisologo, Jennifer Sing, flower girls Pilar Barranda and Adrianna Prieto, Karissa Herrera, Erika Uy, groom’s sisters Judy, Kimlianne, Bonianne and Marianne Ang, World Class Bartender 2014 participants Cristopher Bayon of Black Sheep, Joma Rivera of The Curator, Ernie Andog of Exit Bar, Albert Salvador of Las Flores, Erad Joseph Adriano of Museum Café, Eduardo Yonzon of Niner Ichi Nana, Jerry Miranda of Privé Luxury Club, Samuel Alcantara of Prohibition Liquor Lounge, Rian Asiddao of Raffles-Long Bar, Syrian Ebdane of Sofitel Philippine Plaza and Alyona Jeffery of Speakeasy, Nikki Arcenas, Vanessa Pastor-Ledesma, curator/art collector Norman Crisologo, restaurateur Charlemagne Lim, international photographer Nigel Barker, World Union of Lasallian Former Students president Henry Atayde, La Salle Greenhills Alumni Association officers Johnny Sy, Jay Gervasio and Cherry Ledesma Olbes, Sevy Roxas Chua, Scavolini Manila’s general manager Brian Hontiveros, Rex Mendoza, Anna Mendoza, GT Capital Holdings, Inc. president and director Carmelo Maria Luza-Bautista, STAR director Lydia Echauz, Manila Tytana Colleges president Dr. Sergio Cao, Manila Water Company, Inc. Chief Operating Officer, East Zone Business Operations Group Director and Corporate Strategic Affairs Group Director, Manila Water Foundation Vice President and Manila Water Total Solutions Corporation President Ferdinand dela Cruz, First Life Financial Company, Inc. owner, president and CEO Peter Coyiuto and daughter Culture Shock Productions Production Manager Sofia, Filinvest Asia Corporation president Joseph Yap, Filinvest Development Corporation president and CEO Josephine Gotianun-Yap, retired civil engineer architect Pabling Calma, Maribel Calma and Carlo Calma, Asia Textile Mills, Inc. vice president for exports Chuck Lazaro, Natty Pappas, Lydia Reyes, presidential sisters Ballsy Aquino-Cruz and Viel Aquino-Dee, PhilSTAR.com chief operating officer Roseanne Belmonte, Guilly Rufino, Gloria Huang, Jocelyn Buendia, Gigi Barrera, Marzena Nowakowska, Johncy Maham, Mitch Dizon, Matthew Lim, Samantha Yen, Victor Antonino, Enrique Gonzalez, Clarisse Chiongbian, Dr. Carlos Gabriel, Dr. Anna Lopez-Gabriel, Quito Lopez, Greg Montenegro, Emily Montenegro, Fitz Puyat, Paolo Araneta, Event coordinator and Stokedinc. creative director Mumph Ruiz, advertising creatives Manny del Rosario, Robbie Dinglasan, Carmina del Rosario, Sheila dela Cuesta, Cynthia Arre, Damosa Land, Inc. vice president Cary Lagdameo, Aston Martin Manila’s chairman and president and Bridgestone Philippines president and CEO Mark Tagle, Aston Martin Manila managing director Nicky Mariano, Eva Gullas, Myra Puyat Santiago, chef and restaurateur Margarita Fores, Amado Fores, Sandro Tengco, Ethan Belmonte, Joel Lomotan, Marissa Orosa-Concepcion, Kai Nakanishi Lim, Marissa Cojuangco, Abby Jimenez, Milette Francia-Belmonte, Ria Roxas-Ojeda; Cecile Cacho; Dr. Elton See Tan, Sig Veloso, Benjie Uichico, Sunny Velasco, Rolly Santos and Lito Sandejas and Br. Ceci Pajarillo, FSC, and Jayjay Malixi, EGF Advisory Services, Inc. Managing Partner Eric Filamor, former Tourism secretary Jose Antonio Gonzalez, Focus Global, Inc. Founder and President Stephen Sy and wife, Executive Vice President Lolita Sy, B&B Italia Chairman and CEO Giorgio Busnelli, Villeroy & Boch Board Member and 9th Generation Family owner Michel Von Boch, Ethan Allen Senior VP for Business Development Dan Grow, Hunter Douglas VP for Asia Jim Tan, SieMatic Export Director Matthias Weiss, Miele Director for Export Sales Athmane Lakhlifi, Sub-Zero and Wolf Sales Director for Asia Pacific Edmund Schorr, and Dornbracht International Managing Director Paul Heldens, Society columnist Tina Hidalgo-Jacinto, Ivo Zachan, Jacob Sombiracoul, Mikki Yap, Carie Aguila, Happy Lopez, Anton Papa, hair artist Cats del Rosario, food enthusiast and photographer Toff Tiozon, Moses Fetalvero, Jack Alindahao, “Circuit” Magazine editor-in-chief JR Isaac and fashion model Valerie de los Santos, Team Men’s Health: Lio Mangubat and Editorial Assistant Wayne Tulio, Felyn Ong and Aveline Siy, Peerless Lion Corporation President Simeon Tiu, Peerless Lion Corporation CFO Samuel Tiu, Peerless Lion Corporation Executive Vice President Kazuhiko Kataoka, Peerless Lion Corporation Vice President for Sales & Marketing Jasper Tiu with wife Shera, Marketing Manager Caloy Bacani & Consumer Marketing Manager Norman Mier, Marketing Director Pen Roque, Taiwanese Ambassador to the Philippines Raymond Wang, Taiwan Dental Association President Dr. Chien-Wen Huang, Philippine Dental Association President Dr. Fernando Fernandez, Architect Chut Cuerva, May Pascual, BYS Philippines Head of Operations Emman Tolentino, manager Edelweis Abrenica, Star Magic road manager Danilyn Nunga, Make up Artist Randy Gabin, Ella Zobel de Ayala, Hair and makeup artist Haide Fernandez, interior design consultant Rachelle C. Wenger, Jim Dosseter, Charlie Jeswani, Sarah Rosser, Ken Jeswani, Kate Paredes, Erika Pineda, Jenny Yrasuegui, Mia Pineda, Las Piñas City Rep. Mark Villar, Diwa Party-List Rep. Em Aglipay, Nel Calata and Calata Corporation Chairman/President and CEO Joseph Calata, Bari-tenor Jack Salud, Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines president Edmundo Soriano, First Credit Consultants Corporation president Grace Palma-Tiongco, International Association of Financial Executives Institutes chairman Luis Ortiz-Hidalgo and wife Adriana dela Fuente, IAFEI secretary Victor Lim, Jr., 44th International Association of Financial Executives Institutes (IAFEI) World Congress Committee overall chairman and FINEX secretariat Menchu Serina, Michael Vinulan, Analyn Villoria, Cherry Salazar, Chona Vergel, Chino Flores, Klaus and Belle Dobinsky, Annette Laehn from Germany, Isabelle Meharry from Canada, Stratpoint Technologies, Inc. and Sequel Solutions, Inc. Founder and past President Cliff Eala, Noli Inumerable, “KitchenWorks” managing director Vohne Yao, “KitchenWorks” general manager Edith Dychiao, Chris Badiola, Robert and Cecile Lopez Lillies, Rupert and Tina Jacinto, George Sison,  international feng shui master Maritess Allen, Suyen Corporation chairman and CEO and BENCH/ founder and owner Ben Chan, SportFit Inc. business development manager Goody Custodio, director general of the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Jose Mari Oquinena, Monica Torres, SM Mart, Inc. Senior Vice President Store Operations Joey Singian, Marilu Toda-Batchelor, Arlene Cua, Claudia Wilson-Tambunting, Member of Community Board at TELUS International Philippines, Inc. and Tourism Congress of the Philippines President Rosanna Fores, Cara Wilson Ferrari, Petron’s Nolan Rada, China Banking Corporation chief financial officer and head of the Financial Management Segment Carlos Borromeo, PNB SEVP and COO Anthony Chua, MasterCard country head Poch Villa-Real, GT Capital Holdings, Inc. Assistant Treasurer Anjie Dy Buncio, Ayen Laurel, ANZ Head of Business Execution – Corporate & Commercial Tony Maughan, Haydee Potenciano, BENCH/ brand manager Dale dela Cruz, Kristine Lim, Suyen Corporation president Virgilio Lim and vice-president for finance Nenita Chan-Lim, Hisanao Nagasawa, Randy Ang, Tina Chan, Maurice Laude, Gail Laude, Roxanne Farillas and Erickson Farillas, Paing Hechanova and Mely Concepcion-Hechanova, Ed Quimson, Margaux Salcedo, Lori Baltazar, Chef, TV host, author, and self-proclaimed “Adobo Queen” Nancy Reyes Lumen, Mary Ann Ojeda, commercial model/TV actor/poster boy Rye Fariñas, Camille Agbayani and Macky Mathay, Isagani Banzuelo, Rochelle Balatbat, Jayson Liban, Boris Joaquin, Cat Arambulo, Bombi Balquiedra, Cacay Moras and Santi Go, Manila Bay Hosiery Mills general manager Arthur Tanco Jr., MBHMI treasurer Carolina Young, Audrey Tanco, marketing manager of Bizu Patisserie and daughter of Arthur Tanco, Mr. and Mrs. Arturo Tanco Sr., Geraldine Tanco, Alaine Reyes, Mich Mella and Grace Sy, SM executives Harley Sy, Katrina Yu, Bernie Ngo, Carol Mahusay and Lia Colayco, Tamila Q. 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Agnes Santos, Noreen Esperon, Marq Dollentes, Steven Cabales, Bogee Romero, Ruby Mae Dacuan, Ma. Alma Diosana, Mer Dacuan, Ruben Dacuan, Neny Montinola, Edwin Reinoso, Ramona Pica, Mylene Lim, Dindo and Monette Marual, Mia Espinosa, Helen Lacanlali, Quito and Dindin Lagdameo, Paolo and Weenee Lagdameo, Egay and Mia Leuenberger, Patrick and Tanya Travers, Marco and Donna Lagdameo, Monique Lagdameo, Nigel and Cricket Chen, Enky and Mayette Rey, Jay and Sharon Arnaldo, Tisha Q. 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Belofsky, Mitos Belofsky, Jun Tarray, Manny Dimaculangan, Edith Dimaculangan, Zyra Zambrano, Aimee Zambrano, Kalle and Ann Meyer, Cesar and Adelina Yagdulas, Engineer Rolly and Gloria Reyes, Lino Reyes, Aba Reyes, Gracelyn Guyamin, Gregorio and Lita Reyes, John Paul Simpelo, Cesalyn Yagdulas, Cecille Taglinao, Leni Olmedo, Fe Baculi, Dominique Jaud-Pellier, Jordan Tolentino, Meg Locsin, Tim Sale, Pia Jade Sale, Cole Gabriel Sale, Joselito and Estrelle Burdeos, Efren and Marina Casor, Phillip and Mima Garraez, Eleonor Flores, Ester Dacuan, Ener Dacuan, Manuel Espinosa, Victoria Pria, Michael and Marissa Wellstood, Katrina Elizalde, Olive Tan, Marie Phillips, Mike and Gabby Elma, Francisco E.V. Cardenas, Evelyn Finger, Thomas Finger, Maria Isabel Mendoza, Jean Claude Patrice Bel, Octavian Grecu, Mireille Tolentino, Patricia Araneta, Ting Pacis, Paco Martin, Ricky Mendoza, Pinky Mendoza, Patricia Riegert-Garcia, Ramon Garcia, Gloria Lacanilao, Romer Lacanilao, Elsa Espinosa, Miguel Espinosa, Jr., Cecille Prudente, Fannie and Frances Rocamora, Carolina Hernandez, Ria Pasno, Rudy Pasno, Bim and Jenny Locsin, Aischa Garcia Bangaoet, Pynky Gomez Magsino, Jack Borlongan, Nanette Villaflor, Leticia Villaflor, Gerry Villaflor, Michael Ilagan, Luzenda Ledesma, Leofred Ian Ledesma, Luzsil Ann Ledesma, Angela Del Rosario, Pascal and Daniela Vermeulen, Nena Marco, Erlinda de Guzman, Isabel Aspillera, Jose Macicior, Boy Yniguez and Mitos Benitez, Patricia Manahan-Santiago, Cecilia Manahan, Alona Orquin, Aillen Rosales, Christian Bungsay, Isabel Castillo, Manilyn Lipata, Gemma Beran, Karen Lim, Melanie Mendoza, Rowella Villamil, Analyn Soriano, Cecille Revadulla, Rachelle Luza, Florinda Lim, Raiza Lambino, Rachel Alaras, Ma. 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Lea Losorata, Flor Pusiyo, Liza Alzona, Rose Competente, Myra Jaca, Jenita delos Santos, Marichel Homo, Fe Mendoza, Adelfa Sumerano, Yvette Enciso, Marife Labine, Jeanette Broñosa, Babylyn Lazaro, Melba Cajayon, Elisa Barcos, Merlyn Martin, Ma Elena Tina, Rita Salceda, Janice Jane Carlos, Ma Theresa Laubenia, Alma Obaña, Joyane Ycong, Jenelyn Bangkig, Alvin Magana, Jogie Songco, Joselito Fadriquilan, Michelle Villanueva, Lian Grace Espinueva, Barry Allan Mendoza, Ma Ghisele Postrado, Rhea Rowena Sumalbag, Ronald Gervania, Vanessa Balingit, Reynaldo Cordova, Elizabeth Meneses, Maureen Oros, Josephine Calayag, Carolina Aguinaldo, Angie Braceros, Cherelyn Oros, Ross Almeniana, Mary Primaleon, Arnold Manere, Prospero Isip, Chat Duran, Veronica La Rosa,  Helen dela Cruz, Milo Lanuza, Eugenio Opiso, Rosalyn Lopez, Mary Grace Bitos, Vilma Crisostomo, Ruth Rojo, June Lerios, Jayson Guerrero, Dante Chavez, Reynaldo Abulag, Rolando Nebrida, Manuel Fabro Jr., Ernesto Cañeso Jr., Mary Jane Seña, Wilson Cauilan, Arnel Arañes, Joseph Pizarra, Mark John Pailagao, Venir Samson, Sundie Soriano, Dondon delos Santos, Joel Rebana,  Romar Patricio, Randy Roa, Mateo Noquiz, Maria Rubi Pabiona, Ruth Borja, Joemar Ciocson, Roldan Espos Jr., Josue Dalut,  Edgar Salvador, Cristito Joseph Jr., Ruel Bitoy, Annie Pacis, Gredam Nadela, Marijuelo Badoy, Chito Pontay, Ginalyn Malong, Emie Anselmo, Reynaldo Pamular, Marilou Valloso, Alexander Sabido, Lady Parcon, Merle Alarba, Edmar Aborquez, Julius Cordovero, Alberto Revicente, Nena Anol, Josie Salvaña, Jayson Gasgas, Edgar Perez, May Perez, Melanie Taguinod, Melissa Esposa, Nimfa Fabia, Chat Siapco, Peter Arangorin, Desiree Salceda, Rina Noquiz, Bimbo Flor de Lis, Edwin Dipasupil, Nydia Gapusan, Sara Niña Mabborang, Cristina Moralba, Amelia Capus, Nenita Diaz, Rowena Decena, Clarita Garcia, Yolanda Enriquez, Minerva Furaque, Lilian Diaz, Harem Amacan, Jay-R Sendoni, Rojin Martinito, Marlon Amongo, Jesus Ibo,  Alex Ledesma, Haidie Eboa, Dannelyn 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Felipe II, Ashley Faeldon, Flor Torres, Joy-Ann Villanueva, Randy Murao, Toti Jasolin, Rey Villeto, Wilfredo T. Tapel, Mina Reburiano, Annie Dura, Rosemarie Manaoat, Antonio Reburiano, Luis & Concepcion Lozares, Asuncion P. Lozares, Joselito & Maria Lourdes Bautista, Fernando & Dahlia Olives, Elmer & Josefa Lozares, Engr. Nep Celles, Laura Llamado Celles, Neptali John L. Celles, Cora L. Juinio, Alex Juinio, Carmi Pelenia, Maria Loreta Pardo, Nemia Rodriguez, Jacqueline Bartolome, Rochelle Pedron, Angelica Alemania, Evelyn Usisa, Judy Ann Balbanero, Lorynel Barsaga, Daisy Ara Caronongan, Joseph Lardizabal,  Marivel Galang, Gharlie Palanog,  Rhea San Juan, Rrea Susen, Jufelyn Sulit, Rodgil Ian Estilo, Maan Espiritu, Mary Ann Cajayon, Janet Jintalan,  Diwani Hilvano, Jona May dela Rosa, Haidee Fernando, Karen Talaue, Karen Villar, Gilfred Bryan Cordero, Ma Cristina Arellano, John Ryan Gomez, Ma Cristina Sison, Annaliza Sabangan, Christian Braga, Carol Cacho, Jenalyn de Leon, Jellyn de Leon, Mary Grace de Leon, Mark Anthony Ramos, Mark Anthony Manuel, Hadji Clair Sibolboro, Rusty Tating,  Joseph Jalotjot, Daniel Joseph Estalilla, Joseph Laborte, Jose Jacinto,  Junah Judaya, Joseph Judaya,  Jessica Andrada, Mariasol Judaya, Simple Judaya,  Juvania Judaya, Ivy Macasero, Rommel Macasero, Veronico Tarrayo, Hermogina Gervania, Vicente Gervania, Geraldine Gervania, Maria Cecilia Caibigan, Benjarde Picania,  Hadassah Joy Fonbuena, Jefferson Bueno, Joven Acasio, Erleeh Tessa Hijada, Genice Salazar, Karla Paula del Rosario, Sheena Marie Gonzales,  Gerson Arcayan, Joseph Cruz, Catherine dela Cruz, Cristina Figuero, Paz Ramirez, Alberto Alejandro, Alicia Maestre, Liliana Caballero, Jose Villero, Monica Lavino, Elena Aznar, David March, Javier Fernandez de Cordoba, Claudia Garaizabal, Juan Garaizabal, Carlos Stilianopoulous,  James Forbes, Ranulfo Apuli, Jeffrey Bagus, Van Kenneth Cunanan, Myrssa Ramos, Brizzian Ramos, Sheryl Belmin, Sheryll Ann Dy, Meraluna Salcedo, Ana Leah Rada, Eleonor Purisima, Joanna Q. Wu, Ignacio Hoces, Lucas Cavalleri, Aurelio de la Mota, Cesar Goicoechea, Marichu Araneta, Gary Araneta, Mary Bernadette Sy, Maria Consuelo T. Araneta, Maria Angelica de la Cruz, Maria Anna Liza de la Cruz, Carmelita Tirona, Rico Tirona, Joel Garcia. Conrad Jimenez, S. Brucoleri, Cristina Munoz, Sheryl Morva, Ma. Loney Manlapaz, Emelita Balbin, Joyce Lyn Alcid, Gracie Jane Alarcio, Rhoda Almonte, Michelle Aguilar, Michelle Cuenca, Anabel Agustin, Michelle Hernandez, Jessica Costoy, Maricel Data, Raissa Carandang, Ma. Ana Basa, Elena Kible, Inmaculada Goyanes, Jesus Pizarro, Aurora Algar,  Antonio Campos, Mylene Beato, Leslie Bautista, Bernadeth Bautista, Demore Bitos, Rhea Rosse Francisco, Paulo Joel Genova, Eugene Alfonso, Albert Kim Sumaculob, Amalia Caoili, Ruby Su, Floradel Reginio, Shakinah Alano, Toni Ann Alano, Ma. Rosario Alano, Jose Maria Arroyo, Matias Zaragoza, Dr. Martin Amores, Benedicto Martin Amores, Claire Marie Alano, Ma. Rosario Regino, Baltazar Reginio, PJ Postrado, Christine Marie Postrado, Richelle Bernardino, Rosalie Panganiban, Arnel Banico, Romel Barrientos, Joselito Clores, Rene Grayn, Romy Guiang, Arnel Iwag, Joel Magbanua. Pilar Guitirrez, Eugenia Cabeza, Maria Ausin. Luis Ausin, Isabel Mercado, Joyce Cusipag. 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Theresa Lomerio, Ariel Manalo, Ryan Ver Marquez, Aimee Mata, Virgilio Matic, Richel Merano, Jayson Mijares, Jay-R Mores, Joel Olaer, Allan Parane, Luisa Mata Rovira, Juan Dopico, Maria Teresa Viscasillas, Luis Alvaro Gonzalez, Piedad San Martin, Randy Punay, Garry Ragsag, Mylene Vergonia, Lorenzo Yamba Jr., Gilberto Abdon Jr., Richard Alagban, Alberto Albarillo, Jerwin Anillo, Anna Carissa Bartolome, Gian Carlo de Jesus, Rio Galvez, Vernie Gardose,  Lexter Gaytano, Nelson Granito,  Kent Monsales, Omar Hernandez,  Casilda Bermudez de Castro, Julio Ayesa, Ramon Garcia Sil, Sra. de Segrelles, Virginia Nuga, Michael Punzalan, Jonas Sarmiento, Roy Jerson Vidal, Arlyn Cator, Mc Quen Abellano, Betcheva Alvarez, Paul Windell Ambre, Leslie Arguelles, Lalaine Bacaling, Joel Ballebar, Orlando Baluyot, Leizl Bastasa, Jenikka Bautista, Amy Binongo, Javier Brieva, Rosa Brieva, Lucrecia Ridruejo, Jose Baselga, Rosa Palacio, Mercedes de Rivera, Catherine Cabidog, Melinda Cahiles, Maricel Corneras, Maricel Cumayas, Julieta de Guzman, Salvador Domingo Jr., Maria Flora Duque, Jackielyn Eda, Genevieve Efren, Mac Arthur Galvez, Mary Ann Gorres, Mary Anne Legaspi, Joanne Leyson, Victoria Brieva, Juan Brieva, Tomas Brieva, Juan Bokum, Maria Calvo, Conchita Fraile, Maria Cifuentes, Jerose Loberia, Irene Loresca, Richard Malibago, Marites Mallari, Joseph Maluto, Catherine Narvadez, Jerome Noveno, Anna Orcino, Joanna Ross Ortega, Sheryl Rivera, Charly Sebial, Mark Gil Sumangid, Gabriel Suyu, Maria May Tedra, Jerry Arado, Esperanza Leon, Jose del Castanyo, Cristina Palacios, Jaime Sunye, Demetrio Francos, Javier Fernandez, Remegio Bade, Oliver Belliones, Vergel Bembenuto, Edward Dahilig, Anthony David, Marcelo dela Cruz, Lerma Delfin, Estanislao Dumaguit Jr., Nilo Eder, Patricio Eder, Joey Eugenio, Marco Fulo, Ramil Godez, Kali Gualil, Danifer Jardiniano, Benjamin Llantada Jr., Mercedes Contecha, Alfredo Herrera, Maite Herrera, Carmen Lopez Garcia, Vicente Marino, Pablo Pastega, Jaymar Montenegro, Kristine Oballes, Christopher Ian Olermo, Rubencio Pizarra Jr., Jerome Rayala, Bernie Silvestre, Ernesto Sumawang, Angelo Tomon, Maychel Rose Abilo, Catherine Adamas, Norma Arocha, Rosette Cariaga, Carlo Custodio, Ana Fatalla, Daniel San Martin, Jose Carlos Goyonech, Jose Antonio Prat, Blanca Ponce de Leon, Maria Ripalda, Marifi Lamwas, Mycel Malaya, Carlito Lacsa, Luisito Nuñez, Romeo Sitchon, Rainier Trangia, Rodel Trangia, Rowald Trangia, Hazel Lizada, Henny Lizada, Charmine Angela Lizada, Jinky Abundo, Jennyca Abundo, Rhodora Solano, Ryan Jay Yambao, Aris Catan, Maria Soto, Marichu Garcia, Agustin Tremor, Belen Ullastres, Maria Ullastres, Fernando Aguayo, Alvin Nickson de Guzman, Lenie Lou Leona, Carol Anne Fernando, Angelo Rivera, Annielyn Rivera, Ruby Joyce Rivera, Michelle Ernie, Catherine Labrague, Ryan Sabangan, Ellaine Sabangan, Gladys Postrado, Grace Postrado, Dundee Ian Martin, Rafael Vazquez, Sra. Dolores Cosano, Jose Maria Maldonado, Maria Aracena, Enrique Moreno Diaz, Ma. Feliza Pariñas, Geena Paras, Mayenni Rizo, Baby Nova Tampus, Joan Bartolome, Hector del Mundo, Bernie del Mundo, Aaron Palatino, Aubrey Trangia, Maan Cariño, Marlyn Constante, Chrisabel Corpuz, Donna Pagsanjan, Edilbert Pineda, Alvin Soleno, Enrique Pascual, Evangeline Pascual, Errol Martinez, Evelyn Manrique, Emmanuel Gaddi, Jerielou Perlado, Jerlyn Bondoc, Monessa dela Cruz, Jenniffer Ramos, JR Calayag, John Benedict Datul, Jayson Lim, Ronald Pastor, Queenie Agbisit, Mary Grace Ricarte, Ronnel Verona, Joni Alcaraz, Carmen Perez de Rivera, Goya Perez de Rivera, Ana Luisa Garrido, Pete and Mina Palinay, Chita and Dwight Tavanlar, Cora Jaurique, Elisabeth Michelson, Marian de Montigny, Cristina de Montigny, Edouard de Montigny, Coroy Diaz, Chiqui Toehl, Rona Agustines, Vince and Ana Syyap, Glenn & Yvonne Colendrino, Tommy Brodett, Butch Brodett, Nilo Santos, Tenggay and Noel Santos, Mark and Mayan Santos, Elsa Syyap, Madz and Raul Reyes, Dante Villarojo, Andrew and Angie Syyap, Shiela and James Sarmiento, Boy Ventura, Chato and Rosalyn Flores, Freida and Mal Fernandez, Henry Brodett, Van Restauro, Dondi and Percy Udarve, Aisa Locsin, Cass and Vivian Syyap, Fernando Falco, Nancy Ortile Falco, Harriet Lacsamana, Humphry Lacsamana, Hezion Lacsamana, Cathy Fontanilla, Melanie Limbaga, Edna Limbaga, Virgilio Limbaga, Jojo Maglague, Flor Guerrero, Cesare Poloni, Ximena Ruiz, Flor Maria Leiva, Baylardo Diaz, Antonio Leiva, Adilia Moncada, Carlos Mayorga, Annabelle Dupalag, Phillip and Shaye Cruzado, Dr. Horst Henrici, Arianna Tolentino, Toni Ann Tantay, Sven Kühnel, Deanna L. Rector, Niurka Piñeiro, Heidi Röttenbacher, Ralph Dijk, Chris Lim, Jocelyn Stewart, Luis Falla, Lucia Quiroz, Edward Bouffard, Cristina Bouffard, Elsa Bouffard. Geraldine Sernicula, Elizabeth Pagauipan, Elizabeth C. Punsalan, Dr. Nomer Genuino, Montserrat Bouffard, Marilen Pastor, Sandra Chavez, Helen Chavez, Belay Chavez, Ann Gina Go, Romilyn Parcon Haresco, Lui Zayco, Jocelyn Zayco, Gina Montinola, Arminda Arzadon Orozco, Carmen Guadalupe Orozco, Juan Luis Orozco, Patsy Vidal Juárez, Amelia Irurregui, Imee Martinez-Mendoza, Katie Mendoza, Lulu del Rosario, Jacky Yu, Richelle Gonzaga, Lita Abad, Paquito Sy, Edward Lee, Steven Wang, Conrado Gatdula, Francis Calderon, Aimee Suarez, Marlon Escorial, James Castral, Marvin James Ngo, Monique Lopez, Henry Fernandez, Arman Reyes, Rodel Panda, RJ Manalo, Antony Chua, Mark Benigno, Jossie Reyes, Jack Manda, Sosa Ramel, Michael Galang, Earl Vergara, Jhonnalyn Alfonso, Harold Escorial, Diana Castillo, Crissam Sy, John Harvey Sy, Henry Cheung, Medilen Singh, Simon Lucas Isidro, Steven Isidro, Marco Castañeda, RJ Laguda, Marissa Laguda, Sergio and Ching Montinola, Ron and Eva Palo, Robert Fuzzell C. Trice, Jr., Ryan Stephen Tabag, Teresa Lagnason, Artemio Callo, Mercy Talaguit, Malou Salvador, Herminia Miguel, Luzviminda Mendoza, Lilia Baldenero, Wilma Flores, Malou Agustin, Rogelio Aclo Jr., Edna Flores, Ginalyn Petallo, Louella Ajero, Genovio Ajero. Sylvia Zulueta, Paul Zulueta, Fel Lopez, Marichu Peralta, Virginia Mangusan, Tirso Mayor. Louie Guerrero, Rodora Quinao, Leny Peralta, Loretta Sta. Ana, Carlito Derigay, Mary Ann Paralejas, Carms Narciza, Angelita Evangelista, Rebecca Bonus, Rosenda Serrano, Marites Zuobito, Dolores Catalan, Jocelyn Garcia, Butch Cawsiuo, Maricel Candole, Elmer Ordinario, Theresita Flores, Edgardo Pasno, Lita Rhodorin. Emolaga Adela, Hilda Gonayon, Jennifer Canceller, Prudencia Panaligan, Imelda Isidro, Carlito Yanag Jr., Lilialyn Bisco, Rubelyn Saludaga, Alfrido Gallo, Mary Jane Garciano, Ramil Salvacion, Mariano Peña, Julius Jun Obero, Diosa Marie Alegre, Nestor Sumaya Jr., Jesser Javier, Jocelyn Balbalosa, Vangie Teoxon, Jocelhard Padilla, Jomer Veloso, Isabel Gentolizo, Jerwin Grutas, Rico Grutas, Armida Kay Trinidad, Myrna Ecleo, Lynnie Borlon, Allan Paul Gentolizo, Divina Gentolizo, Gregorio Gentolizo Jr., Tiffany Lee, Reinalyn Romarate, Kristina Cristal Constantino, Maria Rhona Cequeña, Anne Clare Catahan, Nesly Pajadan, Victor Madrid, Chim Fernandez, Jenina Arroyo, Quinn Arbil Mabagos, Diane Picones, Tifanny San Juan, Sheen Cristobal, Jeneil Tan,  Camille Alexis Gamotisi, Jonathan Buenbuela, Bernard Paul Dayrit, Ramie dela Cruz, Diana Rose Fuentes, Rommel Fuentes, Gerry Arroyo Porta, Liza Porta, Catherine Ignacio, Athenia Dequis, Ofelia I. Burton, Gigi Alcasid, Dennis Jaldo, Vicente Lagarde, Rochelle Lagrimas, Rico Manuba, Rhea Moreno, Joseph Oquindo, Jerome Rosal, Jeffrey Rosal, Jefferson Rosal, Lorieben Tabago, Jun Carlo Torol, Ranchy Sugay, Dennis Vasquez, Manilyn Viernes, Roel Camacho, Bernadette Dayrit, Erlinda Chavez, Rosalie Esdan, Rogelio Magana, Meldy Wales, Jocelyn Recabuerta, Sofia Magana, Veronica Nadura, Wilma Ponseca, Vivian Mendoza, Emelyn Fuentes, Marissa Soriano, Yolly Pijo, Amy Agorilla, Tony and Vikki Infante, Teresita Hernandez, Enrique Hernandez, Carlos Hernandez, Purification Rios, Victoriano Rios, Fely Hernandez, Enrique M. Hernandez, Raquel Nocon, Gertrudes Nocon, Terry G. Ciabal, Emma M. Ciabal, Enrico F. Isaac, Anna Patricia C. Isaac, Dominga Aroma, Thelma Palatino, Marivic Gueriba, Jean Magana, Annabel Goco, Lyn Villanueva, Algerin Dapidap, Agnes Dapidap, Patricia Maderozo, Jocelyn Robedillo, Karen Nace, Ladylyn Oreo, Richard Flores, Jessie Nidera, John Ignacio, Joel Odo, Jocelyn Ignacio, Andrea Cieve, Fely Asin, Silvestre Bueno, Renold Pedroza, Gabriel Pacon, Aries Bersales, Ronald Inojales, Christine Villarin, Fredie Canillas, Jeffrey Pimentel, Rollen Madeva, Marites Llanera, Julie Pedrosa, Jomare Llanera, Merlyn Azul, Juvy Lyn Bautista, Luzviminda Magno, Richard Domingo, Analyn Magno, Myra Borlaza, Carlos Nuñez, Fernan Ignacio, Louie Pedrosa, Jessielou Madeja, John Paulo Robles, Hilda Soriano, Cherrylyn Nace, Cirila Nace, Carlo Feliciano, Jayson Resurreccion, Christopher Agacia, Jennifer Rose Marcelo, Joveline Surawo, Eilyn Lai, Jubilee Amistoso, Maylyn Lim, Joy Vergara, Rhea Perea, Ma. Kristela Valenzuela, Rosielle Oineza, Mary Cris Santiago, Perseus Tiunayan, Almer Valera, Meryll Mongaya, Ruth Joy Sarence, Carla Joy Camba, Mirasol Ronda, Manilyn Martinez, Arturo Lorenzo Jr., Rodel Barcos, Edelwisa Barcos, Claire Barro, Juancito Barro, Ed Forte, Denise Weldon, Edgar D. Pandaan, Marie Alvarez de Toledo, Alberto Alvarez de Toledo, Sol Ponga Alvarez de Toledo, Mariano Alvarez de Toledo, Mercedes Arnús de Urruela, Francisco Gaudier Fargas, Rafael Milà Sagnier, Isabel Valcárcel de Urruela, Marta Sala de Pons, Dinath de Grandi de Grijalbo, Nuria de Fontcuberta, José Rosales Arquer, Francisco de Sert, Carmen Marsá, Elena Soto López-Doriga, Gonzalo Arnús de Urruela, Luis Racionero, Yvette Montsalvatge Pérez, Miriam Tabares de Ruiz-Cabrero, Elena Pérez de Olaguer, Eliane Lafont de Knipers, Isabel Ampuero de Güell, Mª Francisca Graells, Genara de Vives-Fierro, Carmen de Robert, Santi Martínez, Santiago de Olano, Mirta Dufo, Paloma Gómez Borrero, Carmen Buqueras, Elisabet Torrent i Sánchez, Daniel Cruz i Jofre, Mª Jesús Conde de Serrano, Arthur Juncosa (sacerdote jesuitas), Pilar Garrigosa, Lourdes Canet de Sastre, Birgitta Walli de Conti, Inés Calaf Delseny, Alicia Jorge Güixens, Marta Uriach, Eulalia Mascort Brugarolas, Lourdes Andreu, Elisenda Josa Campelans, Carmen Godia Bull, Mercedes de Sarriera , Clara Ruiz de Alda, Eduardo Martínez-Matosas, Casilda Libano, Bhot Jimenez, Jovy Sarno, Beth Nievera, Roman Oracion, Joe & Gigi Gonzaga, Chari Siapco, Freny dela Cruz, Anne dela Cruz, Dale Andrew de Jose, Rhine de Jose, Aldrin Pedron, Dennis Alexander Sanchez, Alsey Cortez, Gil Guasis, John Mark Ciriaco, John Elizer Bautista, Sherry Lyn Pineda, Faye Amanda Trinidad, Glenziel Barcena, Apple Jane Aberin, Dennis John Cabinian, Roberto Ngo Jr., John Allosada, Dennis Maravilla, Lester Nungay, Lester Belisario, Jojo Maranan, Sheila de Guzman, Kris Bitanga, Caroline Landicho, Christian Jacob de Dios, Cherry Macarroyo, Enrico Tuason, Jansen Art Alvarez, Jessie Dizon, Michael Gaza, Ma. Celeste Asuncion, May Anne Cayana, Rosevic Bual, Gemmalyn Paez, Rev. String la Guardia, Pastor Ernie Reynoso, Voltaire Gatchalian, Don Castillo, Leiner Nebab, Genevieve Nebab, Emily Roblesa, Boyet la Guardia, Carlo Balisa, Phoebe Fidel, Lalawigan Coniege, Jenny Soria, Rico Ortiz, Wirlow Lopez, Miguel Iskander Carreon, Greg Eburlas, Arturo de Leon, Marvi Guerrero, Leah Navarro, Jun Lopez, Randy and Stella Cepeda, Marilou Yrezabal, Jose Gabriel Olives, Michael Scaglione, Derric Lowe, Volney and Cris Ricafort, Artur Juncosa Carbonell S.I. Paul Roxas, JK Belamide, Rheina Y. Cayabyab, Ramon G. Morales, Rowena Morales, Yett Buendia, Jim Berglund, Maria de Marti Palanca, Sheryll Musni, Reneo Lluvido, Hazel Lluvido, Jordillo Dacion, Amelia Adriano Daez, Corito Araneta Kalaw, Oscar & Connie Lopez, Joey Albert-Pacis, Georgina Davila, Roy Resurreccion, Gavi Evangelista, Karla Estuita, Gel Rodriguez, Pastor Dennis Orajay, Kitty Marcelino, Mark Rodney Jamisola, Charm Cammlie Soluta, Keith Gideon Capa, Raymond Villanueva, Jomar Bernardo, Simon Fernandez, Anne Pabuhya, Mardy Lescano, Pastor Regor Bacani, Jerald Sadina, Pastor Eric Ramos, Pastor Rumolo Sagayoc, Alice Raymundo, Jener & Arlene Sugatan, Rodolfo Mariano, Reynaldo Mariano, Rachelle Ann Mariano, Nińo Rudolph Mariano, Erlinda del Mundo Bravo, Audberto Bravo, Rosalyn Bravo, Maricar Mendoza, Conrado Mendoza, Imelda Madahan, Edgar Madahan, Cristina Natural, Rolly Natural, Richard Natural, Richmond Natural, Raymond Natural, Rachel Natural, Rachel Santos, Emma Aquino, Robert Aquino, Charito Candelaria, Jeanette Pesimo, Consolacion Bravo, Artemio Bravo, Danilo Bravo, Eduardo Bravo, Rosalie del Mundo, Ferdinand Follero, Joseph Estrada, Grace Estrada, Rodel Estrada, Peter Estrada, Edwin Follero, Lourdes Estrada, Severino Follero, Rex David Coronel, Charles David Coronel, Cristina Coronel, Loreto Coronel, Nestor Coronel, Lea Coronel, Mary Jane Coronel, Jemar Coronel, Resurrection Opiso, Rexnard Opiso, Edwin Opiso, Joy Opiso, Bonifacio Opiso, Carneso Echem, Timothy Echem, David Echem, Jomar Echem, Salvado Echem, Sarah Echem, Jairo Echem, Ebenezer Echem, Angelito Calayag, Norma Calayag, Fernando Calayag, Rolando Elayda, Elizabeth Espejo, Evelyn Elayda, Vicente Espejo, Girlie Espejo, Aristotle Espejo, Margarita Elayda, Jeffrey Espejo, Rebecca Santiago, Catalina Elayda, Roberto Elayda, Leticia Tan, Dolores Santos, Henrey Santos, Loreto Honrales, Robert Tan, Chery Gameng, Jun Gameng, Olivia Esperito, Antonio Tan, Tracy Pilapil, April Pilapil, Malou Pilapil, Verina Rivera, Ariel Rivera, Christopher Rivera, John Paul Gameng, Mary Grace Susano, Arlene Lacson, Michael Baker, Anya Baker, Anna Baker, Jeff Baker, Tim Baker, Emily Baker, Peter Baker, Robin Baker, Daniel Baker, Brittany Baker, Nicole Baker, Reilly Baker, Mary Grace Baker, Jeffrey Baker, Terry Baker, Richard Baker, Allison Baker, Russel Gann, Sandrine Gann, Camile Gann, Barry Hovis, Heather Hovis, Jordan Hovis, Mike Guerrero, Doug Nichols, Dane Smith, Grant Bradshaw, Jim Rayl, David Manriquez, Doyle Davis, Victor Duran, Andrew Lord, Tony Castillo, Raul Barajas, Gilbert Contreras, James Wyrick, Gene Sullivan, Cathy Briseno, Ivanna Samokish, Manual Gonzales, Sharon Gonzales, Joeseph Meza, Raul Vargas, Emilio Williams, Darren Williams, Ignacio Pacheco, Val Martinez, Lee Martinez, Nelda Martinez, Fidencio Almanza, Francisco Aroz, Bea Duffey, June Harris, Susan Gonzales, Satryna Hopewell, Raul Estrada, Joseph Woodson, Josh Wishoff, Harold Marder, Jose Antonio Gonzalez Llorente, Teresa Gonzalez Llorente, Angeles Gonzalez Llorente, Mar Dopico Mandia, Emily G. Banton, Josefina Cantada, Ernesto Cantada, Max Mangabat, Ofelia Gracia, Penny Saulog Wendel, Jorge Balcells Olle, Maria de Marti Palanca, Cristina Balcells de Marti, Ines Balcells de Marti, Jorge Balcells de Marti, Charlie Hernandez, Elnalain Ramirez, Raxanne Gatoc, Christian Monzano, Reyvincent Manansala, Joyce Nadine David, Sarah Ong, Mary Ann Centeno, Carlo Baclion, Diane Pilotin, Chestine Delos Reyes, Michael Marcelino, Leilani Soverano, Victor Alcantara, Nida Abarca, Gelo Mallorca, Angelita Abarca, Kat Reunilla, Rochelle Buñag, Jamie Alcantara, Ramon Custodio, Isagani Culanding, Angeline Bobadilla, Rona Rañeses, Marilou dela Peña, Jhony Bautista, Ester Angkico, Marites Rosales, Elaine Clarita, Daisy Asahan, Christian Grepo, Isabella dela Cruz, Chesca Bautista, Kerwin Narvaez, Nick Villanueva, Anthony Palo, Enrico Villanueva, Mylene Villanueva, Jonas Descoy, Randy Diaz, June Dadula, Flavino Olayban, Eva Mañalac, Edward Guillermo, Arlene Dedel, Julius Dedel, Michael Tarray, Arnel Tarray, Mayla Tarray, Aida Aviles, Danny Grefalda, Juanita Tarray, Celso Castillo, Robert Castillo, Romer Buñag, Alvin de Leon, Aireen de Leon, Cynthia Araneta Naguio, Liza Balleras, Jocelyn Manzano, Ghie Cardines, Henry Yao, Jhun Catapangan, Regidor Dequina, Rolando Paulo, Renato Magin, Jojo Aguiba, Reynante Napolitano, Ricky Pascual, Jeremy Basco, Nelson Cruzat, Junjun Lim, Gerry Dumangas, Eric Caudilla, Mary Ann Barce, Jessamine Granada, Danilo Ducena, Bhong Ducena, Prescila Manza, Regina Formanes, Jay Formanes, Joseph Rance, Criselda Milanbilin, Wenda Sastillo, Norylie Sulongsawa, Chona Castaneda, Albert Calma, Emmylou Revecho, Jacquiline Rodriguez, Clifford Mina, Beth Angelo, Ricky Leang, Leo Jumalon, Kelly Gatongay, Feliciano Juan, Casiano Segui, Corazon Escobar, Bax Gallano, Romy Mella, Orly Oliveros, Joel Madulid, German Osorio, Juanito Manuel, Roger Osorio, Raul Manansala, Maria Pamela Tapel, Maria Suzette Navales, Pricilla Marajas, Ma. Fe Villatema, Jindami Villatema, Heidi Villatema, Kim Villatema, Gabriel Marajas, Carlito Obima, Flor Obima, William Obima, Karen Impero, Shane Impero, Kurt Impero, Marydoll Impero, Nestor Impero, Merlinda Ty, Jdel Ty, Bernadette Fabriga, Lolit Simon, Helen Martinez, Amadeo Marrios, Albert Asarte, Amadeo Martinez, Nelson Braceros, Maricel Ocampo, Rogelio Rimton, Josephine Andaya, Mercy Andaya, Lilia Dominguez, Amorsolo Villanueva, Joel Enrisa, Rowena Cruz, Sally Macarandang, Binibini Simon, Iremeo Martinez, Arturo Sicat, Josephine Felix, Lucy Perez, Veronica Cortel, Lito Cortel, Myra Casica, Marline Cordero, Noemi Panigbatan, Necito Arbuiz, Elvira Arbuiz, Pedrita Abregana, Jerilyn Aliño, Elmer Adaza, Teresita Adaza, Felix Arbuiz, Marcela Aquino, Cyril Abregana, Junrey Abregana, Emma Bacuahon, Edna Libago, Cora Barres, Scintilla Ambida, Teogenes Amonitos, Jr., Jessie Ebalang, Jocelyn Ebalang, Daphne Cascon, Miguel Econar, Jaime Econar, Richard Torayno, Charito Galia, Annabelle Abregana, Melba Caharian, Melba Tamayo, Aurea Palaca, Bernarda Palarca, Maxante Bermudo, Percquito Quiblat, Jessie Bitas, Romulo Cubelo, Roy Zaragosa, Geraldine Amper, Wilson Bedro, Felix Menciano, Jr., Ronie Sagocsoc, Mercides Abrea, Victor Oros, Felisa Oros, Marcelo Moscare, JenJen Moscare, Nisa Moscare, Merlinda Bane Isip, Patrice Isip, Scarlet Isip, Ronnine Bane, Eulogio Bane, Elizabeth Bane, Hector Bane, Henry Bane, Anthony Bane, Dedes Zobel, Ruzzel Contridas, Liro Contridas, Zenaida Contridas, Precilla Guarino, James Paul Guarino, Jayson Guarino, Precios Guarino, Ina Guarino, Nimfa Picardo, Mirriam Picardo, Dhalia Morales, Joemargh Tirnida, Maricar Gahasan, Lenelyn Gahasan, Mark Agao, Andrew Moreno, Anthony Maxino, Jonathan Carte, Jonalyn Telan, Pauline Malonzo, Donna Fiel Regis, Paula Marie Gonzales, Antonio Almenana, Rebecca Almenana, Eduardo Almenana, Tito Almenana, Quintin Austria, Leslie Raquel, Marilyn Anover, Lanie Cabus, Rolly Acapuyan, Henry Arbes, Bernie Selvestre, Virginia Almenana, Daisy Arbo, Ernesto Morena, Maribel Morena, Maritess Ferranco, Danilo Gapusan, Myrna Mantala, Juancho Mendoza, Mary Jane Castillo, Marian Almenana, Princess Kaye Perea, Joey Marie Saldana, Chricel Grace Lausa, Angelique Gamboa, Mylene Cruz, Shield Jedidian Bacani, Karen Christy Torres, Joy Don de Guzman, Sandra Santiago, Paulo Cacanindin, Maria Regina Hipona, Ivy Hope Unson, Kimberley Anne de Guzman, Annalyn Capa, Russel Soi, Milton Marcelino, Edwin Meneses, Gloria Meneses, Gilberto Meneses, Mary Grace Meneses, Melvin Meneses, Melinda Cabahug, Zandro Cabahug, Manilyn Cabahug, Rejaine Cabahug, Elvira Esperas, Michael Esperas, Maryann Esperas, Maryann Solvera, Dionesio Romo, Jasmine Romo, Paul Dennis Romo, Eleazar Romo, Rotelia Romo, Bienvenido Romo, Carlos Romo, Soledad Romo, Severiano Romo, Vicente Romo, Alice Fernandez, Merculisa Booc, Respy Booc, Christine Kaye Booc, Gabriel Kein Booc, Lulibeth Lovino, Alfredo Lovino, Anthonie Alvaro, Maida Simbahan, Lea Castro, Paula Sheila Aquino, Mitchel Aquino, Val Aquino, Leny Aquino, Cristina Aquino, Victorio Aquino, Salome Aquino, Michelle Ramos, Marie Yvain Yeso, Rizza Gonzales, Katherine Bondoc, Irene Landingin, Mary Joce Cabarle, Maricar Cabarle, Jan Rex dela Cruz, Sherwin Nagua, Joy Nagua, Rita Maligar, Rosan Daniel, Cleng Manimtim, Hazel Joy Dacillo, Nerissa Ludaya, Felix Norman Macaluan, Lorie Loremai, Jomley Tulanan, Ghither Pador, Diana Bautista, Rebecca Barbo, Josel Asi, Richard Pabalan, Ruel Aloustan, Jenny Enrile, Paul Castro, Pam Villanueva, April Salgado, Argel Tuazon, Zarina Jarabelo, Arriane Ruth Olimpo, Annly Morales, Juliet Ramos, Liza Tan, Carmen Cuyugan, Cynthia Villojan, Charizza Villojan, Anselmo Aquino, Heralda Aquino, Herminia Aquino, Elenita Dealca, Eugenia Alandy, Edna Laqueo, Gian Louie Sasan, Emily Laurel, Jcel Decena, Lizle Calupas, Maybelline Balingit, Charmaine Meneses, Glaiza Garcia, Jhoan Javier, Sherryl Lynne Suzara, Trinna Valdenarro, Dalding Balodong, Mary Grace Dela Cruz, Annaliza Suarez, Elena Panganiban, Emilie de Guzman, Maricris Almario, Edna Malneda, Socorro Aquino, Anita Briones, Katherine P. Perlas, Icee Ramos, Aimee Lopez, Noralyn Guevarra, Efren Benigno, Thelma Campos, Vivian Pasco, Gemma Moreno, Ariel Monzon, Mylene Rarelo, Emma Sarinas, Imelda Salgado, Celerina Tagalog, Daisy Bormeda, Marita Jimenez, Ruby Rossa Ko, Maricar M. Menlopez, Janessa Manalo, Rey Manlulu, Chimber Dan De Leon, Mary Rose Arcenas, Roxanne Ancheta, Chemarose dela Peña, Zeymart Bautista, Oscar Manaba, Joseph dela Costa, Michael dela Cruz, Roxanne de Leon, Rose Marie Cruz, Michelle Mondia, Neil Gregorio, Robles Batu, Ann Lizette Carabeo, Marvene Erek Caluza, Elmer Corsino, Joan Dulatre, Febe Torres, Lucile Salenga, Marjorie Salenga, Rinalyn Rayco, Jeffrey Estalilla, Jasmin Baldeo, Ernesto Caoile, Ericson Sudiacal, Cristine Rullepa, May Dioso, Bamba Hijada, Suzette Ricohermoso, Warren Valencia, Conrado dela Cruz, Zoezee Mancebo, Rochelle Basilio, JR Corpuz, Jessica San Juan, Lani Marinay, Ederlyn Ramos, Anthony Sabangan, Alma Norada, Gabriel Ballesteros, Joseph Carpio, Jennifer Guevarra, Chat Tangonan, Hazel Rivera, Emmanuel Isaac, Monette Español, Onak Alano, McJohn Malapit, Anthony Dalauidao, John delos Santos, Shierlyn Demo, Robin Ejercito, Karen Gavino, Ayessa Candidato, Arlene Conde, Ivy Pagkalinawan, Grace Iguiz, Shayne Advento, Karen Peralta, Louie Onipa, PJ Habil, Rosanna Pangilinan, Rose Ann Uy, Juliet Corpuz, Ester Ramos, Mark Mendoza, Mary Anne Tamayo, Mary Joy de Belen, Anna Gonzales, Roselyn Damo, Hazel Manalo, Richelyn Linao, Jeffrey Dayapera, Marc Nelson Valdez, Frankline Mendez, Byron Tulao, Mary Jane dela Costa, Maribel Mendoza, Marc John Gonzales, Benedict Ranipes, Bryan del Monte, Fernando Marquez, Julie Anne Bautista, Vangie Clamosa, Harlene del Pilar, Angelo Blancaflor, Precious Kaye Morello, Matteo Fernandez, Jenny Rose Bernas, Diane Terril, Eddor Kylle Abe, Michelle Barredo, Michaele Tantay, Marry Rose Bautista, Gemma Mae Alvarez, Sweden Legurpa, Jane Almario, Vilma Espiritu, Carina Garcia, Elizabeth Fortuno, Corazon Cruz, Anabella Estrella, Gemma Montoya, Arlene Moreno, Gina Montalban, Perlita Mendoza, Emilie Herrera, Adela Lumaragui, Marita Legaspi, Ricky Leutero, Gracia Garcia Kayser, Jimena Gonzalez Jiménez, Carmen Gonzalez Aparicio, Belen Ordoñez, Jose Manuel Gonzalez Jimenez, Alejandro Gonzalez Jimenez, Angel Luis Teruel Garcia, Lydia Teruel Garcia, Antonio Diaz Pomares, Lola Garcia, Amalia Hidalgo, Rosa Romero, Maria Teresa Muñoz Lafuente, Carmen Garcia, Mar Rodriguez, Marta Gonzalez Aparicio, Juan Luis Faustmann, Naty Albert, Chita Albert, Paul Garcia, Raymond Rene Garcia, Marc Albert, Theresita G. Lloren, Michael H. Lopez, Jun Lopito, Anthony Vermeulen, Dr. Nandy H. Tiongson, Betsy Quirino-Tiongson, Alan Quirino Tiongson, Dr. Lisa Tiongson-Schaefer, Annette Quimson DeCastro, Giorgio Cappucci, Ismael F. Fabicon, Alicia Quirino Jacinto, Chuan Campbell, Constante P. Quirino, Jr., Sonia P. Quirino, Jesus S. Diosana, Ceferina L. Avendaño, Celia A. Reyes, Mutya G. Sinsay, Roel Sinsay, Ronnel Sinsay, Rey Ramos. Josefina Avendaño, Annie Avendaño, Elfredo Avendaño, Marlyn Avendaño, Evangeline P. Avendaño, Rosemie Mangao, Rommel Avendaño, Bong Avendaño, Elmer Avendaño, Carling Pilapil, Efelie Aquino, Christian Honrada, Eric Noceda, Maribel Merilo, Mary Jane Aquino, Cynthia Ledesma, Mirasol Aquino, Dorothy Puerto, Analyn Fojas, Juanito Avendaño, Maricris Reyes, Adelaida Clarete, Luisa Avendaño, Jann Ric Avendaño, Raymunda Arellano, Julie Anna Avendaño, Rico Avendaño, Florence Gonzales, Rosalito R. Villanueva, Brian Aribal, Bienvenido Ledesma Avendaño, Alfredo P. Dominguez, Edel A. Avendaño, Mary Anne A. Aquino, Anthony Barrion, Syrus A. Aquino, Santy L. Avendaño, Ramil Reyes, Rodolfo Gappi, Concepcion Gappi, Myla Vivo, Liza A. Gappi, Jassfer Gappi, Raymundo Timbas, Marianeto R. Avendaño, Roberto Nocon. Jomar Araracap, Edgar Clarete, Jomel Santos, Editha Araracap, Risel Sinsay, Ronnie Avendaño, Floyd Jocson, Jesse Enriquez, Sammie Aquino, Gotie Buendia, Ayay C. Sortijas, Paul John Bernal, Ma. Fe. M. Nocon, Jaicelyn S. Araracap, Cynthia Noceda, Mareon Pceja, Sheryl Avendaño, Jeffrey Dominguez, Leeyanne Quirino-Yamat, Troy D. Henry, Jr., Marco Avendaño, Adonis Araracap, Jeffer Avendaño, Rocan Annieva, Atilana P. Antigua, Rosauro Antigua, Rosalinda Antigua, Rosalie Antigua, Rosario Antigua, Rogelio Antigua, Reynaldo Antigua, Rizaldo Antigua, Teresita Palima, Alvin Palima, Virginia Palima. Jojo Ganzon, Rosalina Reduca, Sonia A. Lligo, Noil Reguing, Edwin Lazaro, Donna del Mundo, Jay Walter Von Dayuday, Irishbeth M. Pedraza, Jestex C. Callueng, Morris Cruz, Alex Hongyao, Jetico Abasolo, Jayryl E. Camposano, Francis T. Manila, Anthony Camungkay, Romsci Bordey, Redea Adan, Alex Jose, Krizelle Saguinsin, Francisco Banta, Lalaine Colocado, Antolia Dulce, Domingo Cabico, Reynaldo Tabilin, Crispin Tabilin, Dylan Seguban, Lloyd Suarez, Jose Ausaro, Rodel Seguban, Freddie Isidro, Gine S. Cabico, Severiano Fabro, Clifford Soniega, Marcelino Sembrano, Conchita L. Tabilin, Michael Tabilin, Noel Saguban, Al Pacalundo, Jiro Tabilin, Aurora Seguban, Aliceria Seguban, Edward Tabilin, Dennis Limon. Zenaida Abalos, Jerick Rabara, Sonny Gomez. Adonis Comlan, Rommel Sayaboc, Wilfredo F. Martin, Joel Salim, Jan Carlo Pigao, Rey Jimenez, Jun Flores, Conci Flores, Cipriano Salom, Jayson Seguban, Adolfo Fernandez, Renato Sayaboc, Claude S. Cubo, Diosdado S. Flores, Eugenio F. Zamaco, Severino S. Flores, Jicforino S. Flores, Jesus F. Zamuco, Roberto F. Flores, Ave F. Gomez, Romulo O. Flores, Brey Flores, Marcelo O. Flores, May O. Flores, Mariel Flores, Vanessa F. Lavaro, Elmer Flores, Jun Mallam, Fe O. Flores, Rodrigo S. Flores, Mario Flores, Willy Boy Martin, Catalino Gomez, Olive De Guzman, Isagani Cabico E. De Guzman, Eustaguia L. Cabico, Virginia Seguban, Roberto Seguban, Evaristo Seguban, Jr., Apandy Aleso, Rodelin Aleso, Ariel Manaloto, Miguel Seguban, Rodolfo Seguban, Dominic Cabico, Dominador Aquinado, Rowell Ramirez Seguban, Benjamin Tabilin, Bobby C. Sayaboc, Gregorio P. Quirino, Angelita M. Ramos, Jesusa S. Cubo, Arnold L. Gomez, Dionisio S. Seguban, Manuel T. Seguban, Alexander C. Escalona III, Rey Castillo, Angelita P. De Leon, Linda R. Soniega, Carlito C. Cubo, Paz S. Seguban, Filipina T. Alberto, Tolervia C. Ribura, Deborah S. Miguel, Conerofe S. Soniega, Jimmy L. Robento, Mary Ann S. Roleino, Francisco Sonogat, Billy Canlas, Jomar Rabara, Pacita Garcia, Clarita M. Aquinde, Anormo T. Sayaba, Francisco Olarte, Alfonciana D. Sayaboc, Rareboy D. Flores, Nestor Escopete, Mary Jane Gonzales, Juana Sayaboc, Juanito Sayaboc, Freddie Gonzales, Teddy Sayaboc, Leonor G. Tabilin, Virgilio Tabilin, Oscar Jimenez, Amando Lemon, Rodel Jimenez, Ricardo Jimenez, Eugenia F. Gamuco, Eduardo S. Flores, Vanessa F. Lazaro, Fernando S. Tabilin, Ronell R. Seguban, Dominado Aquinde, Rudolph T. Seguban, Alfredo M. Soniega, Roberto Wahing, Soledad C. Salom, Esmeraldo C. Rabara, Julian M. Sanchez, Zenaida Alvarez, Glenn Aquinde, Marrel Servica. Dionisio C. Sayaboc, Ferdinand C. Sayaboc, Virginia Tabilin, Carmelita Naro, Amante Jimenez, Freddie Jimenez, Federico Sayaboc, Jennifer L. Rabara, Narcisa J. Rabara, Konetiro Soniega, Susana S. Ramos, Anastacia C. Rabara, Vicla Capuz, Luzviminda C. Rabara, Aldrin Hidalgo, Raychelle Fernando, Rodel Fernando, Roditha Flores, Camelita R. Seguban, Victor Sawahes, Gabriel Atiler, Lourdez Ferrer, Oscar Sison, Jacinto de Leon, Susan Tabilin, Ana Maria Gonzales, Rita Gonzales, Maria Ostolaza, Marina Ostolaza, Arminda Nola, Antonio Aguirre, Karen Capurro, Sonia Hernandez, Joselo Hernandez, Stephanie Melendez, Pedro Taboada, Walter Dante, Ellen P. Moral, Divine Berroya, Ronil and Fatima Santa Ana, Melito and Carmen Camonayan, Michelle de Vera, Michael de Vera, Milagros de Vera, Ceferino G. Meris, Ceferino C. Meris, Jr., Teresita Musser, Tommy Musser Szamosi II, Daniel Musser Szamosi, Bernardette (Ditas) Sapinoso, Paul Lorda, Natacha Kosloff, Emilia Anna Kurtin, Lulu Hernandez, Alexandra Garcia, Haydee Ann Chamorro, Dolores Valerio, Glenda Aniban, Yefey Kwan, Chona Esponga, Christine Calinog, Lucia Bengcang, Solomon Flores, Mark Ortega, RD Abellon, Nini Quezon Avanceña, Juliet Lockhart, Jaime Loquira, Jenng Padronia, John Vincent Padronia, Jayne L. Padronia, Plaviarra Bernardino, Ziel Lany Martin, Egypt M. Legurpa, Manuelito Legurpa, Joselito Legurpa, Nora Leoran, Adel Atilano, Jenny Fe Doroa, Rogelio Padronia, Jeseron Espino, Jose Dennis Legurpa, Patrocinio B. Balboa, Jamie de Vera, Margarita Dionisio, Sheila Nagnaye, Dianna Ibañez, Henry Mendoza, Alicia Sorpino, Polo Baule, Elisabethe Baule, Ryan Agoncillo, Gina Abrogar, Dolores Godala, Genny Anila, Sunny Suares, Salvador Gwavarro, Efren S. Lewanog, Michael Calamag, Henry Ganosa, Nonoy Pandan, Larry Tala, Mike Kadag, Romito Kabag, Potenciana Gunobat, Aurora Santilicez, Abejail Gentogao, Alma Alcantara, Nida Luneta, Joemar Luntea, Josie Cargonio, Gina Cababag, Anelita Mongcopa, Jemmy Doron,  Kathlyn D. Martin, J. Martin, Marjory Cosap, Reta Macaraeg, Marlyn Carlos, Herald Dela Bosa, Oead Paredes, Jhon Paul Jullieza, Randy Domingo, Jerlyn Padronia, Marryais Villacacan, Chloe Mosar, Jennet Conde, Remar Catedrilla, Fridde Catedrilla, Jessmar Catedrilla, Sheila Mae Catedrilla, Ivan Catedrilla, Rhona Mae Catedrilla, Marilyn Lopez, Mildred Anilao, Arlene Catedrilla, Homer Borile, Rolan Borile, Naná de Borja, Ruby J. Severino, Ariel Agaro, Regien Ilanda, Doming Bignotia, Gina Dequina, Edgar Vargas, Joephet U. Sibayan, Pedi L. Paypa, Gary Cortez, , P. Mogol, Rachel A. Globio, Kathy Helene B. Pardillo, Julieta Guyimapang, Clarisa Victorio, Ruby Manabat, Joel Monte, Joan Laborte, Susan Lao, Susan Amorado, Leonardo Catalia, Jocelyn Alcariz, Joselito Almazora, Helson Quiogue, Herman Quiogue, Henry Quiogue, Luz Q. Catayong, Christie Q. Guevarra, Glenda Quiogue, Marivic Pagaduan, James Lat, Mae Patao, Kate Patao, Paulo Meris, Miguel Meris, Rafael Meris, Madhu Rege, Gerald Escalora, Anthony Escoto, Ariel Escoto, Alfer Sta. Ana, Arnel Baula, Vanessa Baula, Concepcion Baula, Anne Bacsal, Edward Sanchez, Jeff Zulueta, Marlyn Tangonan, Jocelyn Mariano, Jonathan Lacaba, Gina Q. Lopez, Darrel Lopez, Jhondy Lopez, Jordan Lopez, Jim Lopez, Ruby Roxas Roxas, Manuel “Manolo” R. 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Primaleon, Candelaria Primaleon, Elena Primaleon, Yolanda Primaleon, Josephine Primaleon, Janette Comprendio, Elizabeth Comprendio, Elizabeth Camus, Herald Camus, Herbert Camus, Jachilou Cunanan, Jocelyn Cunanan, Raymond Apostol, Vicente Muralba, Eleonor Muralba, Victoria Muralba, Venus Muralba, Val Muralba, Jean Claude Muralba, Beverly Atendido, Christian Atendido, Alma Olevo, Christian Olevo, Rapunzel David, Luiza Sepe, Lolita Rage, Lynnette Barrios, Levendio Aquino, Mayan Belila, Jasmine Belila, Nick Villy Primaleon, Eunice Primaleon, Crystal Faye Policarpio, Earl Policarpio, Gil Muralidad, Fatima Crucero, Mary Jane Raso, Gabriel Raso, Mila Lopera, Catherine Relacion, Lionel Baylen, Franklin Galila, Jorge Sombilla, Rey Faulan, Charlie Pustrana, Vincent Sulas, Carmen Borja, Lilia Puddan, Joyce Domingo, Stephen Almeniana, Sheila Carerra, Elita Montejar, Lenie Surtento, Seth Casco, Brendan Aguilar, James Villareal, Domigo Moralidad, Ariel Moralba, Mariano Malones, Liela Saavedra, Raul Montalban, Shirley Pangalunan, Rafael David, Karl Alendido, Virgie Buenavista, Maricel Lejao, Bernard Cerbo, Zenaida Mari, Evelyn Balingit, Ma. 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Buenaventura, Raymond Nano and Chinky Veloso, Portia Catuira, Tanks Tankeko, Teddy Catuira, RJ Paculan, Joy Miranda-Garcia, Angelica Tijam, Amir Tohid, Onat Roldan and Golda Aguilar Roldan, businessman Ricco Ocampo, Mikki Gonzales, Jairu Albert, Margaret and Dr. JM Luna, Roxanne Silverio, Aldwin Tan, Maila Garcia, Stephanie Henares, Jazz Herrero, Joy Kuffel, Leni Obles and Dr. Joni Dizon, Manolyn Taylor and Carla Jeongg Huwang, Yishon brand manager Joan Chung, The Expressions Group divisional merchandising manager Jason Lim, Janie and The Expressions Group president Joseph Lim, brand manager for “Fun Nation” John Patrick Lim, Kim Ross delos Santos, Angela Litton, Laxie Villar, Marie Ann Umali, Gabriella Wegfahrt and daughter Alexandra, TBWA Santiago Mangada Puno managing partner and chief creative officer Melvin Mangada, Atom Araullo, RichPrime Global, Inc. managing director Liza Yao-Bate, Ateneo de Manila Celadon organization’s Nicole Ang, Charlotte Yu and Jhenel Wong, Shangri-La Plaza marketing manager Marline Dualan, Shangri-La Plaza EVP and general manager Lala Fojas, Bunker Hill Developments Inc. CEO and Director Dr. Rosita Leong, ADMU Ricardo Leong Center director Sidney Christopher Bata, Confucius Institute director Dr. Ellen Palanca, International Studies for Chinese Arts President George Uy and ADMU Chinese Painting Prof. Ceasar Cheng, model and entrepreneur Joyce Orena, model LA Aguinaldo, Jennica Sanchez, Nina Pineda, Cha Ocampo, DJ Emel Rowe and blogger-model Robbie Becroft, Ria Atayde, Vern Enciso, Claudia Vega, Gem Laforteza and Lea San Juan, director Paolo Valenciano, Ed Montalban, SM Men’s Jed Gregorio, CHALK Magazine Editor-in-Chief Elaine Carag, the Preen team Olivia Estrada, Chryssa Celestino, Randz Manucom and Scout Magazine founding editor Cai Subijano, Chantale Morkoss, Hayley Hewitt, Cristina Repeti, Jar Towsend, Ioana Rafluca Hurmuzache and Sorin Constantin Boureanu, coach Norman Black, Pablo, Kassandra and Franz Ong, Sorin Adrian Chrita, Bogdana Iullia Balan, Grizelle Gratela, DJ Samir Ayeb, former Negros Occidental 4th District Rep. Charlie Cojuangco, Luis Moro III, Ed Misa, La Taverna former president Glenn Loop, Casino Español president Jess Cuenco, Del and Marilou Ordoñez, Tony and Lorna Quisumbing, Edgar and Cely Chiongbian, Teodoro and Lolly Diez, Stores Specialists, Inc. PR officer Eliza Drilon-Luna, Whiplash Dance Company senior choreographer, dance trainor & seasoned performer Andrew Ferraris, businesswoman Carmela Gana, director and ABS-CBN drama unit head Ruel Bayani, Dreamscape Entertainment Television business unit head and talent manager Deo Endrinal, TV host Amy Perez, ABS-CBN broadcast head Cory Vidanes, Ken Pagaspas, Music Management International (MMILive) CEO and owner Rhiza Pascua, Marilu San Juan-Martirez, talent manager Shirley Kuan, celebrity, singer, film and stage actress, producer, television show host and former Movie and Television Review and Classification Board chairwoman Armida Siguion-Reyna, writer, actress, director and producer Bibeth Orteza, Loren Karunungan Disonglo Farmer, Viva Films executive and Professional Artists Managers Inc. president and talent manager June Torrejon-Rufino, GMA Creative Consultant Jake Tordesillas, Lucia Santiago-Maisonneuve, Mary Joy de Leon Hans, Maricor Lustre, former model Anthea Robles, Tonette Martel, Lizette Cojuangco, Linda Legaspi-Rosal, Monette Guevarra, Annet Ablan, Tomy Florencio, Albert Garcia, Michelle Pantoja, DJ Durano, comedienne Giselle Sanchez, Ina Raymundo, Toti Palileo, Grace Magno, Mikee Romero, Napoleon Rama, Larissa and JR Tamayo, David Nugent, Carmina Sanchez, Tara Tambunting, Nica Mendez, Happy David, Georgia Schulze-del Rosario, Edgar Opolentisima, Marcelina Domingo, Sandra Pascua, Christina Eve Reyes, Miloz Ylaya, Annette Mendezona, Ana Climaco, Maricar Perdices, Marisol Michael, Kathy Javellana, Charito Climaco, Joyce Chiongbian, Tina Ansaldo, Alice Lim, Aya Perez, Jimbo Perez, Paul Gordon, Tito Herbosa, Juliet and Mimi Tan, Cathy Webb, Brigitte Badura, Miguel Rosales, Iñigo Elizalde, Jason Erceg, Pilie Aquino, Marilen Elizalde, Junie Peña, Jun and Carol Diangco, Alex and Carol Quizon, Freddie and Violy Virtucio, Chit Siopangco and Odette Paradeo, Dolfo del Rosario, Ace Chungalao, Becky Domogan, Cathy Santiago, Roberto Romulo, Bingle Razon-Puyat, Rosie Valencia, Chang Cordova Bernasconi, Boling Tuason-Reyes, Dolly Teehankee, Mary Hugo, Tessie Urbina, Pinky Puyat and Paeng Nepomuceno, Marissa Carmona-Chan, Rosemarie Carmona and Tony Villareal, Luli and Jeri Jacinto, Noel Oñate, Jojo Manlongat, Ed Tekeli, Ralph Joseph, Ramon Diaz, Paolo Martel, David Padua, Ricky Ysmael, Danny Hernandez, Denise Weldon-Minana, Tina and Rose Treichler, Reggie and Moray McAndrew, Wilfred Company founding chairman Elena Tanyu Coyiuto, children’s book author and Pomona College freshman Samantha Coyiuto, Mark Ngkaion, Donnah and Suzanne So Seng, Nathalie Puey, Danding Genato, Philip Lu, Che de la Cuesta, Pebbles Barretto-Nolasco, Tricia Tan, Ria May Ngkaion, Christine Santos, Christine Alonzo, Camille Zaldarriaga, Rey Infante, Tony Gatdula, Monica Maramag, Reina Chiquillo, Christine Flores, Joana Ballesteros, Kheiy David, April Cruzal, Duanne Perreras, Jen Yu, Irene Dizon, Czarina Jamir, Angelene de Leon, Christie Santos, Meggy Cuisia, Jackie David, Bianca Arambulo, Project: Brave Kids founders Paul and Sigrid Perez, Tam Austria, Jose Joya, Mario Parial, Lydia Velasco, Carlo Magno, Dominic Rubio, Aldrino Abes, Bayani Ray Acala, Armenius Aralar, painter, sculptor, printmaker, writer and book illustrator Manuel Baldemor, Karina Baluyut, Amador Barquilla, Jovan Benito, Glenn Cagandahan, Michael Cacnio, Daniel dela Cruz, Joselito Dayono, Jomar Delluba, Henry Ordona, Ronino Quinto, Edwin Tres Reyes, Camille de la Rosa, Roma Valles, Melvin Culaba, Noli Vicedo, Mary Ann Venturina-Bulanadi, Cony Cajayon, Solano Cruz, Joe Garcia, Ed Bascara, Rey Conmigo, Jun Taniang, Bal Fornaliza, Elver Panuela, Alona Galeria, Nick Aranda, Jun Jacolbe, Aree Salvador, Domeng Labordo, Romy Corporal, Morena Ramos, Clarisa Navidad, Giovani Estrada, Zaldy Pingol, Benigno Religioso, Dan Estrada, Conrad del Carmen, Mar Zape, Manny Magracia, Mars Galang, contemporary painter Lyle Buencamino; filmmakers Sari Lluch Dalena, Camilla Griggers and Dada Docot; and activist artist Al Manrique, Ronald Caringal, Kadin Tiu, Jonathan Olazo, Manok Ventura, jewelry designer Kristine Dee, Paul Syjuco, Patty Gutierrez, Impressions Restaurant executive chef Cyrille Soenen, Maxine and Trix Syjuco, Roy Abraham, Al Evangelio, Nestor Alonso, David Sharpe, Dottie Viajar Wugler, Witold Leszek Szczechura, Gina Limot, Bea Lopez, Cherry Tiosejo Reyes, Carla Larrazabal del Prado, Amanda Tengco, Appetite’s editor in chief Nina Daza Puyat, Patrick Uy, Gary-Ross Pastrana, Hanna Pettyjohn, Rachel Rillo, Steve Tirona, Jose Angel Robles, Alma Veronica Gomez Guerrero, Rosa Luz Marroquin, Jesus Ramos Frias, Lee Paje, Yvette Co, Margo Alesna, Lhean Villanueva, Jehan Manansala, Sigwada Knicolai Mendoza, Vincent Padilla, Grandier, Seiko Katayama, Gene Leysa, Arlene de Castro Añonuevo, Teresita Baldo, Siegrid Anne Bangyay, Lope Bosaing, Jessie Degay, Corazon Degay, Brenda Fuchay, business leaders Choy Sala, Dennis Garcia, Rene and Efren Sarmiento, Jose Sala, businessman Efrain Pelaez, Cebu Yacht Club owner Milo Osmeña, BMW Motorrad Director Lito German, Marianne Po, Laurie Jimenez Westfall, Aboitiz Philippines President and CEO Miguel Aboitiz, CLSA Exchange Capital Corporation Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Buboy Virata, ASEAN Fusion Creative Director Maricris Floirendo Brias, Far Eastern University Vice President of Academic Affairs Atty. Gianna Reyes-Montinola, Chucho Martinez, Wito Quimson-West, Emesae Design Corporation chairman Manny Samson, Camille Santos-Samson, Greenfield Development Corporation Executive Vice President Atty. Duane Santos, The Lind Hotels Managing Director Daryl Tan and wife Linda, Liwayway Marketing Corporation chairman emeritus Carlos Chan, United Laboratories Inc. president and CEO Clinton Campos-Hess, Universal Harvester Inc. EVP Doctor Milagros Ong-How, Prudential Guarantee & Assurance and PGA Cars Inc. chairman Robert Coyiuto, Jr., Elisa Lim, Emilia Yang, Dr. Queenie Lee-Chua, Claudio Condotta, Stella Chua, talent manager Dolor Guevarra, Sen. Grace Poe, Marisun Laurel Uichico and Chatty Roxas, Romulo Mabanta Buenaventura Sayoc & De Los Angeles Partner Joey Benedicto, Bryan Prieto, The Philippine Opera Company’s Lawrence Jatayna, Karla Gutierrez & Nazer Salcedo, Clarissa Ocampo, Crsipy Laurel, Dino Laurel Imperial, Timothy Uichico, Myrna Casas, Bobby Roxas, Tissa Tan, Frankie Barandiaran and Maria Isabel Laurel Barandiaran, Rebecca Garcia, Carlos Laurel, Pink’s Hotdog chain owners Richard and Gloria Pink, David’s Salon owner and CEO David Charlton, Tristan Henry Aguirre, Jun Cesar Galila, Starsky Magahin, Ronald Tiu, Lizette Gambe, Theresa Gavieres, Alexandra Hardy, Sarah Angela Jaleco, Vanessa Rivera, Arianne Rose Sigue, Alma Susvilla, Ma. Deana Valero, Anton Ramos, Sandeep Khanna, Mitch So, Gerard Penaflor, Nikka Abes, Corinne Bacani, Sharmila Hiranand, Elizabeth Eder-Zobel, dressage rider Ina Ayala, athlete Lizette Banzon-Cojuangco, AMARIE’s creative director Anne Marie Saguil, Mandy and Roberto Taboada, Marit Yuchengco, broadcast executive and former head honcho of MTV Philippines Francis Lumen, Malou Fores, Lory Tydingco, Kitkat Silverio-Zobel, Camarines Sur 3rd District Rep. Leni Robredo, JP Morgan Chase and Company executive director Amanda Hornberger, Makati Rotary Club president Maila Garcia, jewelry designer Ofelia Nuñez-Wadle, Advance Paper Corporation president and COO Connie Haw, Advance Computer Forms, Inc. general manager Kim Haw, Anchor Land Holdings, Inc. president Beth Ventura, James Chi, Zumba Fitness and Zumba Sentao Instructor Marje Syjuco, Camilla Sundman, Dohme finance director Michael Chiusolo, Ayna Ong, 3D Vizion president and CEO Katrina Bantug, pianist Serla Russel, Dr. Jazel Anne Agnes, Dr. Jose Aquino, interventionalist Dr. Adan Hadzlomerovic, Dr. Alexander Palanca, Dr. Jazel Anne Agnes, Junar Quimpo, RJ Segarra, Richard Amigo, National Peace and Order Maintaining Council Deputy Chief and Royal Thai Navy Chief Narong Pipattanasai, blogger Khai Nunag, Asia World Properties Philippines Corporation president and former University of the Philippines regent Nelia Gonzalez, Tessie Gonzalez, Commission on Higher Education commissioner Nona Ricafort, Sen. Cynthia Villar, Jingle Badelles, the wife of former Lanao del Norte 1st District Rep. Alipio Badelles; chef Melissa Sison; Ging Dy, the wife of former Gov. Dy of Isabela; Vince Lozano; and Young Nieva, Batangas City Tourism Officer Ed Borbon and LEIPC Officer Erick Sanohan, Ed Borbon, Atty. Ro Dimacuha and Louise Borbon, Cynthia Martinez and Evelyn Periña, Sonny Tanchanco, MSO Marketing Manager Carlos Garchitorena, director and writer JP Tanchanco, Frank Shaw, Dr Kimberly Patterson, Rebecca Schlappich, Danielle Kuhlmann aka Cultures in Harmony, MSO President Maan Hontiveros, Liter of Light COO Ami Valdemoro, Asian News correspondent Carsten Stormer, Valerie de Guzman, MSO Executive Director Jeffrey Solares, Ado Escudero, Rosalie Escudero Blume, sister-in-law Millie Escudero, nephew Dondon Escudero, Cora Relova, John Gaddi, Dr. Louella Gonzalez-Santos, Union Bank Foundation’s Maria Gonzales-Goolsby, Cindee Teves Jacobs, Philippine Federation of Business and Professional Women treasurer Edith Co, Dennis and Rose Teves, Lily Lim, Juliet Dy, PhilConsA vice president Alfred Ching, former Quezon City 2nd District Rep. and 2010 mayorality candidate Mary Ann Laborero-Susano, Chinese General Hospital chair Dr. James Dy, Rev. Fr. Allan Rieger, ERDA Tech’s Rudy Ang, Soroptimst officers Dr. Ligaya Tankeh and Cely Ng, Cora Villareal, Linda Marquez and Ruben Villareal, Rico Lardizabal, former Antique governor Sally Zaldivar-Perez, Dick Escalona, Nelia Gonzalez, Bessie Escalona, Philconsa’s Rufino Tan, Dina Aquino, Eli Lilly’s poultry expert and veterinarian Dr. Meliton Novilla, Dr. Mario and Eva Labadan, Joao Branquinho and architect Stephanie Tan-Branquinho, Sylvia Reynoso-Gala, Ernest and Luis Gala, lawyers Val Sanchez and Lee Verceles, “Zalora” Philippines’ Gigi Mabanta, “Chatime” director Johnyan Koa, Retired Major General Jose Mabanta, “Fonterra”‘s Fel Billones, chef Pauline Lagdameo, “Fonterra”‘s food service director Leah Barin, Joey and Marissa Orosa Concepcion, Cathy Narcisco and coach Jong Uichico, BHS operations manager Nina Guerrero, French Baker founder and CEO Johnlu Koa, ”Serendra” general manager Joel Reyes, Josh Knight, Chris Walsh Jr., Antoine Guyon, Ashley Dragan, Ryan Williams and Samantha Humphires, “Regatta” associate brand manager Ira Sarmiento, brand director Ronnie Celestial, Todd Forney, University of the Philippines Mountaineers Janet Belarmino, MEGA, Inside Showbiz, Travel Now, Appetite Publisher / Sales & Marketing Manager Ryan Ros Calmante, “PeopleAsia”’s Jose Paolo dela Cruz and Ramon Ruiz, “Regatta” marketing specialist Emille de Vera, Isabel Lopez-Vera Cruz, Jaet Emmrich, Paula Borges, golfers Jun Roque, Carol Matsuda, Jill Raymundo, Joanne Cortez, Ikuo Nishino, Steven Ferrer, Arnel Paraz, Gino Bonifacio, Domingo Bonifacio, MDI Group chairman and Wolfpac Mobile, Inc. founder Myla Crespo Villanueva, Kelly Misa, Chairman of the Board and Independent Director of 2GO Group, Inc., honorary consul to Peru and Honorary President of the Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Inc. Francis Chua, Art Informal, Art Inday, Art Wednesday, Blanc, Bulacan Artists Group, Galeria de las Islas, Galerie Astra, Grupo Ocho, Kalinawa Art Foundation, L’Arc en Ciel, Nineveh, Philippine Association of Printmakers, FEATI, FEU Fine Arts, U.P. College of Fine Arts, Slash Art/Tin-Aw, visual artist, educator, and cultural worker Alma Quinto, Toto Tarrosa, University of the Philippines Integrated School assistant professor Anton del Castillo, Lory Medina, Carlito Ortega, Frederick Epistola, Batangas 4th District Rep. Mark Llandro Mendoza, Quezon 1st District Rep. Wilfrido Mark M. Enverga, Abono party-list Rep. Conrad Estrella, Edwin Galvez, Renel Cecillio, Meryll Yan, Len Davies, Christophe Joyeux, Ron Tolentino, Che Villena, Antonio Oposa Jr., Bo’s Coffee Club founder and CEO Steve Benitez, Atlanta Festival Ballet Company and Atlanta Festival Ballet School Artistic Director Nicolas Pacaña, Engineer Patricio Primor, former Sen. Miguel Zubiri, Elizabeth and Antonio Yap, former Metropolitan Manila Development Authority chairman Bayani Fernando and his wife former Marikina City Mayor Marides Carlos-Fernando, Homestay Philippines Inc. president Rose Libongco, former Vice President Teofisto Guingona Jr., former Sen. Ernesto Maceda, Monique Zani, Pagoda Philippines, Inc. president Ernie Yu and civic-oriented Fe Leabres Yu, James Lau, Celia Cuasay, James Jao, Don Valerio, Gener Caringal, Arleen Ong, former Spanish Ambassador Tomas Rodriguez-Pantoja, Roland Reyes, Dennis Socrates, Jose Luis “Cel” Yulo, Bela Vasquez, Chu-Chu Madrigal and Mandy Eduque, AG&P board of director Cesar Buenaventura, homemaker Dada Lorenzana-Santiago, International portrait photographer Rupert Jacinto, Ping Valencia, Red Jacinto and Julie Hidalgo, Boots and Andy Soler, Nora Jacinto, Eddie and Katie Jacinto, Nanette dela Cruz, Africa Valdes-Reynoso, Emily Reynoso-Laws, landscape designer Bobby Gopia, Department of Trade and Industry undersecretary Adrian Cristobal, Jr., Virginia Moreno, Carmen Guerrero Nakpil, Ramon Villegas, Kit Roxas, Jomari Trenas, Paulino and Hetty Que, Lori Ojeda, Msgr. Alberto Boongaling; Msgr. Rafael Oriondo; Fr. Raul Martinez; Fr. Ricardo Adan; Fr. Rogelio Meynardo Beredo; Fr. Greg Landicho; Fr. Luis Manuel Lucero; Fr. Roy Macatangay; Fr. Ernesto Mandanas; Fr. Godofredo Mendoza; Rad Lucas and Chi Calayag’s spiritual adviser, Fr. Dennis Paez; Fr. Richard Panganiban; Fr. Eugene Peñalosa; Fr. Joseph Rodem Ramos; Fr. Wilfredo Rosales; and Fr. Noel Salanguit. Fr. Aloysius Buensalida, Visual artist and musician Aba Lluch Dalena, Al Perez, Josephine “Jing” Turalba, Lito Carating, Henri Cainglet, Andy Maluche, Thea Paz, Ronald Garcia, Shahid Zahid, Vicky Abad, Paulo Vinluan, Daisy Sison-Payumo; Nellie Bengzon; Chit Gohu, former Senator and 2010 presidential candidate Jamby Madrigal, the Freeman Lifestyle editor Marlinda Angbetic Tan, Zonta Club of Cebu II Press Relations Officer Rosario Utzurrum, Chef Dietmar Dietrich, Theresa Alvarez, Evelyn Mate, Ina Sehwani, Rosary Palanca, Mila Llige, Victoria Ortiz, former executive assistant to the Press Secretary Maribel Carag-Dario, Bobby Novenario, ADAP president Dr. Socorro Martinez, “Preview Magazine” former managing editor Claire Bettita-Samson, fashion designer, magazine editor, film director and producer, businessman, and shoe and jewelry designer Christian Espiritu, equestrienne Mia Virata, Araneta Properties Inc. independent director Atty. Perry Pe, journalist and cultural advocate Bea Zobel Jr., Gilbert Teodoro’s wife Nikki Prieto-Teodoro, Linda Floirendo-Lagdameo, Iya Guingona Lagdameo, Gerard Walker, Andre Borromeo, J. Walter Thompson-Philippines former chairman Javier Calero, Mark Gilbert, Baudouin Denis, Fernando Ferrer, Al Camba, Melissa De Leon and sister Toni Abad, Rehab & Physical Medicine Specialist Dr. Tyrone Reyes, Fonterra Brands Philippines Marketing Manager for Anlene Ming Arroyo, professional pocket billiards player Django Bustamante, Jenny Peña, Patrick Rosas, “Paul Smith” boutique owner Juan Miguel Ongsiako and wife New Riviera Hotel Development Corporation COO Pia de Leon, board directors Paulo Paulino; Christine Paulino; Juliet Ferrer; Roger Rosales; Jhona Paulino; and Ruth Corcega, TV show and specials director Bert de Leon, film and television director and Star Magic Artist Training/Public Workshops head Rahyan Carlos, Wilfredo Manalang, Jr., actor, director and playwright Anton Juan, University of the Philippines Assistant Vice President for Public Affairs and Director of Alumni Relations Professor Jose Wendell Capili, Aleah Angeles, celebrity wellness and beauty Dr. Joel Mendez, Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) founding chairman Dante Jimenez; former Walang Hanggan star and Sen. Tito Sotto’s wife Helen Gamboa, ABS-CBN business unit head Lui Andrada, Reyes Tacandong & Company chairman Manny Reyes, Universal Records Executive Vice-President Ramon Chuaying, Arjo Atayde’s mother and former Be Careful with My Heart star Sylvia Sanchez, “RockEd” (Philippines) founder Gang Badoy-Capati, Melinda Garcia, E-Talent International (Australia) and E-Talent Management and Entertainment (Philippines) CEO, Concert Producer & Promoter, Talent Manager and Singer-Songwriter Annabelle Regalado-Borja, singer-actor and eRDMMC Consulting, LLC Managing Director Roger Chua, Star Records’ promo unit head and PR man Nixon Sy, concert producers WILBROS Live COO Glenn Llamas, Lactacyd Woman Team mates Bea Locsin, Kittelson and Carpo Consulting president and co-founder and KMC Solutions and KMC MAG Group co-founder Amanda Carpo and WILBROS Live Managing Director Winston Llamas, “STAR” contributor and Ateneo de Manila University Loyola Schools Interdisciplinary Studies Department Chairperson Assistant Professor Dr. Jonathan Chua, Leo Films producer Sixto Dy, Loida Bautista and Prof. Regina Banaag, Dale de la Cruz, Dreamscape Entertainment Advertising and Promotions head Biboy Arboleda, TV show directors Don Miguel Cuaresma and Ian Lorenos, Vicky Florendo-Montenegro, The Peninsula Manila retired social and public relations director Mila Magsaysay-Valenzuela, Teacher Naynay Ventura, Mars Chua, Mark San Diego, Josephine Knox, Ruthy Vera, Allen Arvin Tan and Jennifer Toledo, Rev. Fr. Emerito de la Rama, Vicente Tan and Joy Sia, Nicolas Pimentel, Agustin Palao, Pureza Dumancas, Evelyn Coronel, Ian Irving Tan, Michael Eric Go and Maria Theresa Mutia, Jose Albert Avila, Maria Liza Blessett, Levie Lim, Ann Marjorie Ong, Joanna Angheng, Inez Aznar, Carla Tiu, Tania Morada, Deborrah Cua Ho, Lourdes Arnado, December Chy, Calvin Gothong, Ryan Yu, Christopher Uy, James Go, Edric Tan, Emilio Pascua, Edward Onglatco, Gladys Llaban, Andie Noval, Marissa Unchuan, Leading Social Marketer, Research & Planning Director and Veteran Communication Strategist Brad Geiser, Nancy Ortiga, Annie Benitez, Jude Hipolito, Anna Marie Periquet, Reena Francisco, Aisa Yap, former Tagaytay Highlands general manager Nick Celdran, Globally Award-Winning Brand Architect Risk, Crisis & Reputation Strategist and Marketing & Communications Innovator Amor Maclang, Bobby Capco, Rocky Urbina, Corcor Bitong, Tess Villanueva, former Quezon City councilor Mike Planas, Vicky Montenegro, Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte-Alurining, Philippine Star columnist Joanne Zapanta Andrada, former Agriculture secretary and Bohol 3rd District Rep. Arthur Yap, OFW rights advocate and senatorial candidate Susan “Toots” Ople, Andrew Masigan and restaurateur Sandee Siytangco-Masigan, Pasig City 2nd District councilor Yoyong Martirez, former Labangan Mayor Abubakar Afdal, Muntinlupa’s Gender and Development Office (MGDO) chairperson and program director Trina Reyes-Biazon, Backroom Inc. vice-president Bettina Aspillaga, Club Bulakeño president Bernadette Lomotan, Henry & Sons Trading and Manufacturing Company, Inc. president Roberto Francisco, Amanda Huibonhua Sandoval, Fernando Peña, EDSA People Power Commission Vice Chairman Christopher Carreon, businessman Miguel Blardony, BusinessMirror Vice President for Corporate Affairs and United Print Media Group President Ricky Alegre, Honorary Consul to Norway in Cebu Candice Gotianuy, Bunny Ludo-Alcordo, Zeny Deen, Socorro Protacio, Rev. Fr. Anthony Pabayo, Lynn Agustin, Ria Romero, Gloria Mara, Corcor Dizon-Bitong, photographer Francis Abraham, Bien Bautista, Photographer Tom Epperson, Jun de Leon, Raymund Isaac, Lita Puyat, film/music video director, Vybe Entertainment chief marketing officer and Furball, Inc director and partner Quark Henares, Filmex, Inc. film director Henry Frejas, film director, producer and film educator Mark Meily, indie / alternative director Raymond Red, Parikshit Bhasin, Ana Martha Moreno, Pastry Chef Sonja Ocampo, jeweler Ginger Ignacio, House of Laurel’s Kathy Teves-Villanueva, Samantha Laurel, Vanessa Morales, Marge Marasigan, Ria and JP Castrillo, Anna Xerez Burgos, Erma Cuizon, Gingging Dumdum, Jovenir Bataican, Manuel Dumdum, Catherine Marie Castillo, Mayra Florencio, Viveva Singson, Edwin Bautista, Joseph Ortega Pollisco, Bayo’s vice president Lynn Agustin, Sonny Bitong, Marichu Yap, Bridges@Com managing directors Nicole Jacinto and Franco Santos, Javier Marcalain (director, overall strategy development), Alexei Villaraza (director, media content), Bianca Fernandez (events manager) assisted by Angela Panlilio, Martha Gonzalez (media monitoring and analysis officer), accounts manager Angelica Lim with account officers Patricia Espino, Celine Viray, Javi Lebron and Bea Guingona, Goldilocks Bakeshop Marketing Director Pinky Yee, Chef Rolando Ongcoy, Shiv Hiranand, Rocco Puno, Pinky Estrebillo and Yvette Lejano, Ayala Corporation head of public policy Tony Lambino, Esquire Philippines web editor Jonty Aquino-Cruz, Biz Whiz managing director Estelle Ople Osorio, Maynilad Water Services, Inc. CFO Randy Estrellado, “Cinema One” channel head Ronald Arguelles, Dori Media Distribution Asia vice president for Sales Pauline Ick, Cindy de Leon, assistant vice-president for program acquisition of CPI Macie Ferreros-Imperial, ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra managing director Mickey Munoz, Star Magic heads Johnny Manahan and Mariole Alberto, producer Lerma dela Cruz and San Francisco-based Cesar Cailles, ABS-CBN Europe and Middle East news bureau chief Danny Buenafe, ABS-CBN Europe news bureau senior correspondent Rose Eclarinal, Sun Life Financial-Philippines president and CEO Riza Mantaring and Chicho Mantaring, Sun Life Financial-Philippines chief administration officer Karen Casas, chief marketing officer Mylene Lopa, Isay Alvarez, Sun Life Financial-Asia president Kevin Strain, Sun Life Financial-Asia investments managing director Michael Manuel, Sun Life Hong Kong Strategic Associate Director for Actuarial and Risk Brandon Kandt, swimming coach Christine Jacob Sandejas, Sun Life Philippines board member Paco Sandejas, Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. president Valerie Pama, Quirino Foundation chairwoman Atty. Aleli Quirino, Letty Syquia, Marilou Ortigas Trillo, Mr. and Mrs. Rosalino Reyes, Francis and Lorna Delgado,  Salvador and Vicky Fabregas, Jose and Chiqui Fabregas, Judith Reyes, Jessica Ting, Teresa Sandejas, Josine Reyes, Mary Malinao, Jean Batenga, Connie Valdes, Ted and Maiti Tollman, Debbie Yabut, Weng Jison, Marga Ortigas, Sylvia Singson, Tessa Tayag, Naty Melian, Lucia Alvarez de Toledo, Marc Lerner, Elvira Marcillana Lerner, Tippin Coscolluela-Litke, Isabella Ledesma-Gonzalez, Marco and Giselle Eduque, Benjamin Ramos III, Ambassador Rolando Garcia, Victor Garcia, Anne Garcia, UP vice president for Planning and Finance, Dr. Erlinda Echanis, Sun Life of Canada Prosperity Philippine Equity Fund, Inc. director Nilo Pena, independent director Oscar Orbos, Quickminds Corporation chairman and president Mel Salazar, PBCom first vice president Cliff Cabungcal, PBCom executive vice president and chief trust officer Patrick Cheng, SLAMCI president Riena Novenario Pama, Sun Life chief financial officer Raymond Ong, general counsel Ed Tordesillas, chief investments officer Michael Gerard Enriquez, deputy general counsel and corporate secretary Jem Camania, Sun Life Director Joe Faustino, Sun Life health and wellness manager Jaymie Pizzaro, and national team swimmer Evan Uy; Sun Life advisor Don Gutierrez, Sun Life business development manager Toots Malapad, and national team swimmer Jan Michael Chiu, TV show directors Jojo Saguin and Erick Salud, ABS-CBN Global Head of Business Development Enrique Olives, McCann Worldgroup Regional Business Director Cia Hatzi, MRM/McCann Managing Director Manny Fernando, McCann Worldgroup Philippines Head of Strategic Planning Gino Borromeo, McCann Worldgroup Chairman and CEO Raul M. Castro, McCann Worldgroup Philippines Managing Partner Bernadette Chincuanco, McDonald’s Philippines President and CEO Kenneth Yang, Coca-Cola ASEAN Business Unit President Manuel Arroyo, Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines President Cecile Alcantara, Coca-Cola Philippines President & General Manager Guillermo Aponte, McCann Worldgroup Asia-Pacific President Charles Cadell; Coca-Cola Philippines Vice President for Public Affairs & Communication Adel Tamano; and McCann Worldgroup Philippines Director for Business Development & Corporate Affairs Tricia Camarillo-Quiambao, marketing director Anubha Sahasrabuddhe and Franchise and Commercial Leadership Director Peter Schaelstraete together with the Coca-Cola Philippines team: Johanna Hife, Steve Little, Rogie Delena, Raymond Villaflor, Coca-Cola FEMSA Commercial Unit Associate Director (Mindanao) Jay Justiniano, Coca-Cola Philippines Sparkling Category Marketing Manager Teejae Sonza, Coca-Cola Philippines Finance Director Eduardo Rearte, Jobert Dumlao, Sharon Tanganco, Roki Ferrer, Rachel Cruz, Francis Chua, Franz Decloedt, Yasmin Mallari, Jenny Cinco, Jing Atienza, Criselda Pascual, Mavel Banocnoc, Thess Acuna, Franco Jorge, Stephanie Castillo, Tish Condeno, Jaideep Kibe, Nicamae Baylen, Jenalyn Perez, Barry del Rosario, and Nikki Lee, Coca-Cola Bottlers (Philippines), Inc. national key accounts director Eric Montinola, Coca-Cola (Philippines) IMC senior sparkling content manager Jenny Cinco, Coca-Cola Philippines senior I-marketing manager Jacinto Gervasio, key accounts manager Herman Medina-Cue, marketing manager for Sparkling Flavors Jonah de Lumen, senior brand manager for Coca-Cola Derek Sotto, ACS Manufacturing Corporation founder, president and owner Engineer Alfonso C. Supetran and wife Lourdes Dacumos, relatives and closest friends from ACS Manufacturing Corporation, Adamson University, Mapúa Institute of Technology and Green Meadows Subdivision, City Delivery general manager Francis Dy, Golden ABC, Inc. Vice President for Sales Operations Dino Sagun, national sales diretor Marge Mankil, TAYO Awards Foundation Co-chairman of the Board of Directors Rollie Fabi, TAYO Awards Foundation Executive Director James de Vera, TAYO Awards Foundation President Aika Robredo, Lenovo Philippines country general manager Michael Ngan, Open Communications Inc. marketing manager and Lenovo Smartphones and Tablets brand marketing manager Patricia Paredes, sales director Nestor Remata, Open Communications product manager Alaena Rae Sy, Wave Mobile Inc. owner Paul Tinsay, Lenovo Philippines marketing communications manager Anna Abola, business unit head Juan Armando Rojo, Carlos Chan’s children Carlson, Archie, Rinby, Larry, Oszen and Shera Chan, Chef Tony’s general manager Anthony Elepano, social marketing manager Ashley Ang, “One FC” senior director for commercial development Maja Grimnitz, “One FC” CEO Victor Cui, “One FC” SVP and head of commercial partnerships Victor Chu, Asheesh Mandhyan, iPay Philippines president Eddie Lee, Timothy Roxas-Chua, Gerard Escay, Diageo “Reserve World Class 2015” participating bartender Antony White of Hooch, Monette and Mike Mapa, MM Vazquez, Jessica Tiongson, Bingo Manahan, Bea Munoz, Julz Savard, Timothy Pabillano Barnes, Ronald and Ruth Ventura, Rico Tan, Agustin Lamm, Liam Dames, Lia Ramos, Kevin Moss, Nana Caragay, Emi Jorge, Tricia Centenera, Moncef El Haddar, Doo Ona, Celine Weckerle, “Women’s Health” editor-in-chief Lara Parpan, David Ludwig, Jun Poblador, Amiel Mendoza, Alex Tabtsov, Arthur Tseischchev, Mike Concepcion, Yvethe Santiago, Parul Shah, Kris Janson, Archie Geotina, The Bellevue Hotels and Resorts (BH&R) marketing and communications corporate director Ryan Chan, The Bellevue Manila assistant marketing manager Mary Eunice Lodripas, The Bellevue Manila’s Vue Bar supervisor Rizzy Lutz, F&B manager Vic Lammatao, The Bellevue Resort director of sales Weng Esteban, Peter Yabut, Joey Torres, “DEFY 123 Triathlon 2015” organization committee member Jerry Santos, Moby de Jesus, “DEFY 123 Triathlon 2015” organization committee member Teddy Tong, Norman Arteficio, Mariella Powell, Isa Isip-de Jesus, Mark del Rosario, “DEFY 123 Triathlon 2015” organization committee member Anthony Kierulf, Michelle Meer, Katrina Cruz, Betsy Medalla, Yvonne Colendrino, Coach Etch Verzola, Kali Kalalo, John Pangilinan, Jerry Evaristo, Mikki Quilala, Mike Advincula, Justine Bernabe, Franchesca de Guzman, Heish Lavina, Mel Abesamis, Bong Gonzales, Anthony Kierulf, Dondi Valdez, Sancho and Jammy Honrado, Liza Abesamis, Solar NRG Philippines’ Grigori Agriopoulos, Clarisse Chiongbian and Mike Cosenheim, Marco Polo Plaza Cebu executive sous chef Juanito Abangan, hotel manager Julie Najar, executive chef Stefano Verrillo, food and beverage manager Joward Tongco, former Marco Polo Plaza Cebu general manager Hans Hauri, fashion diretor Raymond Villanueva, Balletcenter Cebu artistic director Gregory Aaron, MPPC banquet service supervisor Cyrill Escurido, Dr. Vivina Chiu Yrastorza, Sandra and Jurgen Pesch, talent manager and film producer Atty. Joji Villanueva-Alonso, Expat Communications, Inc. president and managing director Butch Bonsol, “Expat Magazine” editor Agnes Abrau, Stylebible.ph Associate Fashion & Beauty Editor Zoe Laurente, Andrea Ang of L’officiel Manila, Gela de Dios of Starstyle, and Sarah Santiago of Megastyle; Men’s Health editor in chief Peejo Pilar and Amador Madamba; Top Gear Philippines publisher Jeff Reyes; and JP Calimbas, Richard Cunanan, Kit Payumo and Bert Casal of the Calibre team, Bambi Harper, Toby Gatchalian, Gicelle Himala, Edith Marquez-Reyes, Rebecca Daza-Sadhwani, Woman of all Seasons Bing Carrion-Buck, president and publisher of total PR Marketing and Communications company Seagull Philippines, Inc., Geoffrey Short, Jeremy Cliff, Mabey and Johnson’s Mr. and Mrs. David Forsyth, Lizelle Maralag, managing director of Starcom Worldwide; BBDO Guerrero/Ortega chairman David Guerrero; Campaigns and Grey former chairman Yolanda Villanueva-Ong; Masscom president Ed Cruz and EVP Raymund Timbol; Jon Timbol of Ace Saatchi, Ricky Jalbuena of DDB; Adobo magazine president & Editor-in-Chief Angel Lim Guerrero, Unilever Philippines, Inc. Vice President for Corporate Affairs Chito Macapagal and former chairman and president Howard Belton, Lilia Co and Beth Bravo, ambassador Toto Zaide, Unilever Philippines former environmental consultant Sonny Valencia, and environment crusaders Narda Camacho, Unilab Consumer Health Division former vice-president, Unilab Active Health vice president for operations and BioBalance Institute general manager Alex Fernandez, Josel Garcia, Alex Panlilio, Joey Romana, Joey Peralta, Backy Baquiran and former colleagues from Unilab Consumer Health Division Kraft Foods Philippines Senior Brand Manager Michelle Ianne Gan and Johnson & Johnson senior brand manager Paolo Reyes, former Unilever country communications manager Ed Sunico, Moving and Storage’s well-liked Brian Lane; plus other representatives of British companies in the Philippines, actor and model Troy Montero, actress and cancer survivor Maritoni Fernandez, JAKA Group CEO Katrina Ponce Enrile, actress Angel Aquino, actors Joel Torre, Spanky Manikan, and Miguel Faustmann, former model Cathy Santa Maria-Escano, Secretary and Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s cousin Mike Defensor, Pelita Peralta Uy, Miko Salud, Carlo Magdaluyo, Jules Yanga and Bernice Tenchavez, Fashion Forward founder Bong Guerrero, DJ Jon Herrera and Patti Grandidge, Gian Carlos, Filbert Kung, Kim Nicholas, talent handler Monch Novales and voice-over announcer and DJ Bob Novales, ABS-CBN Global Manila Head Edson Aguiflor, ABS-CBN Global’s Chief Financial Officer and strategic planning head Kai Rodriguez, Skylight Films head and Star Cinema writer, director and Vice President for New Media Enrico Santos, TV headwriter Joel Mercado, Hoseki chief creative officer Knoi Esmane, Pronove Tai & Associates CEO Monique Pronove, Rolini Pineda, Stefan Co, Bianca Li, Roseann and Robina Ko with Grace Ko, Eugene and Bonnie Lemi with Knoi Esmane, Ambassador Victor Garcia, Palmy Layug, Zabeth Co, Roi Philips and Duday Tuason, Mars Lambino, Ana Tecson, Eni Alba and Sally Hofilena, Pasig City Administrator Atty. Reynaldo Dionisio, Minami Saki owner Astoria Hotels and Resorts president Jeffrey Ng, Sen. Bam Aquino, STAR’s Christine Dayrit, Astoria Hotels and Resorts chief operating officer Vivian Ng, Minami Saki executive chef Kimito Katagari, Anthony Cuaycong, Asian Grand Legacy president Miguel Cerdqueda, chef Kimito Katagari and Danny Ocampo, Atty. Jose Malvar Villegas, Astoria Hotel Manager Ping Regalado and Jorle Butic, Albert Sikat and Orlando Quiapon, Jenny Dayao, Stef Juan, Astoria PR head John Tanjangco, Monica Herrera, Michael Ng and wife Emily, NutriAsia’s Renante and Edna Soralbo, Astoria sales manager Coralee Tan, Girlie Jovero and Aki Gadayan, Minami Saki restaurant designer Architect Ed Gallego and wife Bernadette, Plantation Bay Resort and Spa online marketing manager Milal Legaspi, human resources manager Colleen Barcelona, events coordinator Paige Gingete, Rocel Gonzaga, The Palace hotel executives with Plantation Bay Duty Manager Christine Noval, spa manager Chokie Ortiz, special project assistant Malou dela Rosa, public relations officer Hannah Lood and MIS manager Cherry Allego, Xavier Ryan Singh, Daphne Odra-Sanchez, Jen Santos and Richard Alarcon, Boom Sason and Aaron Azreg, Hideo Muraoka and Fatima Rabago and daughter Danda, Sam Richelle and son Myles, Marbee Shing Go and Frank Briones, Swiss Embassy Consul Hans-Peter with Hye-Won FItze, Queen Lema, Raoul Imbach and Jan Hargreaves, The Swiss Yodel Ladies, Debbie Ner, Cristina del Carmen, Brittany Corporation’s team Erwin Mosura, Michelle Bilan, Maria Teresa Paloma, Juvy Geneveo, Andrea Fabian, Michelle Barrientos, General Manager Trixie Dial, Jeaneane Panizales, James Menil, Carla Cadiz, Martin Lim, Cristel Antonio and Jahmina Jeresano, Mabelle and Nonong Torino and children Bettina, Nicko and Anton, Nicole, Theresa, Beatriz, Walbert and Alyssa Vicencio, Albert Yeoh, Alessandra Herrera, Kim Jin Wook, Jen Noel, Gordon and Willow Grae Docherty with Geraldine Guevarra, Diana Jeresano and daughter Jahmina, Ron and Malen Cabatuan and children Arkin and Anesca, Brittany Corporation’s Carla Cadiz, Lea Bulatao and Carmina Pariotes, Danielle Borja and Matthew Areglado, Imee de Villa and daughter Louise Andrea, Anton, Bettina and Nicko Torino, Rejean Reposposa, Simon, Yvonne and Sam Raquel with Melve Petalino, Elhison, Elizhka and Indhie Cortez, Angel Estimado and daughter Aera, “YES! 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Mendiola, Rodclay Roofing, Inc. vice president of sales and marketing and Xáncho chef/owner Marco Rodriguez, design consultant and entrepreneur Astrud Adriano-Crisologo, Nicole Ortega, former actress Joy Ortega, Carlo B. Benavides, Joemer Cahayon and Divine Castillo with son Kenneth, Eva Millan Dantes, Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation president and CEO Alice Eduardo, Francis Fonacier, Paul Jacob, Jay Macatuay, Benjo Marquez, Mark Wenson Mendez, Josephine Mendoza and Jay Jerry Enriquez, Jade Javier, Marivic Quiero, Zenaida Molina Ranay, Cornerstone Entertainment president Erickson Raymundo, Barbara May Reyes, X-Factor Productions, Inc. president Rocky Santiago, Sophia Joyce Uy, Timothy Kaygude, Marco Victoria, Edward Mendez, Hayden Kho, Korina Sanchez, Tanibel Lee, Aldric Lao, Jenny Pearl Tan, Mark Sid Tan, Aiza Chan, Charmaine Chua, MJ Lee, Suzzane Uy, Richard Ngo, Marvi Lua, Tiffany Ng, Ken Jerrick Lim, Paulina Marie Tan, Monique Yiu, Vincent Haoson, Alexander Richmond Uy, Erickson Jao, Brian Chiu, Jovert Tan Lim, Ays Sytengco, Gliezelle Lao, Charles Lim, Kimber Huang, Lawrence Sy, Henry Gomez, Ian Cheng, Raychelle Tan, Meg Lim Yu, Joanna Marie Sotingco, Girlie Rabo, Kelwin Yu, Dom Lim, Nichelle Sison, Elaine Lua, Stephanie Obiles, Angelina Sy Go, Myles Y. Tan, Michael Lam Gan, Edison K. Ching, Johann Burke Gotauco, Johanson Dy Cheng, Piere Cosiquien, Jherald Burke Gotauco, Sharmaine Sun, Wingyan Wang, Gigi Go and Genevieve Go, Bodyworx Spa and Fitness Club sports director and Mini Car Club of the Philippines president Ken Uy, Morris Gonzales, Lorraine Lee, Kristine Cheryl Lim, Jon James Uy, KaiKai So, Abby Ayroso Enriquez, Billy So, Meg Lim Yu, Ian Cheng, Gilbert Uy, Jonn Terence Dy and Ivan Gerhard Tan, Lynda Monteverde, Eunice Que, Sammyjoe Fu, Annallie Mae Yu and Chika Tolentino, Nat Chu, Janice Tan, Bryan Xeno, Armelie Go, Pearlyn Choco, Kim Kim, Katrina Cassandra Keng Tan, Nyzza Lapitan and Charmaine Nicole Yao, Eunice Que, Cheryl Falsis, Jennilyn Michelle Ong, Lawrence Sy, Monsie Cardenas, Rachelle Lyn Ong and Elaine Ng Sy, Lenin Ang, Rachelle Lim, Justin Uy, Rachel Kong and Anthony Uy, Kevin McHale Yao, Raizza Marie Ong, Alexander Richmond Uy, Mervin Justin Tan, Cheyenne Sy, Jovert Tan Lim, Dr. Ravi Zacharias, Stephen Baldwin, friends at Inspire Leadership Consultancy, Belo Medical Group president and medical director Dr. Vicki Belo, 12,000 people during the Unshakable conference last May 17 at the Christ’s Commission Fellowship, Kerin Ching, childhood friend Lia Anonas, Rem de Vera (Kaladkarin of the Year awardee), Chiyo Tagami, Harriet van den Borne, Rita Nazareno, Takatoshi Kimachi, Drea Zuleta, Ana Galang, Grace Velasco, Erika Tatad, Judd Figueres and Melvin Mojica, Jay Diaz, Fumio Onishi, Harriet van den Borne, Gerome Vizmanos, Joris Spanhoff, Jeroen van Straten and Patty Betita, Primer’s Macel Abejero, Lou Bunyi, Primer’s managing director Jun Uy, Araneta Group vice chairman Judy Araneta-Roxas, “Philippine STAR” senior vice president for sales and marketing Lucien Dy Tioco, Ayala Land Inc. executives country manager Bong Gutierrez and former president and CEO Antonino “Tony” Aquino, Manaya Estate Broker Zahreddin M. Ibrahim, Ayala Land International Sales, Inc. general manager Anna Tatlonghari, ALI Vice President Mr. David San Pedro; ALISI President William Thomas Mirasol; Philippine Ambassador to Singapore, Minda Calaguian-Cruz; Regional Sales Head Alexis Ojeda, International Sales Manager Killian Vea and Associate International Sales Manager Gabriel Lingad, Cultural Center of the Philippines Trustee and Society for Cultural Enrichment, Inc. vice chair Jaime C. Laya, “Philippine Daily INQUIRER” Lifestyle editor Thelma Sioson-San Juan, Luis Carlo San Juan, Ayala Malls and 20th Century Fox Philippines publicist Mae Vecina, Baby Ruth Villarama, Ayala Malls Marketing Associate Barbie Maceda, Cinemalaya president and Cultural Center of the Philippines adviser Nes Jardin, “Philippine Tatler” Magazine managing editor Chit Lijauco, “Philippine STAR” Lifestyle editor Millet Martinez-Mananquil, Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc. President and Chief Operating Officer Robina Gokongwei-Pe, Dr. Philip Buñag, Liane Bautista, former La Paz, Tarlac vice mayor Robert Mananquil, STAR’s Regina Belmonte, Xandra Rocha, “Allure” editor, Stargate Media Corporation general manager and “PeopleAsia Magazine” editor-in-chief Joanne Rae Ramirez, former Camarines Sur Gov. LRay Villafuerte and wife Lara, Raul and Patty Arambulo, Bayer CropScience, Inc. Philippines managing director Dr. Joachim Wegfahrt and wife Gabriella, Carlo Aboboto, Ciara Infantado, Dr. Cecile Infantado, Marielle Infantado, Dr. Aissa Avelino, Patty Aboboto, Billy Sonmez, Tes Schofer, Hera Geriene, 856 G Gallery in Cebu curator Jing Ramos, artist Jewelle Yeung, Flor Inclino, Atty. Joje Decal, Robert and Isabel Vechionni and children Rachel and Lucas, Expat Services office manager Cherry Ann Oyo-a, Plantation Bay account executive Hilary Padilla, Cebu Expat Services owners Paul and Elsa Whiteway, Joan Canoy, Botch Rocamora, Russel Villaceran, Marvey Noble, Happee Go, Grace Glory Go, “Bulgari” country manager Mario Katigbak, Valerie Sotto, Bob Miller, fashion designers Ito Curata and Christian Espiritu, Chichi and Patrick Lizot, Nelia Feuntebella, former Batangas governor Tony Leviste, Becky Garcia, Leonard Tiong and Makati Garden Club’s Sandra Jocson, Lilibeth Campos, Lawyer Edrix Crisologo, Nenunca Bladrdony, Ditas Araneta, Trinin Panicucci, Alice Briones, Linda Kanapi, Babita Anido, Rita Cuna, Nene Lichuaco, Ching Caluag, Nora Robles, Lou Ellen Pineda, Finana Khoh, Nenita Ocampo, Chelet Ayuyao, Tessie Tanjuatco, Elena San Agustin, Nene Feliciano, Rorie Buenaseda, Rosemarie Prieto, Josie Razon, Charito Ampil, Evelyn Kilayko, Patsy Henson, newlyweds Dody and Charade Galang-Puno, parents Justice Ricardo Puno, Sr. and wife Priscilla, Puno siblings Raul, Ramon, Ronnie, and lawyer Reggie, Charilu, lawyers Rosella, Dong, Roy and Eric, Yolanda Reyno, Eden Nieva, Dr. Marilyn Torres, Mario Tan, Nigel Healey, Philippine Tatler Traveller editor Mia Borromeo, Minotti Manila general manager and Living Innovations president Ferdie Ong, Town & Country magazine founding editor in chief Monique Villonco, Cheling and Susan Sala, Stella Bernabe, Lydia Alfonso, Janet Alfafara, Desmond Hatton, Maggie Garcia, Neil Rumbaoa, BIGSEED PR & Events Managing Director Jaja Chiongbian and Dexter Cheng, Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company former chairman and Philippine Drug Abuse Resistance Education president Dr. Antonio Abacan, Jr., Puno & Puno senior partner Roderico Puno, Andy Bautista and Carmelo Bautista, Shangri-La Boracay Communications manager Patti Javier, Erica Paredes, Arlene Cu, Jacopo Pandolfini Sebastien Papin, Dr. Randy Francisco and “Philippine Tatler” managing director Irene Martel-Francisco, comedian Ate Glow, Ayala Foundation president Vicky Garchitorena, Pinky Marquez, Christine Del Valle, Boboi Costas, Danny Barrientos, Julito Eraña, Anos Fonacier, Gloria Escaño, Rose Alfafara, Tina Bonifacio, Amparo Rodil, Anita Sanchez, Milagros Espina, Merle Cunanan, Juanita Verano, Fe Necesario, Flor Streegan, Inday Avila, Tina Ebrada, Mathea Baguia, Tess Chan, actress and model Maria Persson, Alex Lichaytoo, Export Director of La Masion Paul Jaboulet, Aine Gwenaele Chesnaise, Thibaut Pouplard, Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser of 2Cellos, Christine Alba, Marit Yuchengco and Reena Rosario, radio jock and health enthusiast Gelli Victor, Miss Philippines Earth-Water 2012 Samantha Purvor, Sheree Chua, Linda Ley, Jemstone Global Recruitment Agency CEO Jennifer Helen Weigel-Sarmiento, Salome Dy, Cassandra Naidas, Liga Jankova, Anna Bardborn, Laryssa Hsslabecor, Stephany Stefanowitz, Chandra Kewalram with Savannah and Serla Russell, Maryel Lim, Ms. Chinatown Philippines, Inc. executive director Alexis Go, Eve Yukimtlao, Manila Pianos Inc. corporate secretary Gina Ronquillo, “Bravo Filipino” magazine publisher Beth Victoria, Jayelles’ Roselle Rebano, Linda Ley and Czarina Syquia, Patty Ang, Yen Guevara, Mary Jane Sy, Grace Ang, Amelia Ting, Kat Florencio, Rima Ostwani, BestWorld Beverage Brands, Inc. president and general manager Edna Diaz, EDSA Shangri-La, Manila general manager Elsa Ang, Karimadon CEO Josie Go, Sunny Vergara, Dr. Aissa Avelino, Patty Aboboto, Billy Sonmez, Tes Schofer, Hera Geriene, Rosario “Mama Charing” Rojas-Villar, Karen Fuentebella, Saripaz Villar, Best Dressed Women of the Philippines awardee Elaine Rojas-Villar, Aida Cobankiat, Ruby Chua, Marissa Fenton, Gabriela Wegfahrt, Eni Alba, Chin and Karima Palafox, Raymund Villanueva, Kat Florencio, Sheree Chua, Manolyne Taylor, Milan Ong and Tiffany Copok and mom Flora Chua, Padolina Rock World Corporation CEO Lynette Padolina, Lawyer Connie Aquino, Allana Montelibano, Hera Geriene and Duday Tuason, Prof. Miriam Tamayo, Nene Pe Lim and daughter Girlie, Baby Antonio, Shelly Lazaro, Grace Ang, Bernard Cloma, Travel Specialist Ventures, Inc. president Rowena Coloma, Morelia Tours and Travel owner Lina Aurelio, Issa Litton, Ayala Theatres Management Inc. marketing manager Rhia Arda, Ayala Theatres Management Inc. Deputy General Manager Atty. Rolly Dueñas, Commercial Business Group Division Manager Marjie Duque, Ayala Land vice president and head of operations and support services commercial business group and Ayala Theatres Management Inc. chairman Rowena Tomeldan, Fairview Terraces general manager Liz Gayla, Ayala Land Commercial Business Group Advertising and Promotions Associate Manager Denise Olanday-Lagayan, Ayala Theatres Management Inc. deputy general manager Atty. Rolly Dueñas, Ayala Land, Inc. president and CEO Bobby Dy, Rich and Carrie Yang, Stephanie Zubiri, Ayala Malls Marketing Services Division Manager Sandy Espinosa, Ayala Land Inc. Commercial Business Group senior division manager and head of marketing Maricris Bernardino Maricris Bernardino, “Mercato Central” co-founder, TV show host, “The Philippine Star” columnist and Monaco Vice Consul RJ Ledesma, Ayala Land Assistant Vice President Javier Hernandez, Ayala Malls associate marketing manager Mitch Suarez, BPI Family Savings Bank Senior Vice President for Retail Loans Ginbee Go, BPI Family Bank President Nabbie Alejo and Senior Vice President and Ka Negosyo Loans Division Head Cedoy Roces, Alpha Southeast Asia CEO and Publisher Siddiq Bazarwala, Tara Litton, Enrique Chua and daughters Tiffany, Ruby Jane and Sheree, Richard Tiu, Mayenne Carmona, Henry and Jojo Sabarte, Marivic Vasquez, Lilibeth and Paqui Campos, fashion photographer Paolo Pineda, “Men’s Health” art director Glen Concio, Enchong’s brother AJ Dee, Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation product manager for mobile and IT Ien Rivera, business unit director for contents and services Chris Concepcion, Samsung business advisor Mike Cheon, business unit director for IT and mobile team Jojo Vega, SEPCO product marketing head for Mobile Coco Domingo, stylist Sidney Yap, writer and talent manager Noel Ferrer, Dr. William Leung, Gerick Parayno, Ruel Mendoza, Ricky Sison, Johnny Santos, Andres Estella, Ojie Leona, Felix Bacolor, William Ma, ACC Philippines board member Louie Locsin, Josie Natori, businessman George Barcelon and Irene Tan Barcelon, Bridges@Com managing director Franco Santos, chairperson Toni Palenzuela, president Annie Ringor, and managing director Nicole Jacinto, Visions and Expressions Inc. president Susan Joven, Toni Gregory-Palenzuela, Newtrends International Corporation president George Mirani, Ching Cruz, Agnes Huibonhoa, Fe Rodriguez, “Cabalen” owner and president Maritel Nievera, Toff de Venecia and Maki Cruz, Lawyers Amor Sycip Herrera and Mina Sycip Herrera, Tata Mara, Yvonne Quisumbing-Romulo, former Quezon City 1st District Rep. Bingbong Crisologo, Pazzy Navarro, actress Dang Cecilio-Palanca, Ida Vargas, Mark Christian Parlade, Blue Carreon, Dorcie Guingona, Marissa Buenaventura de Venecia, Lorna Silverio, Annie Ringor, Marietta Santos, Josine Elizalde, Pinky Del Rosario Zeller, Dr. Tony Protacio, Deeda Garcia-Verzosa, Anne Marie Robicheau-Saguil, Manny Ayala, Maritess Tantoco-Enriquez, Alexandre Charriol, Martha Orosa Uy, Jonathan Matti, David Almendral, Vanna Calalang Severino, Astrud Adriano-Crisologo, Rina Cu Unjieng Andrews, Rachel Climent, Mona Bishier-Valdes, Sandie Castro-Poblador, Joshua Payne, Emily Siy, Vincent Tanjutco, Sheila Carlos, Marzo Samson, Oudine Santos, restaurateur Ato Alvarez, Dr. Jojo Suarez, Nelia Sancho, Mykee Concepcion, Dinky Santos, Baboo Mondoñedo, Rita Trillo-Ugarte, Lia Martinez, Tanya Lim Llana, Alessandra Oledan Rodriguez, Emman Papa, Patricia Bunye-Rojas, Antonio Leaño, Pete Jimenez, Oscar Villamiel, Matteo and Katrin Gonzales, Robby Tantingco, Girlie Rodis, Anna Pingol, Allan Diones, Salve Asis and Ian Farinas, Rachel Alejandro, Summit Media editorial director and Cosmo Philippines Editor-in-Chief Myrza Sison, cookbook author and editor in chief of F&B Report magazine Angelo Comsti, Greta Lauron, Nene Dinglasan, Angie Sison, Dodi Sison, Kat Magubat, Crystal Tremblay, Liaa Magsaysay, Alvin, David and Paolo Sison, Kli and Blynn Layco, Norma Davies, Linda de Guia, Penny Victorino, Josie Palma, Alma Yabut, Richard Tremblay, Evelyn Quintana, Bassam Abou-Hamad, Nel Post, Dearsy Webb and Sally Hofilena, Greta Lauron and Binky Caral, Dr. Say Yabut and wife Alma with Eni and husband lawyer Vic Alba, Carlos Perez-Rubio, Noel Reyes and Linda Abou-Hamad, Sophia Ricafort Climaco, Benny Ricafort, Monica Climaco, Commission on Higher Education commissioner Nona Ricafort, Sophia Ricafort-Climaco, Pinang Saldana with Charito, Emmanuel, Michaela and Gaby Climaco, Emil Khodaverdi, Erika Rivilla, Inno Canlas, Mark Sy, Kai Khodaverdi, Franco Rivilla, Ana Climaco, Alfonzo Alegrado, Kiana Feliciano, Mara Caparas, Lia Uy and Kyla Genato, Miggy Franco, Jeanne Sy, Kerwin Yaolim John Ong, Justine Sy, Pat Perez, Alina Mabatid, Valerie Ypil, James Chrimski, Enrik Benedicto, Pia Neri, Emily Alcid, Dawn and Margin Feliciano and Jasy Carino, P&G Hair Care senior technologist Shean Lim and communications manager Deidre de Padua, Pantene endorser Catriona Gray, “Mega” magazine editor-in-chief Peewee Reyes-Isidro, stylist Ton Lao, Matrix president and CEO Jay Anthony Agosto, Allergan product specialist Via Perano, business development specialist Jennette Sia, district sales manager Ceejay Jornacion and national sales manager Benilda Soriano, PC/PNP Retired Officers’ Ladies Organization, Inc. officers and board Bienvenida Montoya, Marcy Dayco, Mawie Aglipay, Del Gallardo, Lulu Acharon, Maricris Dayco, Marisol Buena, Esther Domingo, Myrna Delfin and Jane Piad, Cecil Canson, Bleth Castillo, Esther Domingo, Dr. Jana Mora, Flor Reototar, Lilia Revil Tess Joaquin, Cecille Ysulat, Tess Inal, Flor Reototar, Aida Zoleta, Belo Medical Group marketing manager Jennie Julaton, Jo Juan and Dr. Guada Capiz, Dr. Eloisa Buse, associate physician Grace Purificacion, The Rockwell Club Marketing Head Sylveth Ong-iko, General Manager Geng Brillantes, Belo Medical Group, Inc. public relations specialist Milicent Silvestre, Vicki’s assistant Dorothy Espiritu, Edith Arellano, Grace and Lois Villanueva, Yna Burgos and Chielo Manuel, Princess Bagatsing, Jayvee Ramirez, Ian Cordero, Jonah, Kathleen and Keana Gascon, Imelda Manguiat, Rafael Morales, Anthony Dee, Rocky Alejandro Angeles, Mia Gentugaya, Belo Medical Group operation manager non-medical Cecile Molina-Gregorio, Belo Medical Group general manager Agnes Ballesteros Lopez, Dr. Mina Abad-Cesa, Premier Center for Fashion and Design, Inc. president Stella Santos-Salcedo and son Sam Salcedo, medical operations manager Dr. March Babaran, Doctors Michelle de Jesus, Ching Villanueva and Guada Capiz, managing physician Carlo Lozada, associate physician Ericka Velasco, Jon Edmarc Castillo, Romeo Lumagui, Jr., John Christian Joy Regalado, Bhong Paulo Macasaet, John Paul de Leon, Belo Medical Group Business Development Manager Doris Jimenez, Imelda Manguiat, Russell Rodriguez, Marietta Tibayan, Easter Princess Castro, Aaron Roi Riturban, Aldous Benjamin Camiso, Roselle Jean Nonato, Tracy Anne Ong, Belo Medical Group Patient Care Specialists Lovely Tajan, SyCip Law Senior Associates Melyjane Bertillo-Ancheta, Aaron Roi Riturban, Maria Jennifer Barreto, Hiyasmin Lapitan, Belo Medical Group Patient Coordinator Annie Balalio, Leah Abutan, Diana Grace Uy, Maria Viola Vista, Jefferson Miras, Mary Jane Marasigan, Marissa Pascua, Shiela Balauro, Lourdes Aruego, Liza Mapagu, Ric Biancaflor, Tammy Lipana, Mely Corpuz, Helen Macasaet, Mely Corpuz, Mel and Amy Salazar, Nurture Wellness Village co-owner Dr. Mike Turvill, Jackie Boncan, Grace Palma-Tiongco, Liza Mapagu, Joy Asuncion Kelly, Belo Medical Group Tomas Morato managing physician Zaidy Zagala, actress Empress Schuck, Kristoff Abrenica, Jamilla Obispo, Chiqui del Carmen, comedianne Kitkat Favia, Dr. Disney Dulalia, Erlinda Lee, Anna Verdn, Erlinda Lee, Anna Verdon, Donna Santos, Dr. Zaidy Zagala, Carmen Hussein, Dr. Guada Capiz, Dr. Ching Villanueva and Ericka Velasco, Dr. Carlo Lozada, May Lim, Charo Yujuico, Rose Buena, Lai Francisco, Belo Medical Group Greenhills clinic patient care specialists Carol del Pilar, Hazel Manuel, Mary Rose Baluyut, Rosebelle Muyo, Carcy delos Santos, Angel Luz Maga, Josephine Clavio, Jennifer Ibarra, Cecille Gregorio, Mega Atrium branch officer Joy Ramos, Marian Ong, Triple V owner Maridel Villavicencio, Jing Sarao, George Tagle, “Business+Class” magazine art director Florentino Cuevas IV, beauty editor Toni Abad, lifestyle editor Mia Tambunting Padilla, publisher Patrick Lawrence Tan, managing editor Kim Benedicto Lokin, fashion editor Rima Ostwani, president and editor-in-chief Jing Lagandaon, managing director Bing Ramillano, Linton Inc.’s Philip Lim, Association of Young Filipino Chinese Entrepreneurs honorary chairman Michael Chenglay, Segway Philippines president and CEO Wilson Lei, Reia del Rosario, Cris Lao, Former movie actress turned businesswoman and media personality Marissa del Mar, Cathy Turvill, Dr. Cora Claudio, Karim Garcia and Esther Go, AmCham executive director Ebb Hinchliffe, Belo Medical Group PR manager John Eric Ho, AmCham organizing committee Chet Guevara, Maureen Ortiz, Ron Rollorata, Pauline Santos, Rapha Health Institute president Dr. Chris Enriquez, AmCham’s Janica Gaisano, Carol Singson, Froland Tajale, JV Pimentel, AF Creators owner Abbie Flores, April Salonga, Quezon Power (Philippines) Limited Company’s Jeri Mae Descasa, Lala Avendano, BDO-Alba Romeo Management Consultancy manager Ruby Jadoc, Wendy Jane dela Cruz and Sherry Mae Jayme, Peter Lau, Belo Medical Group’s Annie Balalio, Trisha Gesilva, Milicent Silvestre, Dorothy Espiritu and Lovely Tajan, Frank Holz and Rhett Ramos, Retirement and Healthcare Coalition’s Camille Anne Carpio and Lena Schandra, Mar Gerome Abana, Melanie Pagaragan, Linda Javier and Iriss Barola, Celine Laurel and Au Galvez, ballerina, actress and ballet director Maritoni Rufino-Tordesillas, DermAsia Corporation CEO Nikki Tang, Marcott Almeda, The Tinder Box owner Aziza Mondonedo with Marlene Mondonedo, Cristina Gomez, Penny Lopez Katigbak and Maricar Manese Xerez Burgos, Baby Araneta Fores, Lisa Araneta, Cacho Marcos, Linda Oledan, Veana Fores, Lorrie Reynoso, Maricris Zobel, Carol Garcia, former model Maripi Muscat, Interior designer and architect Anton Mendoza, Monch Cruz, Chut Cuerva, art collector-businessman Marcel Crespo, Valentina Salonna, Sasja Mulder, Ruel Papa, Cat Arambulo, Donna Andrada, Carlos and Billie Reyes, Aarmi Mayoralgo and Catalino Bondoc, Kulkumut Singhara Na Ayudhaya, Nivat Chantarachoti, Stale Torstein Risa, Sigalit and Sinai Djemal, Bibot Nolan, Vicky Pangilinan, Lia Valencia, Roseanne Coscolluela and Val Villegas, Michael and Nameeta Dargani, Marketing & Communication Strategist, Food & Tourism Advocate and Hypersocial Entrepreneur Marco Lobregat, Maripi Muscat, Roberto and Peter Laurel, Miguel Cerqueda, Lorna P. Laurel, Gerhard Kropp, Louie Cruz, Paul Campos, Alvaro Pertierra, Rogy Panganiban, Rafe Totengco, Justa Tantoco, Diana Go, Olga Martel, Betsy Tenchavez, Nini Valdez, Roi Phillips, Minerva Tanseco, Nini Layug, Chichi Laperal and Pitang Tiongson, Mita Rufino, Alexa, Tatina and Karen Boccone, Melchor and Nina Dizon, Leny Gutierrez, Ester Dee Rosca, Linda Cruz, Lulu Castaneda, Florence Monzon and Juanita Yap, Pepita Imperial Aquino, Marinette Dacumos, PV Rono, Ditas Ignacio, Baby Aquino, Dette Aquino-Tan, Rose Imperial, Rev. Fr. Roi Evangelista, Maricor Imperial, Mila Barlaan, Nelia Cortez, Menchie Lava, Charito Tusit, Tom Aquino, Nena Penson, Polly Aquino, Mario Rono, Efren Aquino, Percy David, Mila Magsaysay, Mel David, Lino Cortez, Joleen Laforteza, Baby Buenaventura, Gie Bulaclac, Luz Cullen, Nellie Bengzon, Rev. Fr. Matthew Blockley, Juanita Yap, Beth Cristobal, Minerva Tanseco, Chloe Periquet, Bert Basilio, Corazon Manese Perez, Azun Zubiri, Lil Dominguez, Patty Jalbuena, Lita Gelano, Glecy Mojares, Minda Imperial, Joy Conde Cruz, Annabelle Adriano, Malu Unson, Frank Adriano, Pilar Aldanese, Jorge Hizon, Lory Jambalos, Lili Adina, Nellie Valdez, Gilda Salonga, Alice Briones, Pacita de Guzman, Tessie Briones, Nellie Bengzon, Thelma Gana, Kim Bernardo-Lokin, Baby de Jesus, CWC officers Mimi Valerio and Nonie Basilio with husband Bert, Lulu Castañeda, Club Bulakeno former president Tess Castro, PGHMFI chairman Dr. Greg Alvior Jr., president Dr. Edward Tordesillas and corporate secretary Lolita Mirpuri, Letty Santos, Evie Costa, Nori Ongsiako, Mars Lambino, Offie Recto, Glenn Gale, Tessie Rodrigo, Naty Golez, Letty Syquia, Sandie Poblador, Maritess Pineda, Marieliese Evaristo, Cristina Castañer-Ponce Enrile, Diana Santos, Loleng Panlilio, Tessie Amparo, Marjo Ferraren, Luz Cullen, Yaying Dragon and Linda Pastoral, Anette Feliciano, Malou Duenas, Benito Benoza, Edg Samson, Jacqe Yuengtian, Wishnie Torres, IdeasXMachina Advertising, Inc. Senior Account Director Aaron Mempin, Unilever Senior Global Brand Director Paul Katimbang, former model, teacher, fashion consultant and now image and training specialist and businesswoman Olen Lim, Tyrone Valdes, Ipe Cruz, Ian Giron, Andres Vasquez Prada and Al Tengco, Magsaysay Group of Companies President and CEO Doris Magsaysay Ho, model and host Marc Nelson, Tina Maristela-Ocampo, Philip and Trisha Panlilio Cu-Unjieng, bachelor Sander Tantoco, entrepreneur Karen Santos, Bobby and Chingbee Cuenca, Baby Girl Fricke, “Lifestyle Asia” editor-in-chief Anna Sobrepena, Anthony Wahl, David Lim, Linda Ley, Marco Polo Ortigas Manila director of communications Francis de Leon, Jaime Pineda, Peter Lau, fashion and ramp models Trishan Cuaso and Peter Norrdell, Agile Zamora, Willie Vergara with Jack and Sonja Rodriguez, Gary Lising and fashion designer Roy Gonzales, Gerone Olorocisimo with Luigi and Joanne Estella, David and Fides Hsu, Dolores Cheng and Totoy Garcia, Alice Canlas, Marissa Ocampo, Baby Rojas and Lorna Hizon, Gerry Golion and SM Supermalls senior vice president for engineering and security affairs Antolin Paule with SuperStar vice chairman and president Manny Sy and COO Sergio Yu, Junjun and Rowena Suarez, Jet and Alexis Suarez with Alcs Porras and Pleshy Wee, Joanna Suarez and Melissa Racela, Ryan Singh and Lesley Tan, Jean Goulbourn, Frances Lim, Gourmet Farms founder Ernest Escaler, former Senator, Defense Secretary, Radio Philippines Network, Inc. president and CEO and current Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration Secretary General Dr. Orly Mercado and World Health Organization Regional Office for the Western Pacific Division of Noncommunicable Diseases and Health through the Life-Course Director Dr. Susan Pineda, Probe Productions, Inc. founder and president, TV host and Rappler founding editor Cheche Lazaro, Ces Drilon, Chino Dee, Mitch Valdes, Daniel Teichert and wife fashion designer Maureen Disini, Zelda and Jessica Kienle, Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez, Jo Ann Bitangcol, Jappy Gonzales, Silverlens’ Rachel Rilo, Romeo Lee, ABS-CBN Sports+Action channel head Vince Rodriguez, Fritz and Kathy Webb, Bea Ledesma, Cecilia and Monique Carrion, Esquire editor in chief Erwin Romulo and Jerome Gomez, Vivian Veloso-Herrera, Bong Dimayacyac, Diane Benisano-Bautista, Beth de Mesa, Gina Ocampo-Haas, Tet Villanueva, Michelle de Leo, Liza Ma, Carol Chen, Bart San Diego, Efren de Jose, Alphie de Guzman, Benjamin Cabrera, photographers Bengy Toda and Denise Weldon, fashion designers Joey Samson, Jojie Lloren, Francis Libiran, Sassa Jimenez, Ivarluski Aseron and Randy Ortiz, Jenny Pastor, Sheila dela Cuesta & graphic artists behind the book Cynthia Arre, Chinggay Labrador & Lizza Guttierez, Carmina Sanchez, Yael Buencamino, Anthony Yupangco, homemaker Penny Daza Tuviera, Tracey Paska, Dr. Bernadette J. 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Anton Mendoza, Budji Layug, Royal Pineda, Ed Calma, Milo Naval, Tony Gonzales, Tes Pasola, Kenneth Cobonpue, Ana Rocha, Aliya Parcs, Bart Guingona, Michael Williams, Bobby Caballero, Sol Salao and Ernie Fajardo, Sheryn Regis, Bianca Lapus, Mickey Ferriols, former Cabinet secretary and businessman Carlos “Sonny” Dominguez III, TOEPFFER Group, Inc. 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Lopez Center Executive Director Mayan Quebral, Scientific Director Dr. Rodel Lasco, Ria Francisco-Prieto, Margie and Jonathan Frank, Matthew Friesh, Bryan Kong, Luke Baker, Hannah Kong, Krish Dhanam, Peter Tan-Chi, Sanj-Kay Ricks-Kalra, Francis Kong, Rachel Kong, Tracy Trinita, Ruth Malhotra, Sanj Kaira, ANC producer Rely de Guzman, Richprime Global, Inc. Vice-President Jane Yao-Tiu, Qualcomm Philippines chief Mantosh Malhotra, Italian Embassy First Secretary and Deputy Head of Mission Alfonso Tagliaferri, fashion and lifestyle blogger Ingrid Chua-Go, Hungarian model turned photographer Simon Sandor, Fashion designer Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez, Rogue Magazine Editor in Chief Paolo Reyes, Philex Mining Corporation Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs Atty. 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CEO Gabrielle Boschi, Tata Saavedra, Adworks Graphic Designs Manila creative director and owner Mye Cruz, Maika Cruz, Nicole Cruz, Ash Ghasemi, Ian Galliguez, Madrigal-Bayot Development Corporation president Francisco Madrigal-Bayot, Jr., project architect Wilbert Tan, Susana Madrigal Bayot-Ortigas, MBDC vice president for finance Mardes Nicandro, vice president for marketing Francisco “Paco” T. Bayot, Alice Samson, Lawyer Sylvette Tanklang, Dara and Kenneth Sy, Sally Villaraza, Kat Ignacio, Lily and Gabriel Lardizabal, Alan del Ramirez, Josh Belmonte, Arlene Jacobo, Charla Cabagbag, Antonette Bulanan, Marlyn Cacio, Rudy Francisco, Virgie Monton, Mary Ann Pentason, architects Toots Romero and Rima Cinco, Manuel Sy, Sea Wind’s Ruth Tirol-Jarantilla, Rev. Fr. Oscar Andrada, Tony Lim, Alfred Luis and Marjorie Estrella Pascua Villa-Real, Susan and Jobert Cocjin, Marichel Magalona, Nanette Lasala and Patrick Allan Sy, Marilou Cacho, Marie Rose Cacho, Ruth Tirol-Jarantilla, Augusto Villa-Real, Cristina Syyap Xerez-Burgos, Mercedes Villa-Real, Chef Adrien Guerrey, Mayen Tan, Susan Sala, Amparito Lhuillier, Teresin Mendezona, Honorary Consul of France Michel Lhuillier, Michel Guinefolleau, Louie Thevenin, Lotte Schapp, Honorary Consul of Sweden Jose Sala, Hugues Antoine Suin, Yann and Stephanie Larrandabure, Ellise Robillart, Oche Golez, Alicia Plaza, the staff of Alliance Francaise de Cebu Mark Sy, Angelica Valera, Renante Ricablanca and Kurt Ocenar, Melissa Bonnaud, Graziella Vergain, Charlene Virlounet, Kevin Hoffert, Lani Pasquet, Jay Chiongbian, Jewelmer Joaillerie AVP for retail sales Niza Capili, Carmen Campbell, business tycoons Milk Wang and Benjamin Wu, actor Jeffrey Santos, Public Attorney’s Office chief Atty. 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Umali, Jr., COO Tomas Rocamora, business development manager James Cariaga, HR manager Olive Tan, retail product manager Emillie Battad, corporate relations manager Mary Ann Cabrera, Carlo Umali, Digzy Umali, Chema Marquez & JingJong Laurel, Leah Puyat, model/host/blogger Kim Jones, owners and publishers of Project Mom Jaime and Chris Daez, Anna Dy, Pilar Tuason, Marta Araneta, model/former “MTV” VJ/ host/blogger Patty Laurel-Fillart, Lucky Lalique Man and Woman of the Year 2009 Mike Ellis and Geri Giles, Ryan Villamael, Goldie Poblador, Geoff Gonzales, Manny Cabili, Clair and Roman Barberis, Eliza Tan, Joyce Andres, Cristina Ynes Sison, Maryann Garcia, Menchie Gregorio, Ivo Kahanek, Jan Fisher, Helmut Gaisberger, Paul Schenk, Tomas Jamnik, Jaroslav Ludva, Junoy Verano, Tim Appleton, Loise Angelique Tan, Joan Uy, Katrina Isabelle Ros, Maria Ruby Guinto, Maria Theresa Gorgonio, Carlisle Santos, Susan Syquia, Jessie Sincioco, Minnie Jentes, Pam Gonzales, Victoria Marin, Nino Canaleta, Wini Arboleda, Yancy and Ranigel de Ocampo, Brian Revilla, Raymond Toledo, Kailash Ramchandani, Chris Fondoso, Art Hyndman, Alvin Degamo, Joey Pineda, Ever Garcia, Former Senator and Presidential Assistant on Food Security and Agricultural Modernization Secretary Kiko Pangilinan, former Tourism secretary Mina T. Gabor, hair stylist Henri Calayag, Chef Tippi Tambunting, Ana de Ocampo and Michelle Tiangco, Andrej Wisnieswski, Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Editor and Sense&Style editor-in-chief AA Patawaran, Editor Chelo Banal-Formoso, watercolorist Alessandra Lanot, digital artist Patrick Cabral, Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez, Eloisa Matias, Marco Jerome Gatpandan, Kim Narciso, Mel Oca, Mary Cdelpilar, Carlos Siguion-Reyna, Erlinda Ynchausti Cruz and Pip Cruz, Manet A. Dayrit, late Angelo Reyes spokeswoman and Director for Artists Relations Patricia Daza, Mario Bautista, movie producer Marichu ‘Manay Ichu’ Vera-Perez Maceda, Betchay Vera-Perez Nakpil, uncle Kokoy, brothers Erwin and Edmund, plus nephews and nieces, Dra. Gel Lazaro, Dr. Rodolfo Delos Reyes, Ian Fariñas, Jojo Gabinete, Jerry Olea, Gorgy Rula, Salve Asis, Norma Japitana, Emma Guevarra, Paul Cabral, image consultant, fashion stylist Eric Pe Benito, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts Director of Operations and Special Projects and Hotel Jen Headquarters director of special projects Golden Whitehead, movie and TV producer and KB Entertainment Unlimited, Inc. and New Riviera Hotel Development Corporation chairwoman and CEO Kitchie Benedicto-Paulino, WCOPA Philippine team National Director Ida Henares, and WCOPA Philippines Event Organizer Mike Chiong, balikbayan-writer Baby K. Jimenez, Dara Diana Relleve, Jean Flores Lagazon, Mercy G. Masangcay, Jonas Cruz Levy, Oscar Valera Jr., Pablo Tariman, Simon Santos, Teena Maria Arguelles Liwanag, Gino George, Abigail Legaspi Palad, Yddah Marfil Guico, Priscilla Lagazon, Cynthia Alzona Mance, Bing Confiado Manalo, Noel Limos, Teresita Villarama, Glory L. 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Commercial Business Group senior division manager Joseph Reyes, Ayala Land vice president Javier Hernandez, Bonvests Holdings Limited Property Marketing Executive Charisma Comia, Ayala Malls operations manager and Glorietta general manager Mitch Dumlao, two hundred employees and partners of Brother International Philippines Corporation led by Brother International Philippines Corporation president Glenn Hocson, and Deputy General Manager for Sales and Marketing Masao Kasagi, Isao Noji, General Manager of the Sales and Marketing Department handling Asia Pacific and Japan, and the Global Marketing Department of Brother Industries Ltd.; Yumiko Iwadare, General Manager of the Sales and Marketing Department handling the US and Europe of Brother Industries Ltd.; Takao Shima, Manager for Sales and Marketing for Japan and Asia Pacific of Brother Industries Ltd.; Masakazu Goto, Senior Team Manager of the Sales and Marketing Department handling the US and Europe of Brother Industries, Ltd.; Shinji Tada, Managing Director, ASEAN, of Brother International Singapore Pte. Ltd.;  Brother Industries, Ltd. managing executive officer Takafumi Kamenouchi, Philippine Cancer Society Executive Director Dr. Rachel Rosario, McDonald’s Philippines Senior Vice President for Marketing and Communications Margot Torres, Samsung Philippines Head of Mobile & IT Business Hiebert Dimagiba, Google Philippines Head of New Business Sales Aitor Gomez Maguregui, and Max’s Group Director of Marketing Mark Gamboa, “Be BENCH/: The Model Search” finalist Ron Morales; Philgear International Inc. AVP Toti Wong, Boxfresh regional brand manager Leslie Santos, Charmaine Tan, Ken Co, and Luke Polintan, Brent Javier, Janna Tee, Influencer Bea Constantino, Brand Executive Alexis Lizares, Influencers DJ Nina, Yanna Cowper, and Jelito de Leon, Rosario and Victoria Herrera, Jasmine Maierhofer, StokedInc. Wahlne champion Daisy Valdez, StokedInc. surf ambassadors Gerard Cancio and Carla Sebastian, organizers Carla Rowland and Ian Zamora, Mark Bumgarner, racing driver Michele Bumgarner, National squash players Robert Garcia, Mac Begornia, Don Espinola and David Pelino, Kia Sorento player LA Revilla, DJ Jessica Milner, Winter Olympic figure skater Michael Christian Martinez, model and dancer Zeus Collins, Philippine National Triathlon team captain Nikko Huelgas, Philippine Volcanoes National Men’s Rugby Team Captain Jake Letts and members Chris Everingham, Joe Matthews, Luke Matthews, Oliver Saunders, Matty Saunders, Andrew Wolff, former captain Harry Morris, Justin Coveney, Chris Hitch and Mark Chatting, Shakey’s V-League player mainstay Michelle Datuin, The Philippine Malditas women’s soccer Captain Stephanie Dan; Cross Fit Manila’s Don Velasco, actor-model-host and singer Jojo Riguerra, model and student Mauro Lumba, supermodels Paolo Roldan, Ria Bolivar and Angel Agustin-Co, Melissa Fyre-Forbes, Chad White, Maxine Medina, Shermaine de Ramos, Ana Sideco, Paulette Quinto, Simon Rota, Miss Universe 2013 3rd runner-up Ariella Arida, Olivia Medina, former Showboys member and “Pinoy Dream Academy” season 2 scholar Hansen Nichols and twin brother GC, Luisito Rabat, Randolph Stamatelaky, Yshikiel Jacinto, Joem Bascon, Railey Valeroso, Bruce Quebral, Jake Ocampo, Ryan Ramos, JM de Guzman, Gil Cuerva, Richard Juan, GMA 7 actor Benjamin Alves, Ken Alfonso, Martin Reyes, Devon Spence, BENCH/ vice president for business development Bryan Lim, Tyson Kraft, Sacheen Steinmann, Dimitri Tolenaars, Green Archers football player Gregory Yang, Tola Orendain, Travel Enthusiast Ethelberg Go with Lind Boracay’s Cecille Teodoro, Margaux Hontiveros and Nico Estrella, Jessica Yang, Ulrike Reinbold, Angela Alonte, Sara Nothdurft, Misha Bernardino, Jarro Garcia, Mateo Alegre, Natasha Tanjutco, Katrina Lacson, Angelo Valerio, Bianca Bernardino, Camille Koistinen, Carla Barretto, Vicente Valdes, Jievo Garcia, Karenina Castro, Ben Isaac, Kirst Viray, Tommy Esguerra, Sky Yang, Ex-PBB Housemates and couple Wendy Tabusalla and Carlo Romero, John James Uy, Vince Velasco, Miguel Lasala, Erie Obsena, Marniel Lim, Kit Barraquias, Margs and Noey Tantoco Lopez, Professional Models Association of the Philippines (PMAP) president Phoemela Baranda, former Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Delia Albert, Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Ambassador Alfredo M. Yao, Audrey Tan-Zubiri, Dolly Guanzon, Lawyers Irene Garcia, Lorna Kapunan and Sonya Castillo of Kapunan Garcia & Castillo Law Firm, Marie Lozano, international television show host and emcee Joey Mead-King and husband Ian King, “Cosmopolitan (Philippines)” fashion director Donna Cuna-Pita, actress Janine Gutierrez, Daniel Velasco, Iago Faria, Hans Weiser, Daniel Diniz, Kelsey Merritt, social entrepreneur Rachel de Villa, inventor Angelo Casimiro, spoken-word artist and performer Juan Miguel Severo, model and agricultural entrepreneur Jairus Ferrer, record-breaking runner Mea Gey Niñura, outstanding student and aspiring doctor Christopher Valentin, international race car driver Marlon Stockinger, Dee’s girlfriend model Samantha Lewis, Luisito Rabat, Sydney Du, Jerome Tan, Marie Joy Dalo and Edgar Sandalo.”


Enchong Dee’s manager Keren Pascual and ABS-CBN Film Restoration Head Leo Katigbak

The Pia Cayetano-Paolo Abrera tandem (December 9, 2007)


TVB News Microphone Flag

At this time, Marco Protacio and Senator Pia Cayetano, along with Rina Go and Paolo Abrera, Dee Nicolas and Cito Beltran in Manila, asking: “Where are you been now, Mister Herrera?” Herrera was spending time at the Aquatic Center, His Majesty the King’s 80th Birthday Anniversary Stadium, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand for the swimming competitions from December 7 to 11. According to the news program Ronda Trese on IBC-13 reported by Alvin Sejera, President Karen Lourdes “Tito Keren” Pascual was away and Miss Cayetano and Mister Abrera are being spending time in Manila for the 2007 Southeast Asian Games was held in the city of Nakhon Ratchasima from December 6, 2007 to December 15, 2007.


Sofitel Philippine Plaza

Si Pangulong Pascual ay nag-abroad para sa kanyang pagbisita sa Kuwait pagkatapos ng kanyang pagbisita sa Europa kamakailan. Emily Abrera, the mother of Paolo and elder sister Joanna ‘Jana’ Abrera del Prado, who flanked by Rina’s mother Aurora and grand-daughter Aurora Nichole Go-Thorp who spend at Sofitel Philippine Plaza with sign-language interpreter Jun Celada. Even with President Pascual still in Kuwait on the invitation of its emir, Sheik Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah, to stay there overnight, Vice President Noli de Castro carried the cudgels for the Chief Executive and conducted an informal interaction (‘Pulong Bayan‘) with Manila residents on her behalf this afternoon. – From “Ronda Trese”, December 9, 2007


GMA News reported that Sen. Cayetano, Go, Abrera and Protacio having a dinner with their friends at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza’s Spiral Restaurant. Karen Yao and Gema Gochuico of Adformatix, Rebecca Galit, Franchita Atayde, Lorna Guevarra, Cheche Lazaro, Mon Isberto, Gilbert Yao, Ariel Ureta, Ronald Escala, Malou Mangahas and 1986 EDSA hero Guido Santos among other personalities to spend during the late-afternoon dinner at the restaurant in the hotel itself at past 5 pm. Sign-language interpreter Celada having a press conference at PICC Forum after dinner.



Celada was arrived at past 5:30 p.m. and to start his press conference on live television after the dinner at Spiral restaurant of Sofitel Philippine Plaza. He was flanked by former Sen. Orlando Mercado and SM Foundation’s Connie Angeles at the PICC Forum 3. Members of foreign and national media media was here are GMA news and public affairs reporters Susan Enriquez, Jimmy Gil, Tina Panganiban, Bernadette Reyes and Lhar Santiago.



Guido Santos (courtesy: GMA News)


Vice President Noli de Castro


Karen Tayao-Cabrera


Edgar Mortiz, Dee Nicolas, Marco Protacio, Senator Pia Cayetano and Cito Beltran

Protacio and Cayetano hired DZRH announcer Dennis Antenor, Jr. as continuity announcer for the Sunday afternoon talk show “Companero y Companera” aside from Celada.


Dennis Antenor, Jr.

Live nationwide via domestic satellite, towards Philippines 2000! Luzon, Visayas at Mindanao, buong mundo ay narito na! Ito ang Companero y Companera, Linggo alas singko y medya ng hapon dito sa CNN Philippines! At ngayon, ang inyong program host si Senador Pia Cayetano! – Opening spiel

“Magandang hapon mga kapamilya, saan ka man kayo naroroon, mula Luzon, Visayas at Mindanao, at sa ibang bahagi ng buong mundo, kamusta ka diyan? Ngayong araw ng Linggo, ika-siyam ng Disyembre, taong dalawang libo at pito, ilang tulog na lang, pasko at bagong milenyo na! Advance Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of us here, mga Kapamilya! at sa lahat ng mga overseas Filipino and foreign, good morning America! Narito po ang mga balita mula sa mga pahayagan ngayong araw ng Linggo.” – Senator Cayetano’s opening intro for the taped episode on December 8, 2007


Rina Go


Paolo Abrera


Enchong Dee at the 2007 Southeast Asian Games swimming finals, men’s 100-meter butterfly in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand on December 9, 2007.


Jack and Mimi Huang, Jon Huang, Dianne Marie, Crystal Gothong, Justin Huang and Jed Huang


Justin Huang, Josephine Yutiamco Dytian, Pongee Lua Dytian, Zachary Huang, Derek Dytian, Joseph Dytian, Patrice Huang, Matthieu Huang, Pearl Huang Go, Brian Philip Huang and Jeremy Ryan Huang


With my “Richard Poon” at #JohnCasey4Ever ❤️❤️❤️ What a grand wedding it was! Congrats and best wishes to the newlyweds Casey and John 😊 We wish you a blissful marriage blessed with so much happiness and lots and lots of little ones. 😉 God bless!


Lilia Alagde, interpreting (upper screen)


Loody Campena-Zatarain, interpreting…


Dorie Pamaran-Brouillette interpreting…


Antonia Benlayo-Blanca interpreting….

“I hope Enchong hasn’t dropped his Olympic aspirations. I’m happy he’s getting lots of projects at ABS-CBN, but I would hope ABS-CBN would allow him to concentrate on the Olympics as well. I think he’s still swimming for DLSU, he won some meets last week.”

Just in time for the 2007 Southeast Asian Games in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand with Inquirer Lifestyle Series: Fitness.Fashion with Samsung fashion show’s guest model and Bench/ lifestyle + clothing endorser Enchong Dee for the finals of men’s 100-meter butterfly on Sunday, December 9, 2007 at the Aquatic Center, His Majesty the King’s 80th Birthday Anniversary Stadium, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand.

December 8-9 and 11-12, 2007, During a five-day swimming competition for the 24th Southeast Asian Games in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand with national swimmer and then University of California swimmer Miguel Molina and the fashion show’s guest model turned De La Salle Green Tanker Enchong Dee, the fourth year of the Pia Cayetano, Rina Go, Paolo Abrera and Marco Protacio (CGAP) affair and the riots at Dee residence in Barangay Horseshoe, Quezon City. A 25-hour overnight vigil was held at the Greenbelt Chapel in Makati City, held on the same day starting at 7:00 p.m. and ends at 8:00 p.m. of the same day. At this time, the “Companero y Companera” Sunday Talk Show live from the Legaspi Towers 300 in Manila, followed by the 2007 Southeast Asian Games Swimming Finals live over CNN Philippines (SkyCable channel 28 in Metro Manila) and on radio DWFM 92.3, from 5:30 pm to 8pm.

She, Rina Go-Thorp, TV host Paolo Abrera and former Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino general manager Marco Protacio with designers Joey Samson, James Reyes, Louis Claparols and Collezione C2 creative director Rhett Eala stayed for 32 days, from December 1, 2007 to January 1, 2008. He was placed 8th in the finals of men’s 100-meter butterfly with the time of 56.87 seconds.

“We are being chanted together, “Pia-Paolo, Hindi kami nag-iisa! (We are not alone!)”, Mr. Protacio says in front of marching supporters of the Cayetano Family before the SEA Games swimming finals at 7 p.m. Manila Time on TV. But Abrera mother and son tandem along with Aurora Silayan-Go, her daughter Rina, husband Jonathan Dean Thorp and granddaughter Aurora Nicole Thorp marched from Roxas Boulevard, Manila to The Peninsula Manila Hotel in Makati.


Screenshot 2016-07-18 22.29.36

“Rebels seize the HK-TVB offices and studio complex in One eCom Center, Harbor Drive cor. Sunset Drive, SM Central Business Park, Bay City, Pasay City during the 2007 Nakhon Ratchasima Southeast Asian Games swimming Men’s 100m Butterfly Finals A at past 7:29 p.m. in a military coup against President Pascual, stalling the live airing of the Sunday late-afternoon talk show Companero y Companera, hosted by Senator Pia Cayetano, Rina Go, Paolo Abrera and Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino general manager Marco Protacio. Participants of the rally are Metropolitan Manila Development Authority chairman Atty. Francis Tolentino, Tourism Sec. Joseph Ace Durano and various Anti-Arroyo supporters.”

OneE-com Center (known as SM Corporate Center) provides for the office and workspace requirements of prospective IT-related locator companies and to support office and backroom operations of business process outsourcing. The first building, OneE-comCenter, began March 8, 2006. The building was completed in the first week of October 2007, ahead of the December Nakhon Ratchasima Southeast Asian Games.

The rebellion came to a head at 7:29 p.m. of December 9, 2007 most of the people left specially the Iglesia ni Cristo members as an agreement of their leaders and the government. Still hundreds of thousands of protesters stormed towards the SM Mall of Asia Complex (including One E-Com Center), Heritage Hotel, Taft Avenue, Pilapil and P. Zamora, Protacio, Antonio Arnaiz Avenue and Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue.

Several broadcast vans of ABS-CBN and Hong Kong’s TVB were torched by members of the crowd, while others attacked the police and soldiers with rocks, sticks, and pipes. The police and military responded with force after implementing a “maximum tolerance” policy, which led to the injury of many of the protesters.

Hours after the crowds of EDSA III-B were dispersed, representatives of the Archdiocese of Manila and Civil Society supporters of the Pascual administration reclaimed the Sofitel Philippine Plaza and Philippine International Convention Center, as well the Cultural Center of the Philippines complex where there had been alleged acts of vandalism and garbage everywhere and the vicinity reeked with the strong smell of human waste.

Since this protest was carried out mostly by the lower income, uneducated masses, widespread destruction and vandalism of public utilities (stop lights and street posts where thrown down) crew cab of ABS-CBN were burned down and public stores fronting along the protest routes at SM Mall of Asia Complex (including One E-Com Center), Heritage Hotel, Taft Avenue, Pilapil and P. Zamora, Protacio, Antonio Arnaiz Avenue, Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Ayala Avenue and Makati Avenue. Most of those arrested were later set free. As for the public figures that supported the rallies, they abandoned them and shied away at its most critical time when it became obvious, that unlike the previous administrations, the Pascual administration was not backing down from this latest people power styled protest which it perceived was political manipulation which resulted in mob mentality and anarchy of the masses urged by its political opponents.


One e-Com Center, TVB’s former home from 2007 to 2012


Sunday, 9 December, 18:29

Men’s 100m Butterfly Finals A

Event Record Mark Name Location Date
 Asia  52.27   JPN  – YAMAMOTO T  Barcelona (ESP)   26 June, 2003
 SEA Games  55.04   MAS  – KENG LIAT Lim Hanoi (VIE)   30 July, 2003
Rk Lane Name R.T. 50 m 100 m Tbh. Rec.
1 1  MAS  – BEGO Daniel [1] 25.16
[1] 54.33
6 2  THA  – MATJIUR Radomyos [7] 26.63
[6] 56.61
5 3  INA  – UTOMO Donny [3] 25.95
[5] 55.81
3 4  INA  – WIBOWO Andy [2] 25.80
[3] 55.59
2 5  PHI  – WALSH James [4] 26.12
[2] 55.47
4 6  SIN  – TAN Xue-Wei [5] 26.37
[4] 55.79
7 7  SIN  – SY Shirong Jeffrey [6] 26.61
[7] 56.68
8 8  PHI  – DEE Ernest   [8] 26.65
[8] 56.87

Dee was in the finals of men’s 100-meter butterfly last December 9 and lane 1 of men’s 200-meter butterfly finals last December 11, and he was the eighth place finish in the said event with the time of 2 minutes, 11.47 seconds and he lost to Filipino-American James Bernard Walsh.

A re-run of the August 21, 1983 assassination of former Philippine senator Benigno Aquino, Jr. aired by GMA Network. (In 1983, Channel 7 was the first to break the news of Ninoy Aquino’s death, and later would be the only television station to broadcast his funeral.)

yung kay Enchong Dee the best example of those things that I’ve mentioned, the kid is good but if you dont take him to places where his skills and potential will be challenged then we wont get the result that we expect.

Another case is Ryan Arabejo, last seagames, his lone chance was in the long distance races 1500 meters in particular, but when we send him in the US to live and hone his skills against all those tough competition he suddenly struck gold in sprint race such as 200m backstroke..ganun talaga the world is getting smaller hindi pwedeng sabihin nating dito nalang sila sa PInas mag train at pondohan to compete mas mahal yun kesa dalhin sila sa states via scholarships.

Like it or not, We need FilAms to win in an Elite Sports like swimming. Mabuhay kayo miguel, daniel, james at ryan paramihin pa ang lahi nyo..at sana sa womens may we find a replacement for the long retired hero like Akiko Thomson matagal tagal naring di nanalo ang Women swimming team natin.

Two days ago, on December 11, 2007, he was in lane 1 for the finals of men’s 200-meter butterfly, and he placed 8th with the time of 2 minutes, 11.47 seconds. He failed to win a medal and lost to Filipino-American JB Walsh, who later compete in the Beijing 2008 Olympics in August 2008.

It’s nice that we have landed 2nd overall in medal standings in swimming. But it’s still bitter sweet because, yet again, the PhilAm swimmers have overshadowed our locally trained ones. Well they’re lucky because they’re spared from the politics of PASA. But sad there are many swimmers I know who decided not to compete and take a bow from swimming na, like Liza Danilla and Bonus Bordado to name a few.

To Enchong, my friend, mag artista ka nalang.

The video conversation starts with the sound of the plane landing and people talking among them.

  • “Everybody remains on board,” one of them says.

Moments later, a single gunshot rings out and women are wailing.

  • “What happened? What was that?” a woman’s voice asks.

More gunshots. The wailing becomes louder.

Then an order from several men: “Inside, inside, inside!”

  • “The soldiers… shot Ninoy. He’s dead out there,” a woman cries out.

Burton’s tape records faintly the sound of someone saying, “Eto na (This is it).” Footage shot by a foreign TV crew captures the words by now familiar to Filipinos who lived through the events surrounding the Aquino assassination. “Eto na, eto na! Ako na, ako na! Op! Pusila, pusila (This is it, this is it! Let me, let me! Shoot, shoot)!”

And then, the gunshot.

What are significant about the tape are the reactions of Aquino’s fellow passengers and the conversations Burton had with them.

Burton apparently kept recording as she discussed with fellow foreign journalists what happened.

Some eight minutes into the tape, Burton is heard saying, “It’s very confusing, I mean, I don’t know.” She then answers more questions from someone who sounded like an American.

  • Man: “They shot Ninoy?”
  • Woman, presumably Burton: “Yeah.”
  • Man: “Where?”
  • Burton: “Right at the bottom of the stairs.”
  • Man: “When Ninoy was still on it or when…”
  • Burton: “No, when he got off. I’m sure he’s dead.”

The tape also captures Burton and her fellow passengers after they had disembarked and ran into people waiting to meet the passengers from the China Airlines flight.

Local journalists who covered the airport at the time had been herded by military men to the entrance to the tube where they were to await Aquino. When they learned of the commotion at the tarmac, they interviewed the disembarking passengers to ask them what happened.

One conversation was that of Burton and a Filipino.

  • Man: “What did you see? Who did it?”
  • Burton: “Soldiers.”
  • Man: “How many of them?”
  • Burton: “I don’t know. I think we’d better wait.”
  • Man: “Did you recognize him? Aquino?”
  • Burton: “Yeah.”
  • Man: “What’s your name?”
  • Burton: “No, I’m not gonna… this is not the place to talk. We had just seen two assassinations take place right outside our window.”

The tape then records what sounded like Burton comparing notes with fellow foreign correspondents, everyone recalling what they heard and trying to reconstruct the moments when they heard the shorts.

In one portion of the tape, the conversation turns to who killed Aquino, and Burton points out that a Japanese reporter had seen one of the men in khaki, referring to one of Aquino’s escorts, being the gunman.

But a man contradicts her saying, “I did not see a man in khaki uniform shoot Aquino.” To this day, the question that shot Aquino remains subject to debate.

Cayetano and three personalities along with Samson, Reyes, Claparols and Eala were stayed in the same place to the said event for nine days between December 6 to 15, 2007, followed by her father, the late former Philippine Senator Atty. Renato “Rene” Cayetano’s 73rd birthday celebration at his tomb in Pateros and thanksgiving dinner party at the NBC Tent in Taguig City on December 12, 2007 and the welcome the new millennium 2008 between December 31, 2007 and January 1, 2008.

While President Tito Keren Pascual was on state and working visits to Spain and Kuwait, Vice President Noli de Castro as Acting President from December 2 to 10, 2007. Pascual returned to Manila for the late former Senator Atty. Renato “Rene” Cayetano’s 73rd birthday celebration at his tomb in Pateros and thanksgiving dinner party at the NBC Tent in Taguig City on December 12, 2007.

Swimmers shine again but RP still 5th overall
By Ernesto Gonzales (Published in the December 12, 2007 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer)

NAKHON RATCHASIMA–Parading another star in Filipino-American James Walsh, swimming matched the two-gold effort by cycling as the Philippines finished with seven victories Tuesday that did little to get the defending overall champion Philippines out of its fifth place hole Tuesday in the 24th Southeast Asian Games here.

Walsh smashed the six-year-old SEAG record in ruling the men’s 200-meter butterfly, then combined with Miguel Molina, Ryan Arabejo and new RP swim sensation Daniel Coakley to secure the sport’s final gold in the men’s 4×100 individual medley. That capped the Filipinos’ eight victories overall.

Former bikathon king Victor Espiritu finally crashed the winners’ circle for the first time in three SEAG by topping the men’s 40-kilometer points’ race late Monday and defending champion Alfie Catalan kept his 4-km individual pursuit title.

Felicisimo Nierras Jr. salvaged gold for athletics in the men’s 400 meters, Amaya Paz retained her women’s compound individual title in archery and the men’s epee squad scored anew as the Filipinos boosted their golden harvest to 29 with four days of competition left.

But the Filipinos stayed two golds behind Malaysia which captured a pair of golds at the start of the final swim program to keep fourth place. Indonesia was sixth with 25 victories.

As of 8:30 p.m. here (9:30 p.m. in Manila), the Thais moved closer to their overall target of 120 victories with 97 gold medals. Vietnam was glued in second with 46 followed by Singapore with 37.

Walsh shattered by 1.39 seconds the SEAG record of 2:01.84 set by Malaysia’s Anthony Ang in September 2001 in Kuala Lumpur.

Donny Utomo of Indonesia won silver (2:00.81) and Daniel Bego of Malaysia won bronze (2:03.97).

Ernest Lorenzo Dee (8th, 2:11.47) also failed in the finals of the men’s 200-meter butterfly.

Molina’s individual winning streak earlier ended at three as he settled for the bronze in the men’s 200 freestyle. But he was a winner when he plunged into action for the last time as the swimmer of the breaststroke leg.

Molina finished with one more victory than his golden output in 2005 to become the most successful RP campaigner so far.

Ryan Arabejo, the 200 backstroke and 1,500 freestyle winners, took care of the backstroke. Walsh swam the butterfly and 50m freestyle champion Coakley finished off the relay in style.

Boxing, now under pressure to deliver and help avoid an embarrassing finish for the Filipinos, placed three more fighters in the finals for a total of 13.

Experts, however, feel the Filipinos need no less than knockout wins against their Thai foes in the gold medal round starting Wednesday to avoid the infamous hometown decision here.

Bantamweight Junel Cantancio, lightweight Joegen Ladon and light heavyweight Maximino Tabangcora completed the cast of RP finalists after light fly Albert Pabila was eliminated by Thai Amnat Ruenroeng, 18-8.

The other gold medal hopefuls are flyweight Godfrey Castro, light welter Jerry Semillano, featherweight Orlando Tacuyan, middleweight Junie Tizon and female fighters Annie Albania, Alice Kate Aparri, Jouvilet Chilem, Annaliza Cruz, Mitchelle Martinez and Ronijen Sofla.

There was mixed results in golf with the women’s team, led by Anya Tanpinco, taking a two-stroke lead over Thailand after the first round of the 54-hole competition, 143-145.

But the Putra Cup champion Thais bounced back in the men’s division, opening a six-shot edge over Indonesia, 422-428, even as the Filipinos, who led on the first day, tumbled down to fourth at 429 with Anthony Fernando adding a 77 to the 71 of Mark Fernando and the 72 of Ferdinand Aunzo.

Nierras, whose father was a former national standout in the jumping events, succeeded teammate Jimar Aing as 400 champions with a time of 46.56. Ernie Candelario, the winner in Vietnam in December 2003, slumped to sixth in 48.09.

That win gave the athletics team its poorest output of four in three SEAGs. The squad came up with eight golds in Vietnam and nine in 2005 back home.

Paz beat Indonesian Dellie Threesyadinda for the gold, 116-114, while the epee squad won with a team featuring Almario Vizcayno, who took over the old slot of actor Richard Gomez, Armando Bernal, Wilfredo Vizcayno Jr. and Avelino Victorino.

But the fencing squads in foil and saber ended up with silvers.

Also settling for the silver was Earl Benjamin Yap in the men’s compound individual in archery, pole-vaulter Deborah Samson and weightlifting’s Renante Briones in the 94 kg.

December 12, 2007, One of Enchanted Kingdom’s attractions, the Space Shuttle roller coaster, stalled between the tracks, where school children from Bulacan, Laguna, and Batangas were included.

I hope it’s not ABS-CBN’s fault. I would hope papayag sila na mag training and then participate in the SEA games and hopefully in the Olympics next year.

PKLP’s Speech during the 100th Anniversary of the Philippine Columbian Association (PCA)

PCA Bldg., Plaza Dilao, Manila City

December 11, 2007

Happy 100th birthday to Philippine Columbian!

For 100 years now, the members of Philippine Columbian, being leaders and prime movers of various sectors of Philippine society, have demonstrated their commitment to the nation’s peace, growth and pride in the Filipino.

Your new clubhouse complex’s marker aptly conveys the legacy of Philippine Columbian as a “sanctuary of Filipino nationalism.”

Your centenary is a good time to remind us that the Club became the center for the campaign for Philippine Independence during the leadership of President Manuel L. Quezon and that it served as the headquarters of the Congress for Philippine Independence in 1934. And although World War II forced the club to hibernate when its building was razed to the ground in 1945, the Club rebounded to become the Philippine Columbian we know now: robust, progressive and committed to its advocacies.

Your members’ involvement and contributions have shown that business does not exist for and by itself alone, and that efficient enterprise does not only improve private profitability. It benefits the larger society.

For your sincere concern for making our economy more efficient and our governance more responsive, thank your very much.

We envision a Philippines that is ready for First-World status in 20 years when we will have dramatically reduced poverty, created a robust middle class and have all the hallmarks of a modern society in strong, stable institutions. And by the time I seeking the full-term Presidency in 2010, we will have launched the Philippines well on its way to achieving that vision. Already we have moved mountains with our macroeconomic conditions through fiscal discipline, toward a balanced budget, pre-paying our debts and investing billions in human and physical infrastructure. These fundamentals are paying off in huge increases in investment, six (6) million new jobs and a strong peso and strong stock market.

The single biggest act that led to the surge in our economy was the passage of our value-added tax law which in one bold stroke raised enormous amounts of new revenue. That act also sent an unmistakable signal that we are serious about moving the nation forward. But that isn’t all. Our complete focus on the economy, fiscal discipline, a balanced budget and the need for long overdue human and physical infrastructure help round out our economic gains.
Our efforts are paying off. Our unemployment rate is the lowest in a generation. Our poverty rate is the lowest as well. Eradicating poverty is the central mission of this government and our society. As we enter the holiday season, it is essential that every person of means help those in need. The government is going to do everything in its power to be a catalyst for this process.

We are making real progress in alleviating poverty. Our education and healthcare services to the poor are vastly improved. We have a long way to go, but only through a strong economy can we improve the plight of the poor. To that end, we have turned the corner on our economy. While we face short-term challenges in meeting our projects, revenues are up this year compared to 2006. The credit rating agencies have recognized that new revenue sources are here to stay and our budget will be balanced. This allows us to invest in job creation, better healthcare and more educational opportunities. These are the keys to lifting the poor up. We are doing that for the first time in a generation. We are optimistic.

We will increase investment in our country and our people to improve our infrastructure to create an environment in which businesses feel confident to expand and employ more people, because more jobs means less poverty.

Investing in the infrastructure also includes building up our environment. People need to breathe clean air and swim in clean water while we build manufacturing and bridges to span our waters.

We will improve social services such as health insurance and anti-hunger programs.

Patuloy tayong nakikibaka sa hamon ng kagutuman. Nakasentro ang plano sa murang pagkain, tulong sa nagugutom, patrabaho sa kalsada at kabukiran, gulayang pampamilya, microfinance, at dagdag sahod.

Nakabase ang NEDA Hunger Mitigation Program Framework sa pagkilala na nagkakaroon ng gutom, una, dahil kulang ang pagkaing abot-kaya, at pangalawa, walang pambili ng pagkain.

Sa gayon, dapat paramihin ang murang pagkain — ito ang supply side strategy — at palaguin ang kita at hanapbuhay ng masa — ito ang demand side.

Sa supply side, bahagi ng plano ng NEDA na (1) palakasin ang produksiyon ng pagkain, at (2) pahusayin ang sistema ng paghatid ng pagkain, o iyong efficiency of logistics and food delivery.

The program on logistics and food delivery consists of: Barangay Food Terminal and Tindahan Natin, ports (RORO), farm to market roads, efficient local transport, the food for School Feeding Program, and the creation of an NGO network to support feeding programs.

I hope that on your centenary, Philippine Columbian will join this NGO network which is under the responsibility of the DSWD.

We will boost educational support in our efforts to reduce poverty by investing in better school buildings, new textbooks and teaching materials, and training programs for teachers and school administrators.

Education is a core value of Philippine society and family life. The hardworking men and women of this nation put their family first. And the best gift any family can give to a child, and any nation can give to its people, is access to a good education.

We will invest in cutting red tape and eliminating corruption from the system. The people deserve an honest, hardworking government just as they are honest and hardworking. We aim to stamp out corruption and set a new standard of governance for our nation. Corruption saps the lifeblood out of our political system and must be stamped out.

Our anti-corruption advisor, Tony Kwok, the former anti-corruption czar in Hong Kong who was a key player in efforts to clean up corruption there, believes that perceptions cloud the reality of our progress in reducing corruption and red tape. The fact is that we are undertaking a strong and steady effort to curb graft through criminal justice, administrative controls and procedural reforms. This effort is focused on the revenue agencies that have improved their performance in recent years and agencies that are in the frontline of day-to-day public services. We take this issue seriously. We believe perception will match reality in a few short years. However, this is a problem that has plagued the Philippines and other countries for generations. As experience has shown, it won’t be eliminated overnight but progress is being made. Not even the empty political rumblings of an ambitious few can bring our hard earned gains down. The actions of these few desperate men reveal just how out of touch they are with the hopes and dreams of the average Filipino.

Filipinos want political stability, a bright economic future and social justice. The actions of these misguided men undermine each and every one of the genuine aspirations of real Filipinos. Instead of working to bring the nation together by working within our democratic process, their actions merely are fuel for selfish motives for personal gain.

In the end, the rule of law prevailed. The transgressors will not hold this nation hostage with impunity. They will be punished to the full extent of the law. Justice shall be served and the interests of the nation upheld.

The people can be assured that I lead with a steady hand to guide the nation to a new election and new leadership. We will not falter in keeping our hand on the tiller of the ship of state. We will also continue strong, focused leadership in the international arena to advance the interests of our nation and our people.

Congratulations for a century of achievements and valuable contributions to national heritage and progress.

I thank you all. I ask you to continue to help the country to ensure that we will indeed have an era of peace, re-assurance and hope.


Post-script: After the 2007 Southeast Asian Games

“After the 2007 Southeast Asian Games in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, I was escorted by Gian Daniel Berino and Ken Uy at Sofitel for the Bulong Pulungan with President Tito Keren Pascual, then I have a speech.”

GMA7’s Excessive Pride Should Be Stopped

In a report last night from GMA-7’s Frontpage, GMA-7 execs and stars hosted the “No.1 Na Tayo, Kapuso!” party for the press and advertising people in a bid to lure investors and other people into the network with GMA7’s own “claim to fame”.

It can be remembered that only a number GMA-7 programs reached the top spots in the primetime ratings charts in the history of the Rainbow Network this 2004: these are Imbestigador and StarStruck. It was two years since GMA-7 launched an offensive to snatch away the overall No. 1 Philippine TV network spot from ABS-CBN (still called the Star Network), but only had its 2 shows out of the top 10 primetime slots currently. ABS-CBN is still clinging on to a vast Metro Manila audience share of 40-50% (in contrast to GMA-7’s Metro Manila audience share of 20-35%), and a massive regional share of 70-90%. It’s a stark contrast with what happened to ABS-CBN after EDSA Uno, where it took less than 2 years to go back to the overall No. 1 spot for the Philippines’ most watched TV network (having its 10 shows in the top 10 primetime slots), which it had since 1953-1972 and 1986-2004. And ABS-CBN still has the strong trust of majority of advertisers, being the No. 1 network for the whole of 2003.

Claims are virtually ridiculous, malicious and baseless with regards to ABS-CBN conniving with 2 of the world’s most trusted TV ratings groups–AGB and AC Nielsen, and with regards to the moving of channels of both ABS-CBN and GMA-7 by some cable operators, who were falsely accused of conniving with ABS-CBN execs, as various reports by the Philippine Star declared so.

While GMA-7 heavily has its Kapuso campaign since October 27, 2002, ABS-CBN still has the Kapamilya campaign, which has been with the network since January 1, 2000. The Kapamilya campaign of ABS-CBN was first done in coinciding ABS-CBN’s two grand events: the network’s Philippine Independence Centennial party at Expo Filipino in June 1998, and the nationwide and worldwide multimedia year-end broadcast “The ABS-CBN Worldwide Celebration of the New Millennium” last December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2000.

“Isumbong mo kay Tulfo!” (You can report to Tulfo!) on TV5 and 8TriMedia


Ramon Tulfo

Isumbong mo kay Tulfo!” (you can report to Tulfo!) is moving to 8TriMedia DZRJ 810 AM from DWIZ after 25 years, while making a comeback on TV5 as a replacement for “T3 Alliance”, (formerly known as T3: Kapatid, Sagot Kita! from 2011 to 2012 and T3: Reload from 2012 to 2014, T3: Enforced 2014 to 2015) is a newsmagazine & public service show on TV5. Hosted by the Tulfo Brothers: Ben, Raffy, & Erwin.

In 2006, Erwin Tulfo, Ben’s younger brother and a contracted but underused employee of ABS-CBN, officially joined Bitag, and Bahala si Bitag was renamed to Bahala sina Ben at Erwin as both would answer calls and discuss subjects on air equally in addition to having his own segment (under the motif Mission-X) on its main show. The pairing did not last long and BSTs title has since reverted to the previous title after Erwin left to team up with his other brothers Ramon Tulfo and Raffy Tulfo in the show Isumbong mo: Tulfo Brothers on RPN-9. The latter aired its final episode on August 12, 2006.

The three younger Tulfos would eventually end up as hosts for TV5’s public service program T3: Reload, with their own respective public service brands all in the same TV station, although Ramon later became a co-host himself briefly prior to the infamous incident with Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto.

After a decade, the show makes a comeback on TV5 under the same title itself. While the radio version as “Isumbong mo kay Tulfo!” is aired over 8TriMedia DZRJ 810 AM